September 9, 2013

Publisher Week: Day 2 JMS Books Gay Romance #RLFblog #glbt #mm @JMSbooksllc

This is Publisher Week at Romance Lives Forever. Three publishers will be featured, each during one special week. Those publishers are Boroughs Publishing Group in February, Liquid Silver Books in June, and JMS Books LLC in September.

JMS Books LLC — Gay or M/M Romance
As a show of thanks, I would like to offer a special promotional code to readers of your blog to use THIS WEEK ONLY while we're visiting. To save 40% off your order, visit and enter the code RLFblog (just like that) during checkout. The code is good for one use per customer, and expires on September 15, 2013. So check out our site and save on our books today!
JMS Books LLC was founded by J.M. Snyder, who writes gay or M/M erotic romance. Gay fiction remains our best-selling genre, and we're always looking for submissions from authors with strong voices and fresh stories that will fit in well with our catalog.
This post will highlight some of the books in this genre which have sold very well for us. Click on the links to view the books on our site, where you can read excerpts from each. Also, check back here throughout the day to read comments by our authors promoting their titles with us, since we're limited to only five books in the post itself.
These gay erotic romance stories represent the type of stories we love to publish: 

Not in the NFL by Terry O'Reilly

Gay Erotic Romance
Adam Davis isn't gay! He can't be -- he's a super star NFL quarterback and gay men don't survive in the NFL. But along comes Brendan Fletcher, an outstanding, Super Bowl-winning linebacker who awakens something in Adam, something Adam hadn't known was there. And now it's wakened, the quarterback will never be the same.
Despite the threat to their careers and their personal safety, Adam and Brendan find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other, starting something that grows from gratification of mutual needs to something more. Can these men of strength and power on the gridiron overcome the homophobia of their profession? Can they make what they have found stand for something more important than the fame and fortune of playing NFL football or even becoming Super Bowl champions?

Persistence of Memory by J.M. Snyder

Gay Futuristic Romance
Five years ago Joah was culled -- kidnapped by the government to be trained as a soldier. In the process, they erased his memory, destroying his past, his dreams, everything but his name. Armed with that alone, Joah escapes from the facility in search of someone to help him recall the man he used to be.
That person is Tobin, Joah's husband, who never gave up hope of finding him again. He refuses to believe that the strength of his love alone won't be enough to bring back Joah's memories of their shared lives, and he's determined to bring back the man beneath the soldier, the man he knows has to love him.
But an alarm in the chip blocking Joah's memories was triggered at his escape, and if it isn't removed soon, it will shriek his life away. Removing it won't bring back his past, and may destroy the present that Tobin has tried so hard to build between them. How can the love they once shared possibly survive?
NOTE: This e-book was a finalist for the 2008 EPPIE Award in the GLBT Category.

Cool Blue by Wayne Mansfield

Gay Fantasy Erotic Romance
Alexander Monroe lives in Grasspatch, a town so small, the founders couldn't even be bothered thinking up a proper name for it. He works at the newsagency/post office, where his duties include ordering newspapers and magazines, printing Lotto tickets, and
delivering the mail.
One morning he has to deliver a parcel to the mysterious Mr Christian O'Neill, who lives in an oddly-shaped mansion on the outskirts of town. Not much is known about Mr O'Neill, although there is certainly an abundance of rumours -- a faded rock star, a media-shy actor. Alexander can't wait to find out the answers for himself.
Rather than being odd, Christian turns out to be the most interesting person Alexander has ever met. In fact, he asks to come back, and with each consecutive visit, he learns more and more about Christian, and about the power of the mind and the wonders visualisation can bring.
But even as Alexander learns how to get what he thinks he wants, he loses Christian. Is it too late to find him again? And if he does, will what they had still be there?

Calvin's Cowboy by Drew Hunt

Gay Erotic Romance
Calvin Hamilton reluctantly returns to his home town of Parrish Creek, Texas, to sell his parents' house. Finding the place in need of repair he hires John "Brock" Brockwell to renovate the house before putting it on the market. Brock bares a passing resemblance to Gary Cooper, especially as he often wears western clothing. Calvin has always had a weakness for cowboys.
Time has reversed the two men's fortunes. In high school Brock was the big man on campus, his popularity allowing him to hide his true nature. Calvin was a nerd, bullied by most of the jocks for being perceived as gay. Now Calvin is a successful New York advertising executive, and Brock is a divorced father with a teenage son who faces financial ruin, unable to pay his late father's hospital bills.
Can Calvin put past bitterness behind him and help the cowboy with whom he is rapidly falling in love? Will the deeply closeted Brock be able to admit he has feelings for Calvin? Or will pride, fear, distance, and the past prevent them from building a future together?

After by Chuck Willman

Gay Romance
Chris and Gabe have been together for nearly twenty-five years, and have enjoyed a very
active life until Chris becomes too ill with AIDS to continue the lifestyle to which they had grown accustomed. Chris now requires home visits from a nurse. Gabe, a handsome counselor at the local HIV/AIDS clinic, has arranged for one of the new nurses, Trevor, to be Chris's primary caregiver. Trevor is a hunky, Nebraska-born, ex-farm boy with a heart of gold.
Chris doesn't want to die without knowing Gabe will go on with his life, which includes loving another man. That becomes Chris's goal: to find a new lover for Gabe. But the plan becomes more imperative when Chris lands in the hospital and everything starts to go awry.

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  1. Hi My name is Lillian Francis and I'm a new author to the JMS stable.

    Waiting For a Spark
    by Lillian Francis

    Jerome’s life is humdrum, mundane even. Every day he catches the bus to work, listens to his best friend, Nav, rant on about the latest crisis in his life and tries to stop his attention from wandering to the gorgeous guy at the back of the bus too often. After all it would be embarrassing to get caught staring.

    Friday morning had been no different. Except that the object of his blatant attention was definitely making eye contact, his Asian best friend had involved the entire bus in a racist rant against the East Europeans and Jerome appeared to have been struck dumb.

    Now two days later Jerome’s run out of milk and all the local shops are shut except for the Polskie Delikatesy. Jerome’s hanging about on the pavement, studying adverts in the window which appear to be made up of far too many Zs & Ks, and wondering if he could do without milk for the evening. Stepping through the door brings Jerome face to face with the realisation that racism isn’t just about rants and rallies, but is inherent in thoughts and deeds, things said, or even in silence. That being a target for other people’s prejudice because of his sexuality, doesn’t mean he’s immune from false and pre-conceived notions. If he can come to terms with that and accept that everyone -- even a gay liberal trainee journalist -- might be just a little bit racist, then maybe, just maybe, he could be going home with more than a pint of milk.

    Awkward subject matter? I guess but I hope you'll give this a chance, especially at the moment when you can get 40% off at JMS with the promo code.

    Find me on Goodreads
    or at my blog

  2. Thanks KL once again for letting us JMS Books authors post about our stories.

    JM mentioned my story Calvin's Cowboy in her above post. Some people might think it odd that an Englishman who's only ever been on the back of a horse once has such a fascination with cowboys. Maybe it's the hat, the chaps, the western-style shirts. Or maybe it's the thought of rugged men braving the elements to herd cattle. In my story, Brock isn't a cowboy in the working cattle sense, although he identifies as a westerner and that's good enough for me, and of course his lover, Calvin.

    I enjoyed writing about Brock and Calvin so much I wrote a sequel. And I surprised myself at how raunchy it got.

    Blurb - It's been seven months since Calvin Hamilton came crashing into John “Brock” Brockwell's life. Calvin's belief in him has allowed Brock to reclaim his dignity with a new life, a new job, and a new relationship.

    It's Valentine's Day and Brock is determined to do something special for his lover, so he buys red roses and a card. However, on getting home, he soon discovers Calvin has also made plans, ones that involve blindfolds, rope, and sex toys.

    Join Calvin and Brock as they rock the rafters with a compelling mixture of raunch and romance.

    CLICK HERE TO READ AN EXCERPT AND BUY A COPY aAnd don't forget to use the coupon code mentioned in JM's above post to save 40% off the cover price.

  3. My latest gay erotic romance release is Playing For Keeps. It's been a huge hit, and I'm sure your readers will enjoy it!

    Shy, soft-spoken clarinet player Thad Archer tours Europe over spring break with his college marching band. He's lonely so far from home and everything he's ever known, but at least he has his friends -- Mark, Peter, Seth, and Jamie. Thad has had a secret crush on sexy drummer Jamie McIntosh since they met but has never managed to pluck up the courage to confess his feelings. Could Jamie be as lonely and homesick as Thad?

    Confident and cocky, Jamie is Thad's opposite in every way, but something about his quiet friend sets his heart aflutter. Unfortunately, Thad's deep in the closet, while Jamie is much more secure in his sexuality. Jamie doesn't want to rush Thad into anything he isn't ready for, but hopefully at some point in their friendship, they can move toward something more.

    But any romantic hopes the pair have are frustrated by Mark, the band's drum major, who has his sights set on bedding trombonist Seth, or flutist Peter, or anyone, really. He isn't too picky. If he can't get into the pants of his straight friends, he'll settle for whoever he can get. Thad? Jamie?

    The band will be flying back to the States in a couple of days. Thad knows once they're home, he'll have missed his chance with Jamie. Can he be satisfied just being friends? Or has Mark conducted his way between them?

    Click here to read and excerpt and buy your copy today!

    1. LOL Love the premise of this story. Thad sounds like he's really lonely! :)

  4. Hi, I’m Paul Fahey. I write gay historical romance for JMS Books. Thank you again, Kayelle, for the opportunity to talk a bit about our books.

    Here’s how the Lovers & Liars Wartime Series began: I’ve always been fascinated with WWII history, especially the unbelievable courage of the British during the Blitz, and after reading Sarah Water’s terrific novel of the period, Night Watch, I began to wonder more about gay men’s lives during those times. Since there are so many stories written about this period, I tried a different approach by tackling contemporary issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and gay marriage within the framework of the time period, and I hope I’ve succeeded in adding something a bit different to the genre.

    The first story in the Liars & Lovers Wartime series is called Bomber’s Moon.

    Following one’s heart can be a dangerous game as Leslie Atwater discovers in this exciting story set in 1940 during the early stages of the London Blitz. Leslie’s investigation into his lover’s death takes him from Central London to a lighthouse on the English Channel. Tension mounts and nothing is what it seems. In a showdown with German spies, bombs fall, people die, and Leslie gets more than he bargains for in his search for the truth behind his lover’s untimely death.


    In wartime not everything is what it seems and survival often depends on deception. The second book in the series is Weep Not for the Past. During the winter months of 1941, Leslie Atwater is living a quiet life with his cousin, Caroline, in a quaint village in the English countryside. With his lover, Edward, off again on assignment and his life circumstances forever altered by war, Leslie becomes restless and bored. When disaster strikes, Leslie, Caroline, and Cyril must work together to discover the truth. Was it a tragic accident or premeditated murder? In wartime, anything is possible.


    The third book in the series, A Manx Tale, will be released Nov 10th from JMS. Here’s a short synopsis:

    In late summer 1941, Caroline and Cyril are honeymooning on the Isle of Man. In spite of the war raging around them, Caroline is enchanted by the small island’s history, quaint customs and superstitious beliefs. But as unexplainable events unfold, she becomes
    increasingly aware sinister forces are at work. Will logic and rationality prevail or will it take a bit of magic and island whimsy to sort the problem out?

    The first print book of the Liars & Lovers Wartime series, containing the above three stories, will be issued in January 2014 by JMS Books, and a holiday story featuring the cast will appear in December 2013. Here’s a little about A Christmas In Kent:

    December 1941. Caroline, Cyril, Edward, and Leslie are home for Christmas from their recent exploits on the Isle of Man. On the surface all seems right within Caroline’s world, yet there’s something bothering her that can’t be ignored much longer. Christmas in Kent will indeed be full of surprises.

    Thank you again, Kayelle, and readers don’t forget the 40% off code for your JMS Books purchases. It’s a great deal!

    1. P.S. A HUGE thank you to Drew Hunt and J. M. Snyder for helping me with the HTML links. Old dogs and all...

    2. You did a great job with the links. I was impressed!

  5. Thank you, Kayelle, but as usual I had a lot of help. :)

  6. Yesterday, J.M. posted info on our gay anthology of personal essays, The Other Man. I wanted to add a link to a recent interview and review in EDGE Magazine. Here it is.

    Hope you enjoy it.


  7. As this blog is called Romance Lives Forever I thought I’d mention two short stories I set in a place where romance does indeed live forever. That place is Heaven.

    You’d think it would be easy describing a place that no one on Earth has come back from and could complain I’d gotten something wrong. But it was actually quite difficult. Ultimately I decided Heaven is what you want or need it to be. But in the first story, “Waiting For Colton” Dennis’s Heaven isn’t so wonderful. But he has plenty of support while he waits for his lover to show up.

    Blurb - When Dennis Irvine finally arrives at the pearly gates, St. Peter tells him he's late. This is nothing new for Dennis, who's always had a poor sense of timekeeping. On being admitted into Heaven, Dennis is assigned to Brett, a handsome college football player, who will be his guide.

    Heaven is not what Dennis expects. It's a college campus, Dennis sleeps in a dorm room with Brett, it's always football season, and why are there so many corners?

    Dennis and Brett forge a close platonic father and son friendship as they both wait for their lovers to pass over.

    Each time the Archangel Gabriel comes to tell them of new arrivals, Dennis hopes he'll have news of Colton, his beloved firefighter. But the wait is a long one.


    The second story, Brett’s New Game Plan focusses, naturally enough on Brett.

    Blurb - College football player Brett is devastated when he learns Gavin, the man he’s waited for in Heaven, is married and intends to spend his afterlife with his wife, who predeceased him.

    Lost, Brett leans heavily on his friends, his dads Colton and Dennis, as well as his work as a vet tech. Brett is assigned the rehabilitation of Willow, a tall sorrel horse, who died in a lightning strike. However, where Willow goes, so does Jake Rushton, the cowboy who rides him.

    Can Jake adjust to life in Heaven and, for the first time, allow someone close enough to love and care for him? Despite past hurts, can Brett be all Jake needs him to be?


    Don't forget to use the coupon code mentioned in JM's above post to save 40% off the cover price.

    I really need to write a third story for this series, I love the setting, but it’s a case of finding the time, especially when so many other stories are clammering to be written. Oh, the life of an author.

    1. You should write a third one, Drew. These look like great fun. I love writing my series if only to find out what my characters are up to, where they'll go next, and how they'll change over the years. And short stories make for fast e book reads, too. :)


    2. Paul, I can't disagree with anything you said, but sometimes other characters not related to your series come along and their voices are louder.

      Currently I'm working on a story about a threesome of a ranch cook and two cowboys. They're taking all my attention at the moment. I even find it difficult to read for pleasure because they keep talking to me. Have you ever had the same problem?

    3. That happens to me -- I usually write gay erotic romance but I do dabble in other genres. I just finished a two-book gay YA dystopian series; I had the idea for one book, but when I was finished with it, I realized there was more story to tell. THE COLONY BOOK 1: REBELLION is available now, and the second book, REVOLUTION, will be out in October.

      Now that I'm finished with those stories, I'm working on something completely different -- not just genre-wise, but different for me, too. It's a bisexual menage MMF erotic romance called FOR PETE'S SAKE. It's so different, I'll need a new pseudonym to publish it under! :)

  8. All the time. My characters get inside my head and drive me crazy. Usually I have to stop what I'm doing and write their conversation down or they won't leave me alone. I think only writers understand this. They do take on a life of their own and I have to scramble to catch up with them. They're usually a lot smarter than I am and I feel like a third or fourth wheel they're dragging along with them. They must have a lot of patience to put up with me. :)


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