October 18, 2013

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The Retreat 
Kay Jaybee, welcome back to Romance Lives Forever. Please tell us about your new book.

I'm delighted to be visiting the Romance Lives Forever site once again. Today, I'd like to tell you a little about the release of second installment of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy - The Retreat.


Just as Jess is beginning to relax into her new life as a submissive at The Fables Hotel, her employer Mrs Peters announces that she is loaning both Jess, and her dominatrix Miss Sarah, to one of their most demanding clients; Mr David Proctor.
Whisked away by the mysterious Kane to The Retreat, hidden in a remote part of Scotland, Jess and Miss Sarah find themselves teaching another submissive to meet Proctor's exacting rules.
As Jess comes to terms with the techniques of The Retreat Mistress, and the strictly overpowering dominatrix Lady Tia, she discovers that Proctor's motives may not be all they seem.
Just who or what is Fairtasia? And why does Jess feel like she's walked into a warped fairy tale?
In order to get back to The Fables, Jess is going to have to be more than just a perfect submissive...
When I was asked to turn my standalone novel, The Perfect Submissive into a trilogy, I was very excited--but I also wanted to find out which elements of that first novel that my readers had most enjoyed, so that I could capture some of its flavour in the sequel.
One of the features of the first part of the trilogy that people most enjoyed was the extreme exercise routine the dominatrix Miss Sarah enforced upon Jess. Although The Retreat sends Jess on a very different adventure- complete with a mystery, fairy tales, and a whiff of paranoia. I was determined to include a little exercise along the way.


In the following extract, Miss Sarah and Jess are alone in the bedroom they have to share at The Retreat, and so far Jess knows little of her surroundings...
'Are you warm, Miss Sanders?'
'No, ma'am.'
'But you are tired. As am I.' Miss Sarah regarded the former booking clerk. 'Yet I suspect that, like me, you feel it's unlikely you'll sleep. We are too keyed up by events. A dose of normality would do us good.'
A frisson of expectation filtered through Jess's veins. Forcing herself to deny the smile that wanted to hit her lips, she wasn't able to stop it reaching her eyes as she replied, 'I'm sure you're correct, ma'am.'
Picking up the top cover of her bed, Miss Sarah wrapped it around her naked shoulders, shrouding her body in quilting as she stood with her back against the nearest bookshelf. 'We have a large space here, Miss Sanders; I think we would do well to make use of it.
'For some time now I have been meaning to devise a shortened version of your exercise routine, so that we can fit it into even the most hectic of schedules. As it has been three days since you last had a structured exercise session, now seems the ideal moment to develop such a routine. As a reward for each completed movement I will, to the best of my ability, answer any questions you may have about our current location. A location that is, to answer your earlier question, known as The Retreat.'
Jess said nothing, already foreseeing erotic elation, her mind conveniently forgetting how exhausted she was.
'Get up, Miss Sanders.'
Wriggling free of her insubstantial bedding, Jess already felt warmer at the prospect of what was to come than she had been curled up in the camp bed.
'Face the bookshelves.'
Jess did as she was bidden, wondering what exercise she could possibly perform so close to the built-in unit. As she inspected the oak bookshelf at close quarters, she saw how worn it was; how time had taken its hard edges and polished them to a marbled patina. It had obviously been securely in place for hundreds of years.
Miss Sarah took her submissive's arms, stretching them out along the shelves. Allowing herself to be positioned so her chest was angled closer to the shelving, Jess found her eyeline focusing directly on book after book of fairy tales. From the works of the Brothers Grimm to Hans Anderson, and various other interpretations in between, they were all bound in a manner which, even to Jess's untutored eye, spoke of their antique value.
As Miss Sarah's hands placed Jess's ankles closer together, she couldn't help thinking back to the turret room and its fairy tale connotations. This castle might look like something straight out of Disney, but Jess knew exactly how a few of the original fairy tales had gone. They were not stories she would tell any child without expecting nightmares to follow immediately afterwards.
Her musings about the number of fairy tale links she'd made since Kane had bundled her into the plane was cut short by the insistence of Miss Sarah's palm against the flat of her back. She was pushing Jess in a way that ensured her torso was tilted back a fraction, so her large, almond nipples were buffered against the edge of the wooden shelf.
'On my mark, you will bend your knees so that your breasts travel from the shelf on which they currently rest to the one beneath, and back again. Each flex will only be considered successful if your nipples touch both shelves. You may keep hold of the shelves to aid your movements. You will continue to pump your legs until I tell you to stop. As you work, Miss Sanders, you have permission to ask me four questions. Only four. What it is you wish to know the most?'
Four questions. Already picturing how enflamed her chest was about to become, and hoping Miss Sarah would kiss it better afterwards, Jess tried to marshal her thoughts. She already knew this place was called The Retreat, and she was in Scotland, that Miss Sarah's equivalent was called Lady Tia, and she'd learnt from listening to their verbal sparring match in the turret room that this place was run not just by David Proctor, but also by a woman called Dr Ewen.
Bending her knees, Jess lowered herself, so that her breasts flopped from one shelf, scraping against the book's spines below, until they hit the next row of oak. Sticking her backside out a fraction to ease the discomfort on her tits, Jess clasped the horizontal shelf supports to either side of her harder. Rising up again, knowing it wouldn't be long before her nipples felt as bruised as Miss Sarah's after her encounter with the vengeful Lady Tia, she let out a blast of shocked air. Miss Sarah's hand had smacked her butt.
'I didn't tell you to stick your arse out. I wish it to remain tucked in.'
'Sorry, ma'am.'
'Are you?' Miss Sarah spoke sharply, 'I think that you wanted me to spank you. Tell me the truth, Miss Sanders. Did you wish for me to hit your rear?'
I hope that extract has tickled your fancy!
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