August 4, 2013

Contemporary: All Grown Up | Interview @sadiegrubor #RLFblog

All Grown Up 
Sadie Grubor, welcome to Romance Lives Forever. Let's talk about your book, All Grown Up.
Genre: Contemporary Steamy Romance                    
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Publisher: Self
Cover artist: Victoria S. Tice
Length: 103,408 words
Heat rating: Steamy to Hot
Tagline: Can true love prevail once you're all grown up?


"I was fourteen when it happened. The day the Mackey's moved into the house next door. The day that changed my life, as much as it was, forever. A tiny, blonde girl standing on my doorstep would be the beginning of the craziness which became my life. This girl became my best friend, my confidant and side kick. She also introduced me to the love of my life."
Chloe, a computer and gaming nerd, hides behind the scenes in school and keeps to herself. Mina enters her world like a hurricane, helping her find herself and introduces her to Leo, Mina's gorgeous older brother. Chloe instantly developed a crush, but knows he only sees her as Mina's best friend. Or does he?
Leo, graduating high school and trying to figure out what to do with his life, becomes immediately mesmerized by a gorgeous, tall brunette, dancing like she hadn't a care in the world and laughing without restraint. Dumbfounded to find out this amazingly beautiful girl is Chloe, Mina's best friend. He fights against his desire, determined he and Chloe cannot be together. But how long can you fight against true love?
All Grown Up is a laugh out loud, heartwarming and heart breaking tale following the lives of Chloe and Leo and all of their misfit friends. Through long distance and separate paths of life, can true love prevail once you're all grown up?
What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Chloe Fisher –high school Computer Geek to Wife and Mother to Owner of Music Label
Leo Mackey –College boy to Music Producer
Both characters are late twenties by middle to end. They start the story in high school.


A few beers in, Mina, Lucas and I were sitting side by side singing as loudly as we could with the music. Will was taking all our requests and even took my IPod to pull some songs off of it. If I hadn't felt the vibration, I would have never noticed my phone. Elaine.
"I'll be right back."
I stood up and walked away from the noise. Mina followed me. "Hello."
"Chloe, is Mina with you?"
"Yeah, we are down at the beach. Is everything alright?"
"Oh, yes, dear. Is she close by?"
"Yep," I handed Mina the phone. "It's your mom."
"Yes, mommy dearest?" I could tell that she was trying to suck up in case she was in trouble.
"What? When?" I thought something was wrong until I saw her smile. "Really? Well tell him to hurry his ass down here! Oh…umm…sorry, mom. Uh huh…I won't. Love you too, bye." She flipped my phone shut and shoved it back into my pocket for me, a huge grin remaining on her face.
"Well? What's going on?"
"Leo came home to visit!" She was still smiling too large.
"And that has you so happy, why?" I was curious to the real reason behind her happiness.
"He brought friends home with him!" I must've still looked like I hadn't caught on, which I hadn't. "College boys, Chloe! College boys!" She grabbed my hand and we headed back to the group.
Mina went straight to Will and set up a play list that 'she could dance to'. He laughed at her and obliged, setting her playlist. Lucas brought us a couple more beers before Mina's songs started up. I looked around for Roni, who had disappeared when we arrived. She was probably with Dan.
I turned to Mina
"Where's Roni?"
"Probably with Dan." She rolled her eyes.
I smirked and got on my tiptoes, spotting her by the fire with Christy.
"I'll be right back."
She nodded.
Lucas kissed my cheek and I walked over to Roni.
"Hey slut, where you been?" I wiggled my eyebrows at her.
"Jealous much?" She winked and took my beer from me.
"I just want a drink," she tried to hand it back to me.
"No way, I don't know where your mouth has been tonight!" I laughed.
"That's right, you don't," she licked the whole rim of the cup. "Guess it's mine now." She smiled.
I shoved her arm as Mina's songs started playing.
"Mina?" She looked at me, knowingly.
Mina appeared in front of us dancing seductively. Abruptly, she stopped, her attention focused on something behind us. A smile spread across her face. Roni and I turned our heads.
Walking up the beach was Max, even bigger than I remembered him, Leo, in all his wonderful, glorious hotness, and another ridiculously attractive guy.
Mina jumped between Roni and me in the direction of her brother who opened his arms at her approach. The amount those two loved each other was so endearing. He lifted her off the ground and hugged her. I could hear Mina squealing in happiness. Max pulled her up over his shoulder and carried her all the way back to the fire.
"Put me down, Max!" Mina screamed. Roni and I were laughing hard when he placed her down by the fire near us.
"Who is that exactly?" Roni whispered into my ear.
"That's Max Gallagher. His parents live down the street from us."
She smiled and began checking Max out.
"Damn it, Max, don't do that!" Mina pretended to pout.
"I can't help it. You're so tiny that I thought you were a doll!" He patted her head and headed over to where Leo and his other friend had gone to grab a beer, making a few stops to say hello along their way.
Mina grabbed Roni and me, pulling us out to dance. It wasn't long before others started to join us. We were having fun, being goofy, dancing like we didn't have a care in the world and laughing. Hard. Mina had set the playlist, so I knew it wouldn't be long before the ass shaking songs made their appearance. Classic Mina.
Dancing between Mina and Roni was always hysterical because they would sandwich me and start grinding like I was the man of their dreams. It would garner the attention of every guy around us, which is what they wanted. I, on the other hand, wanted to bury my head in the rocky sand. I had my guy. I looked over to Lucas who was smiling widely as he watched. I smiled and winked.
Roni bent forward in front of me and pushed back, grinding her ass into me. I had to grab her hips just to keep balance while Mina grabbed onto mine. Clearly, we had had too much to drink. With that little move, Max appeared next to us.
"Mina you better chill before your brother starts spitting fire," Max laughed loudly and jerked his head back toward Leo. He stood scowling at Mina and me.
"Oh, Max, he can shove it! I'm just dancing and with a girl for god's sake." Max had already checked out of the conversation, his eyes focused on Veronica's swaying ass.
"You want me to pick your tongue up for you, Max?" I teased. Mina giggled.
"Who is…" he leaned toward my ear and paused. "Chloe? When did you get so damn hot?"
Mina started laughing. Embarrassment heated my chest and face.
"Nice, Max. By the way, this is my cousin Veronica." Redirecting his attention, I hoped the blush would disappear from my face soon.
"Veronica. I like." He slipped right behind her and started dancing, hands on her hips. I could only imagine what was going to happen between those two. Max had always liked women, a lot of women. And Roni, well, she wasn't known for being conservative. Mina and I laughed and continued to dance with each other.
I was spinning Mina around when I glanced over her head and saw Leo watching us. I shrugged it off and kept dancing with Mina. Another song came on and Mina convinced me to start doing 'tramp moves', as I so lovingly called them. They were fun, slutty, provocative dance moves. We started dropping to the ground and shaking our hips around. Lucas joined me. Will got his hands on Mina. Well, he had them on her until his hands dropped lower than her hips and Leo appeared next to them.


What do you enjoy most about writing?
Delving into a new life, world, and character is exhilarating. It's very similar to when I read and get to be a part of something or step into someone else's shoes. I can be a dragon slayer, exotic dancer, FBI agent, serial killer, etc. Who doesn't like to venture outside the boundaries of the real world once in a while?
Writing allows this same feeling, but with a little more kick. I get to be master of my creations. Not only do I get to step into a character's shoes, but I get to decide the character's fate and feelings.
No I don't have a God complex. Not at all. Why do you ask? J
If you could choose anyone to be your mentor who would it be?
Kristen Ashley and Evangeline Anderson. I know you asked for one, but these two are right up there at the top for me. I love both their writing styles, the alpha males they bring to life, and their ability to create such amazing stories, heroines, and overall series.
These two women are amazingly talented, social, interactive, and can write a scene so steamy hot you may just be hospitalized for dehydration.
If you could give the younger version of yourself advice what would it be?
*Takes the hand of the RLF Ghost of writer's past's hand (RLFGWP)*
"Write down all those ideas you keep thinking about, Stupid! Oh, Geesh-ush, look at me. NO, don't just forget about them!"
I turn to RLFGWP.
"It's too painful to watch myself, please take me back. I promise to keep paper and pen on hand at all times so I never do this again. I've learned my lesson."
*Returns to present. RLFGWP lets me off with a warning."
All the amazing ideas that coursed through my head when I was younger, but of course now I can't quite resurrect from the depths of my memory, would be helpful now. I wrote when I was younger, but a lot of things I threw away thinking I'd never need that again. If only I'd known that writing – a LOT of writing – was in my future, I'd have held on to them.
Then there was a time when I didn't really read. I'm talking years where I put it aside, along with any ideas that tried to emerge. All the poor characters I suppressed are now battling inside my head on a daily basis to be released. Resulting in my current self-diagnosed Multiple Character Disorder (MCD).
(note from Kayelle: next year, the Ghost of the RLF Writer's Past might become a regular feature on this blog. Just sayin'.)
Do things your family or friends do ever end up in a book?
Absolutely! While I may change things up a bit and alter a couple things, family and friends are a huge source of inspiration and material. :)
For example: Christopher from Falling Stars was strongly influenced by a couple of my cousins. Viola from Modern Arrangements Trilogy was inspired by my aunts and a family friend. Most of my teenage and young woman inspiration comes from my sister, her friends, my daughter, and from my own experiences and friends all those many years ago.
What are some jobs you've done before (or while) you were a writer?
I actually still am working full time outside of my home. At this time, I've worked with this company for over six years and have gone through a couple of organization structure changes. However, I like to just call myself a glorified spreadsheet maker.
Which of your books would you recommend to someone who doesn't normally read your genre, and why?
Most of my adult works are contemporary. If it's someone who doesn't typically read contemporary romance, then I would probably suggest Live-In Position, which is a bit tamer than my current releases. Or perhaps Falling Stars, since there is a bit of mystery surrounding our leading man.
What kind of books do you read when taking a break from your own writing?
I'm so eclectic I can't begin to narrow down my 'kind' of book. I just came off of a tattooed/bad boy/rocker kick and am leaning more toward Sci-Fi style romance/erotica and shifters. I was on a werewolf kick a couple months ago.
What do you think is the future of traditional publishing?
Honestly, I don't know, but I'm curious to see where publishing goes next. I mean, I don't believe that the traditional publishing companies are going anywhere anytime soon. But I do think they have gotten a wake-up call about staying with the times and realizing that they can't monopolize the market as they have in the past.
What good book have you read recently?
As I'm answering these, I'm reading Hard Mated by Jennifer Ashley and it is owning me.
What do you like to do when you're bored?
Baking, reading, and watching horror movies.
If your life became a movie, who would you want to play you?
Rebel Wilson. :)
How do you take your coffee?
Hazelnut Creamer and 3 packs of Splenda
Please underline which statement is more like you:
"I am a vacation spa because I am laid back and relaxed."
"I am a ten-countries in ten-days tour vacation, because I do things as fast as possible."

Please complete the sentences

I love pizza with diced pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese.
I'm always ready for a nap or a horror movie.
When I'm alone, I write or watch bad C rated Sci-Fy or horror on Chiller or Netflix.
You'd never be able to tell, but I'm actually a HUGE Excel nerd and X-Men fanatic (I'm talking comic books and back stories. Yeah, I pretty much know most of the backstory to the main characters.)
If I had a halo it would be held up by my horns.
If I could have superpowers I'd be Professor X from XMen or The Phoenix.
I can never be completely serious all the time because life's too short and I'm just not that kind of person.

Previous Books

Books Coming Soon

-Hidden in the Stars (2nd book in the Falling Stars Series) expected fall/winter 2013
-Vegas Follows You Home (standalone) expected winter 2013


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