November 6, 2013

His Reign @SaschaIllyvich #RLFblog #erotic

His Reign 
Today's featured book is His Reign by Sascha Illyvich.

Józsi wants to maintain a normal life away from the Opeth pack. Moving from Hungary to Texas was a big change that he felt was necessary in order to avoid a prophecy that would ultimately make him Alpha of a dying pack, a responsibility he doesn't want.
Ilona and Lukina grew up loving Józsi even after he moved away. Yet the current pack Alpha has gone rogue and begun kidnapping and abusing the younger wolves that remained without mates. Ilona, becomes his next target and Józsi must return to once again deal with pack politics only to find that his heart misses what it could have. Can Lukina and Ilona convince him to return to Hungary in order to rule the Opeth pack and mate or will Kiba destroy them in a fit of insanity?

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  1. Welcome Sascha. Always happy to have you here on RLF!


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