January 2, 2014

Abigail's Earl historical romance @starla_kaye #RLFblog #historical

Abigail's Earl 
Today's featured book is Abigail's Earl by Starla Kaye.

She is weary of being the "perfect lady." He insists upon it.
Lady Abigail Remington is tired of being the "perfect lady" and longs to test her adventurous side. She doesn't want to be tied down in marriage to a demanding man. James Ranborne, the Earl of Saliston, is brash, bold, and uncommonly handsome. She wants nothing to do with him…yet he offers her all that she needs: a husband her family insists upon, freedom to do as she wishes, and no need to waste time loving him.

A widower, James has no time or desire for love and romance, but his position as an important noble demands he marry again. He must have a proper lady beside him at society events and he needs an heir. Abigail appears to fit his requirements as being acceptable to the ton and she is beyond pretty. She doesn't want marriage, thinking she could live happily as a spinster, something her father would never allow. His proposal of a marriage of convenience, with minor commitments on her side, should be more than suitable for both their needs.

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