December 31, 2013

2013 Cover Love Guide from Romance Lives Forever #RLFblog #giveaway

The gems 
The Romance Lives Forever blog is my way of giving back to author friends and the literary community.  I read every post, and try to respond to every comment. I share books and authors, interviewing and chatting with everyone. I don't do reviews -- I'm too busy. If I commit to something then I follow through, and with all I do, there just isn't time. So you won't find reviews here, but you will finds lots of new books.

When a book comes out, the first thing I want to do is tell everyone about it. There are many ways to do it, including the tried and true Yahoo Group circuit, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Goodreads, Shelfari... and of course, blogging. I have used all of these things, some better than others. Combinations work wonders. The combo that shows me the most response is blogging combined with Twitter.

Since this blog is tied to Triberr, it automatically links to Twitter. Networked Blogs helps with that as well. I also have a program called that picks up the RSS feed from RLF and shoots it off to a daily automated newsletter. Automating the thing gives me time to follow up with a personal touch afterward. I love hanging out on Twitter, and have more fun there than I do anywhere else. If you want to find me, haunt the #Loki hashtag. I am always there!

The #RLFblog hashtag was one I created to help me track the posts here. It's become a good way for authors to share posts. Once you've been a guest here, I hope you'll use the hashtag whenever you like. I look for it, and try to retweet it. Other authors do too. You can track it on Tweetreach -- and you'll be surprised how far reaching it is. Today, it shows a reach of 88k, with 140k impressions. On Twubs, you'll find others who have joined the community of users for the hashtag. You can even have a chat there using the tag.

One of the most helpful posts this year was Cover Love. It's just a blurb, cover, buy links, and social media. I grabbed info from everywhere to make it, and especially from the street team of Marketing for Romance Writers. That's a group of like-minded writers who help one another with ideas for marketing books. I created it back in 2006, and it has over 2k members on Facebook, 1900 on Yahoo, its own Twitter and Pinterest accounts, BlogTalkRadio, and Bloghop groups, and will be on Goodreads soon. The street team helps members promote their books. When someone would submit material, I would grab it and use it when I had an opening on the blog. Prior guest bloggers asked for quick ways to promote as well, and Cover Love was a great way to do that.
The "Cover Love" Cover

Giveaway - Cover Love Book

I decided to make a PDF booklet using just the Cover Love material, and make it available for readers. To download the booklet, click here. It will also be available on the FAQ page. This is 75 pages of full color covers and info. I hope you enjoy it!

Find Me Here

Normally, this section has social media for the guest author. Today, it has info for the blog. This lists where to sign up, where to find the guidebook, and where to grab interviews you can download and send in if you want to be a guest. Please do take advantage of them.
Clicking these links will allow you to download an RLF interview directly to your hard drive. They are in rtf format.
About Your Hero(ine) - you talk about your character
Character Interview - Your character talks
Cover Love - a cover, buy links, and social media
New Book Release - the basics about your book

Thank You

I appreciate being part of your life this last year. I hope you'll come back often. Grab the button before you go. Do you believe like I do? ... I believe ... Romance Lives Forever.

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