October 30, 2013

Character Interview: THE Aphrodite (from Lord Rakehell's Love) @BookEmDonna #RLFblog

Lord Rakehell's Love 
Donna Cummings, welcome back to Romance Lives Forever. We're excited to interview your character, Aphrodite, from the book, Lord Rakehell's Love.
Genre: Regency Historical
Publisher: Donna Cummings
Cover artist: Carrie Spencer of Cheeky Covers
Length: 44 pages
Heat rating: PG
Tagline: Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is playing matchmaker in Regency London, only she's put a curse on the lovers instead
First in The Curse of True Love series
Simon is known as Lord Rakehell, so any sane woman would be wary of wedding a man of his reputation. He truly loves Georgiana, and is determined to prove it to her, but how can he convince her after being late to their wedding?
Georgiana knew the dangers of falling instantly in love with a celebrated rake, but even she had not expected him to show up for their nuptials with ladies-of-the-evening in tow. Now she must determine whether Simon's protestations of love are genuine, or if she is being led astray by the passion he continues to incite in her.
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What are your main characters' names, ages, and occupations?
Simon Blakely, Lord Winbourne (aka Lord Rakehell), 30, rake
Georgiana Kirkwood, late 20s, wallflower


Mount Olympus, 1811
"I'm bored." Aphrodite stared at her fingernails, and then wondered why she bothered. They were perfect. She was a goddess after all.
But the unending flawlessness of her world filled her with ennui. The perpetual blue skies and breathtaking vista of her mountaintop palace had once brought her great joy, though now. . . She stifled a yawn. Even the daily ambrosia and nectar had become tiresome.
"I need a diversion."
"We could devise a way to torment the mortals," Ares suggested.
"I suppose," she said, admiring the handsome god in his toga and sandals. She had to admit she never grew tired of his perfection. "It has been a few decades since we've stirred up any mayhem. What do you have in mind?"
"I always like the things with curses."
There was no mistaking the bloodthirsty gleam in his eyes. Why did she have to adore someone who was her complete opposite? "And I prefer the ones with true love."
Ares frowned for a moment. "We could combine them," he said. "You know what they say about the curse of true love, and how it never runs smooth."
"I believe that is the course of true love," she said with a chuckle. "Our friend Mr. Shakespeare came up with that one, remember?"
He grinned. "I believe Romeo and Juliet would consider true love a curse."
"Surely we can devise something similar, only without the tragic ending."
"Curse someone with love?" Ares tilted his head. "How would that work exactly?"
He strode across the palace floor and sat down on his throne, the one he'd insisted on upholstering with. . . Aphrodite shuddered. The poor darling still could not fathom why none of the Greek cities wanted him as their patron.
If ever there were an example of mismatched lovers, it was the two of them. He lived
for war and fighting, while she was devoted to love and beauty—and him.
"Of course!" Aphrodite's heart raced with excitement. "We can curse them to fall in love with someone who isn't at all right for them."
"Ahhh, like when Will had that woman fall in love with the donkey-headed gent."
"Not quite what I was contemplating, dearest." She frowned, toying with one of the earrings Ares had given her the previous evening. She did love her jewelry, but it was not enough to erase her boredom.
Surely there was some way to make this work without donkey-headed men being involved.
"I may have to go and mingle with the mortals myself," she decided. "It's fortunate that Grecian fashion is enjoying a renaissance right now." She studied Ares' attire. "Well, at least it is for women. You'd have to squeeze into breeches, and learn to tie a cravat before you could walk amongst them without causing a sensation. At least your hairstyle is au courant."
Ares glanced down, admiring his muscular legs. And who could blame him? He was perfect in his imperfection, which is one reason she loved him so madly.
Yes, this would be a delightful plan, almost a re-enactment of their own passionate affair. Once she had encountered Ares, it was impossible to love anyone else.
"It never goes smoothly when we get personally involved with the mortals," he reminded her.
Lord Midnight 
"But that is what makes it so entertaining." She strolled towards him, enjoying the soft swish of her gown against her legs, as well as the heated look it provoked in his dark eyes.
"What happens if they resist your matchmaking scheme?" Ares asked, his voice husky with growing desire.
"Resist me?" Aphrodite chuckled as she led Ares through the great hall toward their private bedchamber. "That is an amusing thought."

Interview with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Tell us about yourself.
I am the Greek Goddess of Love, and I adore jewelry, and all things involving beauty and love. However, I have recently grown bored with the perfection of my existence. Who can bear to eat ambrosia and nectar every single day? I decided I would entertain myself by helping mortals find their one true love. And what better place than Regency London, where they are enamored of anything to do with the ancient Greek world.
Tell us about Ares.
I utterly adore him, even though he loves war, and fighting, and conflict of all kinds. He is the complete opposite of me, which may be why we are so passionate for each other. It is also what gave me the idea to play matchmaker. Or maybe I should say "mismatchmaker". It hasn't gone as smoothly with Lord Rakehell and Georgiana as I'd hoped. . . But I'm confident I can remedy everything. After all, my reputation is at stake here.
What do you think is your strongest point?
My persistence.
What would Ares say is your biggest weakness?
My persistence.
What do you wish was different about your life?
I adore my life! I am having so much fun masquerading in Regency London as Lady Aphrodite Carramont, with only Ares aware of my true identity. I'm not sure when I'll be ready to return home to Mount Olympus. It could be a while.
If you were given your fondest wish, what would it be?
That everyone would fall madly in love with their one true love and live happily ever after. BUT, only after I've had a chance to be involved, of course. It wouldn't be much fun otherwise. I'm definitely looking forward to the next rogue on my list, the one known as Lord Wastrel. He's proving to be a bit of a challenge.
Describe a place of perfect refuge.
I don't suppose I can say the bedchamber I share with Ares, can I? Well, that is still my answer, even if I shouldn't say so.

About the Author

Summer Lovin'
I have worked as an attorney, winery tasting room manager, and retail business owner, but nothing beats the thrill of writing humorously-ever-after romances.
Currently I reside in New England, although I fantasize about spending the rest of my days in a tropical locale, wearing flip flops year-round, or in Regency London, scandalizing the ton.
I can usually be found on Twitter, chatting about writing and coffee, or on Facebook, chatting about coffee and writing.

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Lord Wastrel (Regency historical--Book 2 in The Curse of True Love series)

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  1. I love Aphrodite (and Ares...especially when they're together)! So fun to see her interviewed here. LORD RAKEHELL'S LOVE was delightful read. I can't wait to see how Aphrodite meddles in Lord Wastrel's life :)

  2. Loved this story. Can't wait for Lord Wastrel!

  3. Mae, thank you so much! Aphrodite is causing a bit of mayhem for Lord Wastrel -- although the heroine is doing a good amount of that too. LOL


  4. Thanks, Virginia! I'm so glad to hear that!


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