September 16, 2013

Modern Western: Deep in my Heart @pawf1067 #RLFblog #cowboys

Deep in my Heart 
Cowboys. Strong woman. Texas sunsets. Family Dynasties. Tex-Mex food. Cowboys.
It's all here in the new series set in the Texas Hill Country. It begins with the oldest son, Caleb Davis, a widower, single dad, and retired Air-Force veteran whose past has come back to strike at his family.
Enter Dr. Jocelyn Promise, a girl Davis barely noticed in high school but one he can't keep his eyes off now. When she saves his daughter, Caleb finds there's a whole lot more to Jocelyn than he ever gave her credit for and sparks fly higher than fireworks on the Fourth of July. Of course, you won't have to wait until then to get the book. It'll be out September 30th, 2013.

In this excerpt, Caleb and his daughter Riley give Jocelyn a tour of Tuscany, Texas, the town she's returned to after fifteen years.

A large playground caught her eye. "Speaking of a park, what is that? Is that the river?"
"Playground! Yay!" Riley clapped her hands.
Caleb pulled over in front of a large oak tree with a yellow ribbon around it. The playground sat to the right of the truck.
"Since we have so many folks here have family in from San Antonio and Austin, we decided to extend the river stretch down to the middle of town and add some more family friendly areas."
She heard the click of his seatbelt and he moved closer to her. The citrus of his cologne lingered around her and she felt her body tingle.
Oh, don't you dare go there, Jocelyn. Dreaming is one thing, but realistically?
"We added a couple of playgrounds and over there will be several picnic tables and a pier on either side for fishing."
"That's amazing."
His arm extended across her as he pointed. "Over there, we're putting in a bridge. In mid-May we're stocking the river so during Memorial Day weekend it might get more families down here. We're thinking of making it an event, you know, bring the kids. Teach them to fish."
With him so closer to her, her heart rate jumped up and she nervously tapped her foot on the floorboard. "Maybe you could give out patches to the scout groups for helping with the event or for learning to fish."
"Not a bad idea. I know the scouts are always looking for community service projects."
She watched a young girl and her mother feed the ducks. It made her heart ache. "My mom and I used to come here, do that."
"Ducks! Gee-sss!" Riley squealed. "I count."
"What about..." Turning her head, Jocelyn realized Caleb's lips were only a few inches away. She could smell the mint of his breath and she involuntarily sighed. "Uhm..."
"Okay Riley," he smirked as he stared into Jocelyn's eyes. "How many geese do you see?"
As his daughter counted in the back, Caleb seemed to strip away any defenses Jocelyn thought she had.
He looked at her lips. "Your eyes are incredible."
"O-kay." Jocelyn had to concentrate not to lean forward to touch her mouth to his.
"Really amazing."
He's right there and his lips are so full, so luscious, so close.
And far too tempting to pass up.

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  1. I love cowboy stories, and remember seeing bits of this in its early stages. Can't wait to read this one.


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