March 7, 2014

Author Naomi Bellina: Tai Chi is Sexy @TheGoddessNaomi #RLFblog

Her Wild Protector 
If you've never watched someone do Tai Chi, grab the next opportunity and check it out. It's a beautiful, graceful martial art form that Merriam-Webster defines as "an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises." In my story Her Wild Protector, Tara says it looks like yoga on barbiturates. She's kind of a smart ass!
Tai Chi can be done by just about anyone and while it looks like nothing much is going on, it takes a fair amount of energy to perform. There are many benefits to moving through the forms, such as improving posture and increasing flexibility. There are plenty of good articles on the subject and here's the link for a gorgeous video on YouTube, showing a gold medal champion do The 24 Form:
I decided to have my hero, Marshall, practice Tai Chi for several reasons. It relieves stress because it's good exercise and it requires discipline to practice regularly. Tai Chi is also sexy, in my opinion. It takes control and slow, steady movements. I imagine all that power and energy used know, other purposes. Of course, I had to find a few more videos of good-looking guys doing Tai Chi. *sigh* Research is rough sometimes.
In this one, a home-made clip, not only does the man show nice form (to me, anyway), the snow, trees in the background and the hint of sun make a nice video.
Last but not least, check out the trailer for Tai-Chi Master with (yum) Jet Li. Though a lot of this movie is fighting, you can see a few seconds of group Tai Chi being done. It's mesmerizing!


Enjoy this excerpt from Her Wild Protector. It's now out as part of the Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Box set from HarlequinE, at a great price! The buy links are below. Thank you for reading.
Once in bed, Tara tossed and turned for twenty minutes. Due to her heightened senses, she could still faintly smell Marshall's scent on her skin even after a shower. The memory of the hard muscles of his chest pressed against her infused her body with heat. Knowing he was in the next room and they were separated by only a bit of drywall added to her discomfort. She wondered what he wore in bed. With a heavy sigh, she willed her mind to think of something else. Like the fact that a dangerous man wanted to kill her. Her heart sped up and she admonished herself. Think of something boring, like those audit reports. Focusing on that dreary line of thought, she eventually drifted off to sleep.
Urban Fantasy Boxed Set 
The sound of a shutter flapping woke Tara, and after an initial moment of confusion, she remembered where she was. From her cozy spot in bed she could look out the window and see palm trees swaying in the breeze. A strong wind had arisen. She pulled on some clothes and followed a delicious aroma to the kitchen where a still-warm pot of coffee awaited. She poured a cup and went to the back porch.
Marshall was in the yard doing some type of exercise. She stood in the doorway and watched, enjoying the lithe movements he performed. Most men she knew looked like unemployed slobs in sweatpants, but Marshall wore them well.
"You're welcome to join me," he called.
Tara felt a moment of embarrassment at being caught in her observation. Did this man have eyes in the back of his head?
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. What are you doing?"
"This is tai chi, a Chinese martial art." He continued the slow, graceful movements.
"That's a martial art? It looks more like yoga on barbiturates."
"It's really a meditative exercise using circular stretching movements and balancing positions, if you want the technical definition, but it is considered a form of martial art. Come here, I'll show you a few movements."
"Uh, no, I'm not very coordinated. Remember? I tripped and hit my head, that's why I'm here."
"This will help with your coordination."
"There's too much wind. I'm smaller than you, I'll blow over. Is a storm coming up?"
"Yes, there is one headed our way, which is why it's a good idea for us to be calm and centered. That's what tai chi does. We'll only perform the positions that keep both feet on the ground. Come on, you'll enjoy it. Trust me."
Marshall held out his hand and despite her reluctance, Tara was intrigued. She hadn't lied; she was essentially clumsy. He looked so graceful, however, that she couldn't resist giving this new exercise a try. Besides, she suspected physical contact might be involved and however brief, it would be delicious.
Following his lead, Tara put her body in the first position he showed her. He adjusted her posture slightly, setting off little sparks where his fingers touched her skin. They shifted to the next position and Tara was surprised at the amount of energy it took to hold each one. He then had her combine several positions and they flowed through them slowly together.
"You're a quick learner," he said. They were now up to eight forms. "So why is a good-looking, smart woman like you all alone?" he asked as they glided along. The movements were so slow and precise she had to concentrate fully on what she was doing.
"Maybe I enjoy being alone," she said.
"Maybe. I think you've been through a bad experience with a man and now you're stuck and having a hard time moving on to the next stage."
"You've been poking around in my business, I see." Ordinarily, this comment would have pissed her off enough to start an argument. Moving her body in this graceful manner produced a feeling of calmness, however, and she continued with the exercise.

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