March 19, 2014

Character Sketch: Edna Mae from The Gift @mmarvellab #RLFblog #WomensFiction

The Gift 

About the Book

Title The Gift
Genre Woman's Fiction Romance
Author Mary Marvella
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
On Edna Mae's fortieth birthday she buried her controlling father and lost her virginity in a one night stand with a stranger she never expected to see again. Her life is about to change in more ways than she could have imagined.
Like Cinderella, she had no real life. The world opens for her now that she has no sick parents demanding all of her attention. Finding new friends and a world she thought had passed her by is wonderful, but there's more!
The Gift is story about an old fashioned woman in a modern world, written in an old fashioned way.
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MM Barfield, Publisher
About the Character
Name: Edna Mae
Age: 40
Gender: female
Birthplace: Small town Georgia
Profession: Caregiver for her aged parents
Ethnicity/Species (if not human): Caucasian.
Edna Mae is a bit on the dowdy side until she has a makeover. She has long brown hair and blue eyes and is shy because she lived like a recluse while she tended to her sick parents' every need,
If you could only hear this character's voice (but not see him/her) what characteristic would identify him/her?
Edna Mae's voice is soft and sounds tired and shy.
How educated is this character? Is he/she book smart, self-taught, widely-experienced?
Edna Mar never made it to college.
Are any of his/her skills a source of pride? Embarrassment? Which ones and why?
She feels she has no skills, since she spent her time taking care of her parents who didn't appreciate her.
What is your character's family like?
Edna Mae's parents resented having a child late in their marriage, a child who was plain and not talented.
Is he/she close to family?
She worked with no thanks or love, but she wanted both!
Does he/she have children?
Edna Mae is a virgin at 40.
Is your character involved in his/her community?
Edna Mae moves into the real world as the book progresses.
How does your character handle challenges?
She has no choice. She cared for her parents willingly, but will have new ones she loves. She wants to learn to do everything she has missed!
About Your Writer: Questions for your character to answer about you.
Why do you think your writer chose to write about you?
I bugged poor Mary to write my story. She gave in and even enjoyed my story!
What do you wish your writer had not told others about you?
It was embarrassing for people to know that I had never even kissed a boy or made out with one. (grin) And there was the day I learned what a G spot was and that I had one! (giggle) She even told about my multiple orgasms.
Why do you think your writer loves to write?
Mary has stories to tell and voices inside her head. She's been telling stories for so long I knew she had to tell mine. She listened to me instead of making up a story.
What do you wish your writer would write next?
She ought to write her Demon sisters book.
What other character from your book do you think your writer should write a book about? Care to tell us why?
Mary needs to write about my lawyer and Raylene, my new best friend.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your writer?
Mary, get this book into print, please!
Author Bio
Mary has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. She made up stories for the other children and created the details for their "play like" or "let's pretend" games. Sometimes the details were so real they scared Mary.
Mary was born in Augusta, Georgia to two eighteen-year olds. Her daddy, a young Mississippi man, was stationed at Camp Gordon and fell in love with a young girl selling flowers.
Mary graduated from Mercer University where her mama worked in the library. Her mama started working there when Mary's daddy went to college to become a preacher and a teacher. Mary taught language arts for 15 years, perfect for her BA in English. Her M.Ed in Counseling served her well during her years as a school counselor and as a teacher later.
Now she tutors, teaches writers, and edits. Her inner English teacher loves the editing part. Mary helped her husband photograph hundreds of weddings. Her daughter is her cover artist now. Danielle was raised in the photography business. She doesn't read Mary's books. Something about TMI.
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  1. Thanks for inviting me, Kayelle!

    1. It's a treat for me to have a real life friend visiting the blog. Nice to have you here!

    2. Thanks! It's lovely to have you for a real life friend!

  2. Edna Mae certainly seems to mirror the lives of far too many men and women who never find the joys of passionate love and who work at mind numbing, soul crushing jobs (or in her case, caring for parents who don't seem to think much of her). But now she is FREE and it sounds like she is willing and able to spread her wings and live a little...I hope others will take courage in her example to do the same if they haven't really LIVED. We are on this mortal coil far too short a time to let life pass us bye!

  3. You said it sooo well, Vamp Writer! Edna Mae thanks you for getting her. This is story of growth. It has some hot sex, too! Grin!

  4. I say, "Let it go!!!" It was long past time for Edna Mae to fly. And I think I get her myself.

    1. Thanks, Mary R!
      I suspect you do. She finds her wings, too!


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