October 31, 2013

Halloween Pizza Party 2013 Multiple Authors Share Love of the Pie! #RLFblog #authors

It's Halloween, and rather than do a typical post about pumpkins or candy, I thought I'd gather a bunch of friends together and throw a pizza party. The selections include something for almost everyone. In fact, there are so many I'll do another version of this later in the year.

One of the questions on nearly every interview in 2013 was a chance to fill in the blank with items for a favorite pizza. RLF blog is happy to present a huge selection of goodies that show just how much alike we all are. A large group chose pepperoni (my personal favorite), followed by cheese (my second favorite). Where available, I included the Twitter handle of the author. If they didn't supply one, I used Facebook or their website. Armed with the knowledge of someone who likes your type of pizza, go friending!


Pepperoni had the most choices, topped with other items or by itself. I added myself to this category.

I love pizza with double toppings of low fat turkey pepperoni.

I love pizza with pepperoni.

I love pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese.

I love pizza with pepperoni and sausage.

I love pizza with pepperoni.

I love pizza with tomatoes and pepperoni.

I love pizza with no cheese, but lots of pepperoni.

I love pizza with pepperoni, black olive and mushroom.

I love pizza with pepperoni, sausage and onions.

I love pizza with pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms (I’m a traditionalist! No pineapple slices or anchovies on my pizza!)

I love pizza with pepperoni and green olives.

I love pizza with black olives, pepperoni, and mushrooms.

I love pizza with pepperoni, salami, olives and mushrooms.


The first entry gets major points for being thorough. And funny!

I love pizza with vegan cheese. Well, I don’t actually love it, and I’m not a vegan either, but I can’t eat ordinary cheese so I make do with the vegan stuff. It’s a bit like old window putty as it doesn’t melt properly so it just looks like an orange blob but I can’t imagine pizza without some kind of cheese on it!
Twitter: http://twitter.com/PeelLorna

I love pizza with goat cheese.

I love pizza with parmesan but prefer just the crust.

I love pizza with extra cheese!

I love pizza with feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and olive oil.

I love pizza with extra cheese.

I love pizza with extra cheese.
Twitter: http://twitter.com/authorkristina

I love pizza with forty-eleven kinds of cheese on it.

I love pizza with basil leaves, different types of cheeses, sliced tomatoes, olives, and mushrooms. Oh, and thin crust.

No Pizza for Me Please

No pizza? Say it isn't so! These folks (only two in this batch) opted for none.

I love pizza with other people so they can eat it. Pizza…yukkkk.

I love pizza with -- I can't eat pizza. I'm on a liquid diet.


Why do people always invite the mushroom to parties? Because he's such a fungi! *groan* The mushroom lovers...

I love pizza with shrimp and mushrooms.

I love pizza with mushrooms.

I love pizza with mushrooms.

Other Toppings

The kitchen sink of pizza toppings. Tums or Rolaids optional. ^_^

I love pizza with BBQ chicken.

I love pizza with everything on it.
Happy Halloween 
Twitter: http://twitter.com/xaviersaxel

I love vegetarian pizza with artichokes.

I love pizza with canadian bacon.

I love pizza with pineapple.

I love pizza with at least three meat toppings… it's a wolf thing.

I love pizza with Canadian bacon and pineapple.

I love pizza with everything except anchovies (which I've never attempted to eat!) Onions and sausage are my favorite.

I love pizza with anything.

I love pizza with spinach, feta and pineapple.

I love pizza with roasted veggies and chicken.

Non Food Items

While I have a feeling all these authors meant in addition to pizza, only one actually said so. These are different takes on the "I love pizza with" question.

I love pizza with fruit bomb zinfandel or heavy cabernet sauvignon.

I love pizza with my children – they love it!

I love pizza with friends.

I love pizza with my kids.

I love pizza with Beck Light Beer.

I love pizza with friends. I mean with their companionship. I wouldn't actually want my friend on the pizza.
Image credit: pizza by Moi Cody

Your Favorite Pizza is... Let us know what toppings you favor!


  1. What fun! I got a lot of new ideas for some tasty pizzas.

    1. Me too. It makes me hungry every time I read one of these interviews. ^_^

  2. Love it! Thanks for including my answer, Kayelle.

  3. Oh crap. Now you're all making me hungry. It's no fun eating 'gluten' free pizza, so I very seldom have it. But when I cheat, *blush* I love thin crust, lots of garlic, white cheese, pepperoni, and loaded with mushrooms.

    1. It was torture putting this together last night. I wanted to eat my keyboard by the time I was done. LOL

  4. It all sounds so yummy. Happy Halloween, everyone!

  5. This is hilarious, Kayelle. My other favorite is Canadian bacon and bacon. Yeah, lots of cholesterol. Thanks for including me.

    1. You're welcome! I love any kind of bacon. On anything. ^_^

  6. What a fun idea! Thanks for including me, Kayelle!

    Sorry I couldn't stop in yesterday but I had to fast, and it was hard enough without thinking about pizza. ;)



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