September 10, 2013

Publisher Week: Day 3 JMS Books Lesbian Romance #RLFblog #glbt @JMSbooksllc

This is Publisher Week at Romance Lives Forever. Three publishers will be featured, each during one special week. Those publishers are Boroughs PublishingGroup in February, Liquid Silver Books in June, and JMS Books LLC in September.
JMS Books 

JMS Books LLC — Lesbian or F/F Romance
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JMS Books LLC is a small press specializing in LGBT romance, from sweet to erotic. Lesbian fiction has fast become a best seller for us, and we're thrilled to have some wonderful F/F authors in our catalog!
This post will highlight some of the books in this genre which have sold very well for us. Click on the links to view the books on our site, where you can read excerpts from each. Also, check back here throughout the day to read comments by our authors promoting their titles with us, since we're limited to only five books in the post itself.
These lesbian erotic romance stories represent the type of stories we love to publish:
Zen and Tonic 

Zen and Tonic by Kris Howard

Lesbian Erotic Romance
Kai meets Liza in Oregon at their law school orientation party and is instantly captivated by her new roommate. Fast friends, the young women soon become lovers as well, and live together during their three years in law school.
Liza is determined to become the first female president of the United States. Ambitious and driven, she is intensely secretive about her relationship with Kai, a subterfuge that becomes increasingly unpalatable for out and easy-going Kai.
Raised by supportive and adoring parents, Kai understands Liza's drive, but struggles with Liza's fear of disclosure. When unavoidable circumstances cause Kai to miss her law school graduation, the two of them lose touch as their paths diverge and their careers gain momentum.
Liza marries a man, and her meteoric career takes her from aide to governor, and eventually to the White House. Kai's wife decides to open a clinic to serve D.C.'s less fortunate, and she and Kai move from Oregon to the nation's capital.
Years after their intense romance, Kai and Liza cross paths and are shaken to the core. Stunned by the continued strength of their passion, they dig through unhealed wounds and delve into the possibility of perfect love.

SBF Seeking … by La Toya Hankins

Lesbian Erotic Romance
Four months before her wedding, Yvette Thurman realizes this might be her last chance to have a sexual fling with a white man. But she never thought placing a personal ad would lead her to discover she was a lesbian.
Yvette's small town life in eastern North Carolina never prepared her for the personal journey she undertakes as she struggles to find her heart's path.
Through personal ads and late night visits to an adult bookstore, Yvette learns more about her own personal desires than she ever did when she was engaged to be married. If she embraces her true self, can she find acceptance and love from her family and friends? Or will she be forced to hide who she really is from those she cares about the most?

Meeting Sonja by Eva Hore

Meeting Sonja
Lesbian Erotic Romance
Have you ever fallen for someone the first time you meet them? Sonja is exactly what I've been searching for, but will she be interested in me?
There's an innocence about Sonja, but under that demure exterior, I find a smoldering, sensual woman just as interested in experimentation and pleasure as I.
If I ask her, will she say yes?

Dissonance in A Minor Nicole Disney

Lesbian Erotic Romance
Dissonance in A Minor
Rainn never meant to fall in love, and definitely not with a meth addict. Living in the alley is dangerous, but she's found the beauty in having nothing to lose. It's also provided her the focus to single-mindedly pursue her only dream. Though controlling her wild bandmates is an unrelenting struggle, Rainn knows they're close to breaking out of their dive bar and into the real music scene.
But Jaselle is the only one who doesn't see Rainn as the homeless girl. Jaselle's ability to look past the ripped clothes and into the meaning of Rainn's lyrics makes her worth the emotion Rainn has trained herself not to feel. But as Rainn is coming out of her emotional coma, Jaselle is falling into numbness, desperation, and dependence on the drug that's taking everything from her.
Rainn already lost her brother, Michael, when he died of asphyxiation from huffing butane. She thinks she already knows this road. Hoping to succeed where she failed before, Rainn devotes herself to saving Jaselle. But the drug is smarter than she thinks, and soon she's faced with adversity she could never have prepared for, putting both their souls and lives on the line.

Broken Star by Joann Lee

Broken Star
Lesbian Erotic Romance
From the outside looking in, Lynn Feoras seemingly has everything a woman could desire. With numerous platinum selling CDs, lavish homes, and the ability to bring down the house with her powerful vocals, who could want for more?
Alexis Donatella is a jaded SVU officer who has no tolerance for the rich and famous. She has devoted her life to raising her daughter and to the Florida division of the Special Victims Unit. Venturing into a relationship is the furthest thing from her mind.
When Alexis and Lynn meet on the sandy beaches, sparks do not exactly fly, at least not for Alexis. When you add in a rambunctious child, a tragic secret from Lynn's past, and obstacles no one could have foreseen, it makes for one frenzied summer.
In the midst of madness, is it possible for these two women to find love?

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  1. Hi, I’m Paul Fahey and I’d like to thank Kaylee for the opportunity to mention my lesbian romance and 2013 Rainbow Award winning novella, "The View From 16 Podwale Street," published by JMS Books. The book started with an idea I had for a character. When I was an undergraduate in the late 1960’s, I had a brilliant sociology professor at San Francisco State who was an albino. One day in class, he was lecturing on diversity. I don’t recall the specifics since so much time has passed, but the themes were social injustice and the lengths we humans go to label those who are different as outsiders. Over two hundred of us sat in rapt silence and watched as this kind and gentle soul emotionally fell apart and had to excuse himself for the remainder of the class; to say this incident touched me and most of the class deeply would be an understatement. I wasn’t a writer then and had no idea I’d become one, but this experience stayed with me. It took 45 years to finally write a story that spoke to this moment.

    Short Synopsis:


    April 1939. Warsaw, Poland. To the casual observer, the houses on Podwale Street look very much alike. Yet at 16 Podwale nothing is as it seems. Within, the walls hold many secrets. Secrets that could destroy the lives of its inhabitants as they witness the city’s ever-mounting tide of Nazism.

    Wealthy recluse, Elwira Malinowska is more an observer than a participant in life. In her seclusion at 16 Podwale, she watches the world pass her by. Then Raz Zielinsky comes to work as a housemaid for her father, and Elwira’s life suddenly is divisible by two: the time before Raz and the time after. Years pass. The two women become lovers. They depend on each other. Elwira is Raz’s protector. Raz is Elwira’s conduit to the outside world, where people speak of nothing but the continual threat of war with Germany.

    Elwira, a steadfast Catholic, believes Pope Pius XII will intervene to save Poland from the rumblings of a maniac and an imminent invasion. But when the Pope fails to mediate peace and the political situation worsens—Hitler and Mussolini enter into an alliance—Elwira and Raz plan their escape to freedom: freedom from a world of swirling red flags and fanatics marching on the cobbled city streets. Will their plan succeed? Or is it already too late for them?


  2. Sorry, Kayelle, I goofed on the spelling. Gotta get another cup of coffee. :)

  3. Just a note to all F/F authors out there -- our lesbian books sell really well, and we'd love to have more to offer our readers! If you write lesbian romance (from sweet to erotic and everything in between), check out our submission guidelines at and think of us when you're looking for a home for your next manuscript!


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