March 30, 2014

5 Easy Questions: Bug Stuff and Other Stories @VickiBatman #RLFblog #comedy

Bug Stuff and Other Stories 
5 Easy Questions is an interview is designed to be quick, easy, and fun. Today's guest is Vicki Batman.
What is your go-to meal to order when you dine out? Your favorite "I know it will hit the spot" item.
A really great burger. I call it meat for the week.
What were you like when you were in school?
Incredibly shy. Hard to believe now, isn't it?
Would you rather stay inside and watch snow falling, or get out in it and build a snowman? I never have enough snow to build a snowman; so stay inside with a huge bag of Cheetoes, great movie on TV, and doing needlepoint.
What is your favorite quote?
Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming Woohoo, what a ride!
What was the last movie you watched (home or theater)?
The Thin Man

About the Book

Title: Bug Stuff...and Other Stories
Genre: romantic comedy
Author Name: Vicki Batman
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): G
From sassy writer gal, Vicki Batman, comes three romantic comedies sure to tickle your fancy. "Just Desserts": a political dinner gone disastrous brings together a reluctant attendee and her handsome seat-mate.
"Bug Stuff": An accountant unites with his co-worker to exterminate a pesky adversary. "With This Ring": When a wife forgets the all-important little black dress, everything turns into something utterly romantic and unforgettable in the end.

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Publisher: Vicki Batman
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  1. You, shy, Vicki? No way (smile!)

  2. Hi, Angela! Terribly shy when I was younger. I finally outgrew it in high school. So yes, way. lol

  3. Welcome back, Vicki. Always nice to have you here on RLF. :)

  4. Hi, Kayelle! I love being here! Thanks for having me again. :)

  5. Hi Vicki!

    Great quote, one of my favorites.... and your books sound like fun!

    1. Hi, Kathryn Jane! It is a good quote, but I did change it a tad. I added the champagne part. lol Thanks for stopping.

  6. I would have trouble with those questions since I never eat out and I haven't watch a movie since I began publishing. Glade Vicki has a life.

    1. Hi, Liza. I have to have quality time with Handsome. Seven years ago, he had throat cancer and had a very hard treatment. He finished and cancer is gone. Spending time with him will always be my priority. Besides, he gave me impetus for these 3 stories!!!

  7. I was incredibly shy too! I mean REALLY shy. I grew out of it in college. So you got an earlier start than me!

  8. Hi, Lani! I think I overcame my shyness in bits. Having responsible jobs as a teenager, then going to college, and finally, having the job of my dreams. (It didn't last!). My mom always said she could send my six year old sister in to buy milk before me. lol.


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