March 31, 2014

Interview: Katheryn Lane Author of The Texas Cowboy @KatherynLane #RLFblog #western

The Texas Cowboy 

About the Book

Title: The Texas Cowboy
Genre: contemporary cowboy romance, modern western
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Everything's bigger in Texas, including the problems.
When Vicky flies into Texas, she immediately falls for the charms of local cowboy, Jack Cassidy. However, her wealthy Dallas cousin, Laura, has other ideas and will do everything she can to steer Vicky away from Jack and into the arms of a rich oilman.
Jack is resigned to living the life of a lonely cowboy whose only female company is his horses--that is, until he meets Vicky. However, Vicky isn't the only person with a claim on his heart. Jack wasn't always alone and his ex is about to make a dramatic comeback.
Every cowboy has a past and this cowboy's past is about to destroy his future.

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Interview with Katheryn Lane

Why did you write this book?
I love Texas and I've been lucky enough to visit it several times. The Texas Cowboy begins with Vicky seeing the cowboy, Jack, for the first time while she's out shopping with her cousin and this opening scene was inspired by something I saw one afternoon in Dallas. I was in Highland Park Village and across the road I saw a cowboy standing outside Hermes, holding one of their trademark boxes. Unlike Vicky, I didn't have the nerve to take a picture of him (I wish I had), and he didn't wink at me, but I did begin to wonder about who he was and who the orange box was for.
What is your favorite genre to read?
I love to read a wide range of books, but my favorite has to be romance. I love classic authors, such as Jane Austen and Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet must be one of the greatest love stories of all time - but I also enjoy reading books by more modern romance writers, such as Nora Roberts and Jackie Collins. In addition, ever since I was a little girl I've loved reading fairy tales. I guess my love of romance started with stories like Sleeping Beauty and I have 'borrowed' several ideas from fairy tales for my own books. For example, the first part of my latest sheikh romance, A Bride For The Sheikh, is loosely based on Cinderella.
What is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own characters)?
That's a difficult question! There are so many wonderful characters in literature that it's like asking me to pick a favorite from a box of chocolates! However, a couple of people do stand out. I love Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Although they are from different eras and places, they are both witty, willful, beautiful women who are willing to stand up for themselves in a male dominated world. At the beginning of each book, they make the wrong choices and decisions, but in the end they discover who they are and what they really want in life.
Do you enjoy films and/or TV shows? Which are your favorites?
I'm afraid I don't have much free time to watch TV as most of my time is taken up with work (I'm a high school teacher), looking after my children and writing. However, when I get the chance I do like to go to the cinema and see a good movie. I live in the Middle East, so the cinemas here only show a limited range of films and they're often heavily censored which can sometimes make it hard to follow the plot! However, we get cable and occasionally I'll find the time to watch a great movie on TV. I'm not sure if I have a favorite, but I always love watching anything with Antonio Banderas in it. He was a great sheikh in Day of the Falcon and gorgeous in Zorro. I also love Johnny Depp - so sexy!
What are you working on at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?
I have several things in the pipeline, including another possible sheikh romance, but the main thing I'm working on at the moment is a potential sequel to The Texas Cowboy. Although I originally wrote The Texas Cowboy as a stand-alone novel, several readers have started to ask me about the hero and heroine's future. I don't think I'd be giving too much away if I said that The Texas Cowboy ends, like all good fairy tales and romance novels, with the hero, Jack, and heroine, Vicky, overcoming the many obstacles that have confronted them and telling each other how much they love each other. As with many romance novels, it's implied that they will get married and live happily ever after. However, readers have been asking about their wedding and if Vicky's rich Dallas cousin will take over their wedding plans. Therefore, I might write a sequel and perhaps call it The Texas Bride.
Please tell us about your latest book.
The Texas Cowboy is my first cowboy romance; most of my other romances have been sheikh romances inspired by what I see and hear where I live in the Middle East. However, like my other novels, The Texas Cowboy has lots of action, unexpected twists and turns, and plenty of heartache, before the hero and heroine end up in each others arms, happily ever after.

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the problems.
When Vicky flies into Texas, she immediately falls for the charms of local cowboy, Jack Cassidy. However, her wealthy Dallas cousin, Laura, has other ideas and will do everything she can to steer Vicky away from Jack and into the arms of a rich oilman.
Jack is resigned to living the life of a lonely cowboy whose only female company is his horses--that is, until he meets Vicky. However, Vicky isn't the only person with a claim on his heart. Jack wasn't always alone and his ex is about to make a dramatic comeback.
Every cowboy has a past and this cowboy's past is about to destroy his future.

Author Bio

I'm a wife, teacher, author and mother of two boisterous boys, so most of my days are taken up with finding lost school shoes, getting stuck in traffic and wondering why I always join the queue that doesn't move in the supermarket. However, I try to forget these daily problems (and the fact that I burnt the toast again this morning) by losing myself in a good book and writing novels that give readers a break from everyday life.
Open one of my books and escape on a romantic adventure, because it's easier to buy a book than it is to book an air ticket.
Have a break, read a book!

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March 30, 2014

5 Easy Questions: Bug Stuff and Other Stories @VickiBatman #RLFblog #comedy

Bug Stuff and Other Stories 
5 Easy Questions is an interview is designed to be quick, easy, and fun. Today's guest is Vicki Batman.
What is your go-to meal to order when you dine out? Your favorite "I know it will hit the spot" item.
A really great burger. I call it meat for the week.
What were you like when you were in school?
Incredibly shy. Hard to believe now, isn't it?
Would you rather stay inside and watch snow falling, or get out in it and build a snowman? I never have enough snow to build a snowman; so stay inside with a huge bag of Cheetoes, great movie on TV, and doing needlepoint.
What is your favorite quote?
Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming Woohoo, what a ride!
What was the last movie you watched (home or theater)?
The Thin Man

About the Book

Title: Bug Stuff...and Other Stories
Genre: romantic comedy
Author Name: Vicki Batman
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): G
From sassy writer gal, Vicki Batman, comes three romantic comedies sure to tickle your fancy. "Just Desserts": a political dinner gone disastrous brings together a reluctant attendee and her handsome seat-mate.
"Bug Stuff": An accountant unites with his co-worker to exterminate a pesky adversary. "With This Ring": When a wife forgets the all-important little black dress, everything turns into something utterly romantic and unforgettable in the end.

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Publisher: Vicki Batman
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March 29, 2014

5 Things Authors Miss on their Tax Returns @emlynley #RLFblog #taxes #authors

Tax Tips for Authors 
In my real life I'm a tax and finance professional and I've been sharing my knowledge with other writers for the past three years. I find many people have problems with the same issues year after year. Are you making these mistakes? If so, you'll find more ways to solve these problems (and more) in my book Tax Tips for Authors 2014. (Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Smashwords ARe/OmniLit and in print)
1. Calling your hobby a business – or vice versa
The IRS has a pretty strict line between hobby and business, because businesses get to write their losses off against other income (W-2 or investment income) which lets them lower their taxes. To be considered a business you need to have profits in 3 out of the past 5 years. It you're having more years of losses than profits, the IRS may want you to prove you're a real business, which means show that you are trying to make money. They look at the ratio of expenses to earnings and the type of expenses you claim: advertising and other promo help you, but travel to conventions may hurt you if you're not earning enough to justify the expense.
Businesses that claim to be a hobby are seen as avoiding self-employment tax, so if you have increasing hobby income, the IRS may force you to file Schedule C and pay SE tax. Make sure you classify your writing correctly.
2. Not filing quarterly estimated tax payments
This is one of the most confusing aspects of self-employment and for authors it's even more complicated: earnings and expenses fluctuate wildly during the year. Some people just ignore it, then get both a big surprise balance due in April, plus a penalty for not paying quarterly. There are ways to avoid this, the easiest being to pay at least 110% of last year's tax bill in quarterly installments. If you overpay, you'll get a refund, but you'll definitely avoid a penalty. I go over how to calculate the correct quarterly payments in my book, Tax Tips for Authors 2014.
3. Paying too much self-employment tax
How do you pay too much? By not taking all the deductions you can, and by not keeping a careful running balance of profit and loss during the year. You only pay SE tax when you have over $400 of profits, so if you can reduce profits (by increasing legitimate spending during the tax year) you can save some money. Make sure to do a tentative P and L calculation in early December. It may make sense to register for expensive conventions then rather than waiting till January. Buy a new computer or pre-pay for advertising. Shift only planned spending rather than simply spending down your profits carelessly, so you can build your business rather than just avoid taxes.
4. Missing out on deductions
Most authors I work with don't keep good records of their spending. This includes mileage driven for "business." Did you write down every time you drove to the library, book store, airport, etc.? Get in the habit of writing down your mileage and other expenses every day or two—before you forget—and you'll see how much more you are able to claim. Keep receipts for books, index cars, notebooks, stock photos, domain names, lunch with your writing partner, swag, etc. This will also help you keep a running P and L for filing quarterly payments and making good year-end spending decisions. I have much more information on proper recordkeeping and deductions in the book.
5. Mixing business and personal expenses
Along with the hobby/business issue, this is one of the things IRS loves to investigate. The best way to keep everything separate—even for sole proprietors—is to have separate bank accounts and debit or credit cards. It's easy to have a separate PayPal account just for your writing business, and you can get a PayPal debit card. An Ally bank account is free and requires no minimum deposit and they issue debit cards as well. Have all your payments made into the separate accounts, and spend only from the business PayPal/Ally debit card. If you need to use a credit card, ask for an additional card from your credit card company and use the new one only for business. At the end of the year you can get a separate statement of your business expenses, which makes recordkeeping and organizing deductions a snap.
Want even more information? Sign up for my Tax Tips Newsletter, or visit the Tax Tips for Authors website. Best of all, pick up a copy of my book Tax Tips for Authors 2014. It's got new information for filing 2013 returns, a Schedule C walkthrough, chapters on self-employment taxes and quarterly payments and a whole lot more.

Out of the Gate

Ask a tax question and be entered to win a free registration to an author-oriented Tax Workshop held by EM Lynley.

About the Author

EM Lynley is a former investment analyst and White House economist. Now she writes gay erotic romance. She loves books where the hero gets the guy and the loving is 11 on a scale of 10. Her Precious Gems series is best described as "Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone"—only gayer. The Delectable series is Gay Romance with Taste. Her books are available in print and e-book from Amazon & other book distributors.

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March 28, 2014

Interview: JoAnne Myers Crime of the Century @scooterismine #RLFblog

Crime of the Century 
About the Book
Title The Crime of the Century
Genre Biography true crime
Author JoAnne Myers
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
The residents of Rolling Hills, a hamlet in southeastern Ohio, were horrified when the dismembered bodies of two missing teens were pulled from the local river. Multiply suspects surfaced, but only one was railroaded, Richard Allan Lloyd, a known nudist and hothead.
What began as an evening stroll turned into what found only in horror films, and dubbed 'the crime of the century'. 18 year old Babette, a voluptuous beauty contestant and horsewoman, and her 19 year old boyfriend Shane Shoemaker, a jealous and possessive unemployed printer, were last seen crossing a trestle bridge. Within fourteen days, their mutilated torsos and severed heads and limbs were unearthed, suggesting satanic cult activity.
With an investigation smeared with contradicting statements, and a botched crime scene, investigators built a flimsy case against Richard Lloyd. The three-week trial was based on police corruption and ineptitude, fairytale theories, and forensic mishandling.
This heinous crime shattered the sense of security for Rolling Hills, destroyed two families, and forever scarred the town. This story is a detailed account of finding justice for Babette and Shane, and of one man's perseverance to gain his freedom from death row.

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Book also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback and ebook

Interview with JoAnne Myers

Why did you write this book?
For many reasons. It is a true case that took nearly 30 years to solve. It put an innocent man on death row for five years, and forever scarred a small Ohio town. It was truly the worse case in the county's history.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Probably fantasy, because almost anything goes in that genre. A writer can make the impossible sound possible.
What is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own characters)?
James Bond. He is the ultimate male alpha.
Do you enjoy films and/or TV shows? Which are your favorites?
watch court cases such as Judge Mathis, the Investigation Discovery channel which has true cases broadcasted. Also, I became hooked on this new fantasy show called Bitten. It is about a werewolf family living amongst humans.
What are you working on at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?
I am not working on any new books right now. I am mostly concentrating on promoting the books I do have and will have. I have two books being released soon. Loves, Myths, and Monsters, is a fantasy anthology starring the Mothman, the Chupracabra, Mermaids, an Egyptian curse, reincarnation, werewolves, a demonic cellmate, a serial killer family from the 1800's, and a Quaker love story.
Please tell us about your latest book.
The Crime of the Century is a true double homicide case from 1982, that terrified residents and destroyed families. There were many bizarre suspects, but only one was railroaded by police.
At 5:45 pm., Chief White used his walkie-talkie, to radio Lt. Phillipes, who stayed at the command post with Richard and Nancy. Only a few short words were needed.
"We found something, but we don't know what it is," said the chief.
What searchers found . . . was unthinkable.
Just 150 yards north of the railroad trestle spanning the Bottle Neck River, Sheriff Reynolds and one of his deputies reported "something entangled in debris," near their small boat.
The officers initially said they believed the object was an animal carcass. Once it was dislodged and floated down stream, they realized it was human.
The officers then followed the remains and discovered 30 yards south of the first torso, the second torso was located. Both torsos were reportedly snagged against brush along the riverbank just west of The Regency Supply Company.
Both torsos were reportedly nude and so badly decomposed, officers said they were unable to determine their sex.
Upon the discovery, Jack Jones broke down and was seen "running and screaming" from the area. The remains were pulled to shore and coroner Rausch was summoned to the riverbank.
Law enforcement personnel cleared the immediate area of non-official personnel. Afterward, they stationed themselves around the perimeter of the area while the bodies were examined.
Many searchers, upon leaving the crime scene, were overheard by reporters asking one another "Are the authorities looking for one killer or two?"
After his initial examination of the bodies, the coroner said he was unable to rule on the cause of death or what sex the torsos were. What he did say, was that if one man committed both murders, it was "during a great rage" and by someone with something "very personal" against one, or both, of the victims.
Sheriff Reynolds reported an empty purse found, but did not know if it belonged to Babette. He told reporters, he did not believe the bodies were the missing Rolling Hills teens.
Richard Lloyd told reporters that, when he and Nancy heard the bodies might not be that of Babette and Shane, they were relieved, and said, "That comment gave me and Nancy a speck of hope."
JoAnne Myers
Author Bio
I have been a long-time resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the blue-collar industry most of my life. Besides having several novels under my belt, I canvas paint.
When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, I spend time with relatives, my dogs Jasmine and Scooter, and volunteer my time within the community. I am a member of the International Women's Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance, Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association, the Hocking Hill's Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. I believe in family values and following your dreams. My books along with my original canvas paintings, can be found at:
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March 27, 2014

Character Interview: Bagsu from Eternal Tuat @authorvsnelson #RLFblog #historical

Eternal Tuat 

About the Book

Title Eternal Tuat – Sekhmet's Guardians – Book 4 – Bagsu's Story
Genre: Historical/Paranormal
Author Name V. S. Nelson
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): Entire series is R (adult)
Bagsu, his name alone strikes fear in the Guardian Nation.
What can cause one twin son, destined to take his father's place as a priest, turn evil and lead a crusade to dominate the human race while the other fights to save mankind.
Finally, secrets are revealed in this tell-all adventure which takes the reader back in time 6,000 years to the land of New Tuat. Experience first hand Bagsu growing up with Sekhmet's ancients, long before they became immortal, when twin brothers were the best of friends and united as family.

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Eternal Tuat – coming this spring to Amazon and other fine stores where books are sold. Please check her Amazon author page for release date:

Interview with Bagsu, son of the High Priest Aapehti and Kheri

What is it that you want, but cannot have? Authors call this the conflict of the story.
In the beginning Nefer-her; later my legs.
What's your internal limitation? Meaning, what is it about you that makes it so you cannot do what it is you need to do during this story?
Nefer-her and I shared several years enjoying life together before she officially became a woman and before she began her training as a priestess of Isis. I should have married her then... before she joined the Vestal order, but her duty, as was mine was elsewhere.
I'm not sure if it's internal or not, but I'll answer your question as best as I can. Growing up I believed I was destined to follow in my father's footsteps; his choice, not mine. As I grew, I developed a need to be more and I worked hard at it. My body developed and I strived to be everything everyone wanted me to become, including myself. With my eyes cast in another direction, I had full intent of joining the most precious school of fighters our world had to offer... then the accident happened. My world came to a complete halt at that point.
What inner doubt causes you the most difficulty?
I no longer have any doubt or expectations, but as a child and young man I suppose that would be my naivety.
Tell us about your significant other, that person who makes living worthwhile.
Nefer-her has long since turned to dust, although her memory is never far from my thoughts. Not only was she physically beautiful, she was the kindest most loving person I've ever met. She was my world and I will never have another.
What would that person say about you?
She never was one to talk about other people, but knowing Nefer-her as well as I did, I can only imagine what she would say to me and that would be to forgive myself... but you know, that's something I can't do. Not now, not ever.
What is your family like?
The family I have today is much different than the one I grew up with. Today, my brethren would be considered cold, vindictive and determined on destroying the human race.
What special skills do you rely on?
Everything Set granted me when he turned me into an immortal.

About the Writer

Why did you choose to write about this character?
I had several books written and planned out for my series, Sekhmet's Guardians, long before Bagsu's story came about. It was actually a critique partner who casually made the suggestion I should share Bagsu's complicated story with my readers. After reviewing the pages upon pages of notes I had on him it became evident there was way too much information to merely insert as back story into another book. So Eternal Tuat – Bagsu's story was born.
Was there anything you discovered about this character that was a surprise to you?
Make no mistake about it, Bagsu is as evil as they come. He's killed, raped and plundered without a conscious thought. Seeing him as a happy well-adjusted child who wouldn't hurt a fly was quite a shocker. I've even grown to love what he once was and like Jennifer, the leader of the Guardian's Blades, I hope some day he will find peace and redemption.
When you wrote about this character, what made you the most happy? What made you the most sad?
It's not uncommon for me to laugh or share a few tears when writing. I laughed at Bagsu's s innocence when he received his first kiss, I applauded his heroics like I would any fine gentleman and I wept like a baby at his personal loss.
Are any sequels planned for this book?
Eleven books were originally scheduled to make up the series, Sekhmet's Guardians. Three of those were released for publication in 2013. Three more are scheduled for 2014 beginning with Bagsu's story, this spring.
For those who are not familiar with the series, all of the books with the exception of two historicals take place in modern times. Bagsu's story is the first of those two historicals.
It's unusual combining modern and historicals in one series, but as I mentioned above, there is a tremendous amount of back-story (6,000 years to be exact) to cover, it only made sense to write them as historicals. Books 4 & 5 in the series both pick up at the ending of book 3, Eternal Blades. One takes you back... on a journey with Bagsu (Book 4) while Eternal Life (Book 5) moves forward in time with Michael, the Guardian's physician.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your readers?
VS Nelson
Perhaps just a bit more regarding the series if you have no objections. The books are not limited to one couple or one romance. The characters from the previous books in the series continue into the next, much like a night-time premium channel series. More recently, I've heard reviewers compare to my books to Game of Thrones. I believe this is because of the way they are written, not based on content or time frame. Everyone of the books is considered a stand alone and for the most part are written that way, but personally, I feel the reader would become more invested in the cast of characters if they read them in order .
Kayelle, thank you so much for having Bagsu (and me) on Romance Lives Forever. It's one of my favorite blogs and I consider it an honor to be here. Sincerely, V

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March 25, 2014

Cupid's Apprentice Elysa Hendricks #RLFblog #RomFantasy

Cupid's Apprentice 
Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author. Today's featured book is Cupid's Apprentice by Elysa Hendricks.

A Short Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Approximately 15,000 words

To earn her wings, Cupid's apprentice Medarda "Dar" has until Valentine's Day to match two-time Loser Laura Quinn with Boring Brian Hoffman. When Dar's love arrow goes astray and hits the sexy PE teacher Flynn Sullivan instead things get interesting.
Laura loves teaching high school in the small town of Council Falls, but knows it's only a matter of time until her famous mother shows up and the quiet life she's created comes crashing down around her ears.
PE teacher Flynn Sullivan's been interested in the shy history teacher for a long time, but it isn't until they're forced to chaperone the Valentine's Day dance together that he gets the opportunity to make his dreams come true.
With time running out can one bumbling Cupid's Apprentice bring together a Jock and a Brain?

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March 24, 2014

5 Easy Questions: Touchstone of Love @beth_barany #RLFblog #timetravel

A Touchtone of Love 
5 Easy Questions is an interview is designed to be quick, easy, and fun. Today's guest is Beth Barany.

What is your go-to meal to order when you dine out? Your favorite "I know it will hit the spot" item.
I love breakfast at any time of day, so depending on where I am, I'll usually get two eggs over easy with hash browns, bacon, and a side of steamed spinach.
What were you like when you were in school?
Starting at age 12 in middle school, I was super studious and worked hard to get A's. But before then, I wasn't paying much attention to the teacher and would only do the assignments I liked: math and spelling. Everything else wasn't a nearly as interesting as the book I was reading at the time.
Would you rather stay inside and watch snow falling, or get out in it and build a snowman?
Well, that depends! Am I reading a great book? Then I want to stay inside. But if I don't have anything in my hands at the moment, I want to get outside and preferably cross-country ski.
What was your favorite book as a child?
I really loved The Lost Prince by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
What was the last movie you watched (home or theater)?
Turbo! What a sweet and fun film about holding fast to your dreams and going after them with all you've got!

About the Book

Title: A Touchtone of Love: A time-travel romance novella
Genre: Sweet paranormal romance
Author Name: Beth Barany
Book heat level (based on movie ratings G, PG, PG13, R): PG13
Blurb (up to 300 words)
A time-travel romance by award-winning novelist, Beth Barany.
When a thunderstorm transports software expert Rose Waldman to thirteenth century France, she meets hunky stonemason Julien, who is secretly creating a gargoyle in defiance of his master mason. Can independent gadget loving Rose trust her life and heart to Julien, and can she really never go home again?
"...a unique take on gargoyles which I thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend!" -- Karysa Faire
"...The story was really romantic and the two of them together are just pure magic. It is rare that I find a couple rather than a single character really making a story worth while, but this one does just that." -- Kathy Horseman
"... recommend this novella to anyone who is looking for an entertaining read for the night or weekend." -- Lisa
***This is a novella of approximately 20,000 words.***
Beth Barany writes magical tales of romance and adventure to transport readers to new worlds where anything is possible.

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March 23, 2014

A Note of Scandal by Nicky Penttila @sunshinyday #RLFblog

A Note of Scandal 
Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author. Today's featured book is A Note of Scandal by Nicky Penttila.

What’s the harm in a little white lie? Especially when it could carry so much good: a new life for a wounded soldier, catharsis after long years of war--and an opportunity for lady composer Olivia Delancey to finally hear her music played in public.
Newspaper publisher Will Marsh refuses to compound the sins of his father’s generation by taking money to print propaganda. But with the end of the wars in France and America, he needs something new to drive Londoners to grab his paper first. Why not publish the score of the “Tune That Took Waterloo,” by a wounded vet, no less?
As Olivia struggles to keep her secrets from this unsuitably alluring publisher, and Will fights to find the truth without losing his hold on this bright-eyed angel who has descended into his life, both discover another sort of truth.
Being the talk of London can be bad--or very, very good.

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Barnes and Noble:

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March 22, 2014

Character Sketch: Chayton Chambers from Fatal Snag @angelaswriter #RLFblog #suspense

Fatal Snag 

About the Book

Title Fatal Snag
Genre Roman
tic Suspense
Author Angela Smith
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Hollywood fashion consultant Naomi Fisher is happy to use her obsessive-compulsive planning to assist with her cousin's wedding, but her history with the sexy and sullen Chayton Chambers, the groom's brother, terrifies her. When the groom is kidnapped at his own wedding, Chayton and Naomi rush to find an important relic to satisfy the ransom before her cousin becomes a widow before a bride. Naomi trades garters for guns as survival, and love becomes a deadly game impossible to resist.

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About the Character

Name: Chayton Chambers
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Tanyon, Montana
Profession: Owner and Bartender of Air Dog
Ethnicity/Species (if not human): Caucasian with ¼ Sioux
Describe his/her body build, skin tone, height and weight. Include any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars:
6', 190 pounds, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, a splash of freckles across his nose
Who is the significant other in your character's life?
Naomi Fisher, (only later)
How does your hero dress?
You'll often find Chayton in a pair of ripped up jeans and a button-down shirt, or a raunchy t-shirt
What are the qualities of his voice? (pitch, quality, volume)
Deep; has been labeled as a raspy roar or "soft and sweet with a crust of thorns"
What does he have a knack for doing?
Chayton can make a mean drink, but he loves to be outside, on the slopes, and he makes everyone feel welcome (well, everyone except Naomi).
What is your character's family like?
Chayton's brother, Garret, is a former special agent and recently engaged. His father and mother—the one he always knew as his mom—are dead. Most of his family consists of friends and members of the community.
Does this character see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?
Chayton sees things in black-and-white. He has been described as an honest and charming rebel. He may seem shallow, but he's very deep inside.
If someone from your character's past showed up, who would he most want it to be, and why? OR who would he most NOT want it to be, and why?
He would not want it to be his birth mother, because she gave him up when he was eighteen months and he has no use for her.
What inner doubt causes your character the most difficulty?
The fear of abandonment.
What past event causes your character the most fear?
Being abandoned.
What is your hero's biggest personal flaw?
His hostility toward Naomi. One of the most calm and relaxed people yet shocks others when he flares up for reasons beyond comprehension. He's not too opinionated but hates his opinion to be challenged.

About Your Writer: Questions for your character to answer about you.

Why do you think your writer chose to write about you?
Well hell, probably because I'm irresistible.
What do you wish your writer had not told others about you?
Shrugs. It's all under the bridge now.
Was there anything your writer discovered about you that was a surprise to one or both of you?
Yeah. My sister was a surprise to us both.
When your writer is writing about you, what do you think makes your writer the most happy? What makes your writer the most sad?
I know she gets sad when I go silent.
Why do you think your writer loves to write?
Because she gets to write about characters like me.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your writer?
Uh, thanks for telling my story. And thanks for helping me not to get my ass killed when I made some stupid decisions.

Author Bio

Angela Smith
During her senior year in high school, Angela Smith was dubbed most likely to write a novel, and that has been her dream ever since her mother read Brer Rabbit to her and her sister so often that they were able to recite it back to each other before actually learning to read. She's always enjoyed stories about the adventure of love, and getting involved in the legal field developed her love of suspense. A certified paralegal, work gives her perfect fodder for her romantic suspense stories. When not caring for her small farm or spending time with her husband of two decades, she enjoys creating, reading, and dreaming of the places she'll visit one day.

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March 21, 2014

Humorous Contemporary: Ghost Lover @Liza0Connor #RLFblog #Paranormal

Ghost Lover 

About the Book

Title Ghost Lover
Genre Humorous Contemporary Romance with Paranormal
Author Name Liza O'Connor
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG 13

Interview with Liza O'Connor

Why did you write this book?
I had a dream one night of a ghost making passionate love to me. And the next morning, I still remembered the entire dream. Any characters so vivid that I remember them in the morning go into a novel.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Humor, I love to laugh.
What is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own characters)?
Arthur Dent from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Do you enjoy films and/or TV shows? Which are your favorites?
I love the Mentalist and Castle. They solve mysteries and make me laugh. Third runnerup is Sherlock.
What are you working on at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?
I'm working on edits for the fourth book in the A Long Road to Love Series. That's Trent's redemption called Climbing Out of Hell. It should come out in early May. Then I begin my humorous Late Victorian Mystery series which begins with a famous sleuth, Xavier Thorn, who hires a young man as an assistant, who turns out to be a female who prefers to live the more interesting life of a young man. They fall in love and become partners in all ways, but they manage to solve four crimes per book in the process.
Please tell us about your latest book.
Today, I want to tell you about Ghost Lover.
Two sexy English brothers. One irresistible ghost. Who would you choose as your lover?
Completely broke and with a criminal record to boot, Senna Smith is one day from eviction from her apartment when Brendon, her promiscuous roommate from London, suggests she go to England, marry him, and manage his fortune. With few other options, she agrees to an open marriage. But she'll never, ever, have sex with him, knowing if she falls in love with him, he'll break her heart.
As trustee of Brendon's family fortune, there is no way Brendon's older brother, Garrison Durran, is going to let him marry a self-professed American gold-digger. As Senna tries to embrace castle life and English society for Brendon's sake, Gar discovers Senna is the perfect woman for him--beautiful and intelligent, kind and caring. Now, if she wasn't already engaged to his brother...
The ancestral ghost of Durran Castle has to intervene if the Durran brothers have any chance of an heir. He can't leave them to fix matters on their own. They are useless buggers when it comes to love. As counselor to Gar, matchmaker for Brendon, and lover to Senna, a ghost's work is never done.
Content / Allergy Warning: Ghost cat in book.

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Author Bio

Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog, Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She's an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels. She loves to create interesting characters, set them loose, and scribe what happens.

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March 19, 2014

Character Sketch: Edna Mae from The Gift @mmarvellab #RLFblog #WomensFiction

The Gift 

About the Book

Title The Gift
Genre Woman's Fiction Romance
Author Mary Marvella
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
On Edna Mae's fortieth birthday she buried her controlling father and lost her virginity in a one night stand with a stranger she never expected to see again. Her life is about to change in more ways than she could have imagined.
Like Cinderella, she had no real life. The world opens for her now that she has no sick parents demanding all of her attention. Finding new friends and a world she thought had passed her by is wonderful, but there's more!
The Gift is story about an old fashioned woman in a modern world, written in an old fashioned way.
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MM Barfield, Publisher
About the Character
Name: Edna Mae
Age: 40
Gender: female
Birthplace: Small town Georgia
Profession: Caregiver for her aged parents
Ethnicity/Species (if not human): Caucasian.
Edna Mae is a bit on the dowdy side until she has a makeover. She has long brown hair and blue eyes and is shy because she lived like a recluse while she tended to her sick parents' every need,
If you could only hear this character's voice (but not see him/her) what characteristic would identify him/her?
Edna Mae's voice is soft and sounds tired and shy.
How educated is this character? Is he/she book smart, self-taught, widely-experienced?
Edna Mar never made it to college.
Are any of his/her skills a source of pride? Embarrassment? Which ones and why?
She feels she has no skills, since she spent her time taking care of her parents who didn't appreciate her.
What is your character's family like?
Edna Mae's parents resented having a child late in their marriage, a child who was plain and not talented.
Is he/she close to family?
She worked with no thanks or love, but she wanted both!
Does he/she have children?
Edna Mae is a virgin at 40.
Is your character involved in his/her community?
Edna Mae moves into the real world as the book progresses.
How does your character handle challenges?
She has no choice. She cared for her parents willingly, but will have new ones she loves. She wants to learn to do everything she has missed!
About Your Writer: Questions for your character to answer about you.
Why do you think your writer chose to write about you?
I bugged poor Mary to write my story. She gave in and even enjoyed my story!
What do you wish your writer had not told others about you?
It was embarrassing for people to know that I had never even kissed a boy or made out with one. (grin) And there was the day I learned what a G spot was and that I had one! (giggle) She even told about my multiple orgasms.
Why do you think your writer loves to write?
Mary has stories to tell and voices inside her head. She's been telling stories for so long I knew she had to tell mine. She listened to me instead of making up a story.
What do you wish your writer would write next?
She ought to write her Demon sisters book.
What other character from your book do you think your writer should write a book about? Care to tell us why?
Mary needs to write about my lawyer and Raylene, my new best friend.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your writer?
Mary, get this book into print, please!
Author Bio
Mary has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. She made up stories for the other children and created the details for their "play like" or "let's pretend" games. Sometimes the details were so real they scared Mary.
Mary was born in Augusta, Georgia to two eighteen-year olds. Her daddy, a young Mississippi man, was stationed at Camp Gordon and fell in love with a young girl selling flowers.
Mary graduated from Mercer University where her mama worked in the library. Her mama started working there when Mary's daddy went to college to become a preacher and a teacher. Mary taught language arts for 15 years, perfect for her BA in English. Her M.Ed in Counseling served her well during her years as a school counselor and as a teacher later.
Now she tutors, teaches writers, and edits. Her inner English teacher loves the editing part. Mary helped her husband photograph hundreds of weddings. Her daughter is her cover artist now. Danielle was raised in the photography business. She doesn't read Mary's books. Something about TMI.
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March 17, 2014

Character Interview Sara Barnes from Dream Student @jjdibenedetto #RLFblog #paranormal #suspense

Dream Student 
Dream Student (Dream Series, book one)
Genre Paranormal Romance/Suspense
Author Name J.J. DiBenedetto
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG
What would you do if you could see other people's dreams? If you could watch their hidden fantasies and uncover their deepest, darkest secrets...without them ever knowing?
Sara Barnes is about to find out. She thought that all she had to worry about was final exams, Christmas shopping and deciding whether she likes the cute freshman in the next dorm who's got a crush on her.
But when she starts seeing dreams that aren't hers, she learns more than she ever wanted to know about her friends, her classmates…and a strange, terrifying man whose dreams could get Sara killed.
"Dream Student" is the thrilling first installment of the Dreams series.

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Interview with Sara Barnes

Tell us about yourself, please.
I guess I should start with my name. I'm Sara Barnes. I'm twenty-one years old, as of last month. I'm in my junior year of college, at Crewe University. I'm in the pre-med program – I've wanted to be a doctor for years – as long as I can remember.
Most people would probably say I'm kind of shy. They might even say I'm a nerd, although I dispute that. Yes, I like studying – what's so weird about that? Biology is fun, and so is chemistry. What's not to like?
I have one brother, Bob, who's three years younger than me, and he's also a huge pain in the rear end. I have a best friend – my roommate, Beth – who might as well be a sister. I'm not jealous at all of her, even though she's tall and has perfect blonde hair and all of that, and I'm nothing like that.
What is it that you want, but cannot have? Authors call this the conflict of the story.
I want my weird dreams to stop. I've been seeing other people's dreams for a month- I don't know why it started, or why I can even do it in the first place, but I wish it would just stop already.
What's your internal limitation? Meaning, what is it about you that makes it so you cannot do what it is you need to do during this story?
I'm not always great at navigating relationships and "reading between the lines" with what other people say and do. I can be pretty slow sometimes, when it comes to that.
What inner doubt causes you the most difficulty?
I'm terrified of not being able to live up to my responsibilities. I know I'm having these dreams for a reason – I'm the one who has to deal with them. I'm the only one who knows what's going on in them, and what if I'm wrong about what I see, or what I think it means? People could die, and it would be my fault.
What's your external complication? In the story world your author created, explain what it is you fear most.
It has to do with the dreams. There's a man who's – I don't even want to say it out loud, what he's doing in the dreams. He takes girls, teenage girls, and – I'll leave it to your imagination. But it's real, too. I've seen two of the girls in the newspaper, their pictures, and their – their obituaries. And they were in my dreams.
I'm the only one who knows what's going on, or who's doing all this, and that means I have to stop him. And that scares me to death.
Tell us about your significant other, that person who makes living worthwhile.
Oh, God. I love Brian so much. I've only known him a month, but it's like we've been together all our lives. I never believed in love at first sight, or soulmates, or any of that, but I was wrong, because I've experienced that with him.
He's younger than me – just a freshman. But he's so strong, so supportive of me. And he's just beautiful – he has the most browny brown eyes I've ever seen.
What would that person say about you?
Can I not be modest for a minute? He'd say that I'm his soulmate, just like he's mine. He'd say that I brought him out of his shell, and made his life worth living. And – even though it's not true, it still IS true, because he believes it – he'd say I'm beautiful, too.
What is your family like?
My parents are wonderful – they've always given me plenty of responsibility and trusted me. And they're totally in love, even after twenty-some years – I can see it. They're pretty young, too – Dad's only 44 years old, and Mom is 45.
I already mentioned my brother, Bob, so I don't need to say anything more about him. I've only got one grandparent – Mom's mother, Grandma Lucy. And there's my godmother, Kat – she's not related, but she's still family.
What special skills do you rely on?
Besides the dreams? Just my brains, I guess. It's not bragging – I am pretty smart. That makes up for my total lack of athletic, artistic and musical skill.
If someone from your past showed up, who would you NOT want it to be, and why?
Richard – my boyfriend back in high school. I lost my – well, you can figure that out for yourself. It was the worst – God, I hated myself so much after that night. I only ever spoke to him once more, to break up with him.
Are you happy with the way your story ended? Why or why not?
Yes – I got through it in one piece (well, except for a broken leg!), I'm probably going to have my choice of medical schools to go to, and I found my Brian. AND, I have a feeling that before too long, he's going to ask me to marry him! What more could I ask for?

About the Writer

Why did you choose to write about this character?
Sara pretty much emerged at the same time as the initial story idea. I wanted to come up with an explanation for why a civilian/amateur would find themselves pursuing a killer, rather than the police. That's where the dreams came from – if you could see other people's dreams, what if you saw a crime? You'd be the only witness, but it's not something you could bring to the police or anyone else. You'd have to investigate yourself, if you wanted to stop it.
And Sara just was there – right from the start, she was always the person having the dreams.
Why do you write?
Because I love these characters – not just Sara, but her family and friends, too. They're very real to me, and I want to get their stories down. If readers enjoy them, too, I'm thrilled.
What other character from this book do you want to write about? Care to tell us why?
I definitely want to give Sara's best friend, Beth, a story of her own. She's been a supporting character for going on seven books now, and she deserves her turn in the spotlight!
Are any sequels planned for this book?
I've already written five sequels, and I'm working on number six right now. I think there'll be probably ten books in all before I'm finished.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your readers?
Really, there's only one thing: THANK YOU!

Author Bio

J.J. (James) DiBenedetto was born in Yonkers, New York. He attended Case Western Reserve University, where as his classmates can attest, he was a complete nerd. Very little has changed since then.
He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his beautiful wife and their cat (who has thoroughly trained them both). When he's not writing, James works in the direct marketing field, enjoys the opera, photography and the New York Giants, among other interests.
The "Dreams" series is James' first published work.

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March 15, 2014

Dark Velvet @LisaCBooks #RLFblog #shapeshifter

Dark Velvet 
Today's featured book is Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle.

About the Book

Title Dark Velvet
Genre New Adult, paranormal romance
Author Lisa Carlisle
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Grad student Savannah Evans is thrilled to be accepted as a resident to a prestigious art colony. Where else would she be able to focus on her craft of writing poetry in a setting like that of the medieval-styled castle? The remote New England island is a respite from her hectic city life. When she meets her benefactor, a mysterious French sculptor, her expectations for carefree days writing near the ocean are distracted by unprofessional fantasies about her sponsor.
Antoine Chevalier built Les Beaux Arts on DeRoche Island to bring purpose back to an existence that has lost meaning. He's wandered the earth for decades and finds solace in returning to art. When Savannah applies for a residency, something about her words touches him. After her arrival, a physical attraction grows between them, which he struggles against. She deserves more than someone of his kind.
Antoine proposes they become lovers during her stay. But the situation turns complicated when Savannah discovers his secret. She had suspicions about his identity, but finds the truth overwhelming. Consumed by her desire for Antoine and faced with a tough decision, she is blind to the danger that has arrived at DeRoche Island.
A New Adult Erotic Romance
Paranormal / gargoyle / vampire / shapeshifter

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Dark heroes, feisty heroines, scorching stories

March 14, 2014

Blog Titles Matter in Triberr: Tips for Authors by Kayelle Allen #RLFblog #author

For those who don't know, Triberr is the blog amplifier. How does it work? Imagine you have 9 friends who blog. The 10 of you agree to send out a tweet every time one of you posts an article. Each of you has 100 followers on Twitter. If you send out your one tweet, that's only 100 people who see it. If all of you share it, that's 1000 people. That's what Triberr does. You join a tribe of like-minded bloggers, and agree to share posts. You decide whether that's on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or some combination of those. Once you link your blog to Triberr, your posts go up automatically through an RSS feed.

But you need to take care when importing your posts, because your titles become tweets. Here are some tips to remember when creating them.
  • Make use of #hashtags. If you don't want them on your blog, then go to the Triberr stream, pull up your post, and edit it. Send out great titles with words like #Contest and #Giveaway with a hashtag in front of them. People search those hashtags every day. Use it to gain readers -- that's why you're on Triberr.
  • When using hashtags, less is more. No more than three at a time. Otherwise it's hard to read when most of the text is hotlinks in a different color.
  • Exclamation points !!! are just as vile on Twitter !!! as they are in your manuscript!!!!! See what I mean!!!!???? If you use them all!!! the time they have no value!!!!! Posts with those come across like used car salesmen!!!!!! Please stop doing it!!!!!
  • Think about the fact that your post goes out over other people's streams on Twitter. I don't send out a post that says "Buy my new book" or "Why I quit writing" or "My interview with..." Why? Because it's not my book, I didn't quit writing, and I didn't interview that person. Be objective in titling your posts. You will get more shares.
  • To get people to approve your posts, and then to get readers to your blog, make the titles do the work. "My Post" isn't going to cut it obviously, but neither is a meme. Using "Sexy Saturday" when thousands of others are tweeting the exact same thing is not going to get you any attention either.
  • Craft a great title and you will attract attention. Instead of Sexy Man Monday #27, try something with meaning: Sexy Man Monday: Is Almost Nude Hotter than Nude? / #SexyManMonday: Hottest Cowboy in Dallas / Sexy Man Monday: Not Your Mama's Soldier Boy. You get the idea.
  • Use the Twitter handle of guest bloggers. When the post goes live and everyone on Triberr sends it out, it will get your guest mentions. For an example of doing that, look at the titles on this blog.
Triberr will bring readers to your blog. Do your part to bring them by using good blog titles, adding hashtags when appropriate, and sharing the Twitter handles of your guests. I hope these tips help you gain readers on your blog and involved tribemates on Triberr.

Come check out one of my tribes on Triberr: Books and Book Bloggers

About the Author

Kayelle Allen is a multi-published, award-winning Science Fiction Romance author of unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion.

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