April 11, 2014

Publisher Week Day 6: Paranormal and Demons @changelingpress #RLFblog #paranormal

Celebrating ten years of short and hot romance goodness, Changeling Press is the go-to publisher for a variety of tastes in the Erotic Romance genre. We would like to offer readers of this blog 10% off at http://www.changelingpress.com/ when you enter code Changeling@RLF2014 at checkout.

Changeling Press, LLC – Demons

Admit it. Everyone loves a bad boy. Well these demons are the ultimate bad boys.

Demon Guardians by Jessica Coulter Smith

(Demon Guardians #1)
[Dark Fantasy BDSM Romance, MF]
Demon guardians. Seriously? Putting Tinta demons in charge of young women was just asking for trouble. For centuries, they've stayed silent, hidden, observing and interfering without being detected. But there's only so much a demon can take...
The first two Demon Guardians novellas, previously released elsewhere, have been revised for this 2-in-1 re-release. Watch for new titles in the Demon Guardians series coming soon to Changeling Press!

Or Current Resident by Zenobia Renquist

(Soul Debt Series)
[Dark Fantasy Interracial Voyeurism/Exhibitionism Romance, MF]
Cheyenne didn't know what she was in for when she took over her friend's lease. She thought she was getting a perfect apartment with reasonable rent. And then a demon shows up on her first night, demanding the sex that's owed him. That's when she regrets not reading before she signs, though she doesn't regret it long.
The landlord made a deal with August -- an entire apartment complex as his sexual playground in exchange for personal gain. Cheyenne is August's latest acquisition, and his prowess has her eagerly awaiting his return. She happily meets his every challenge because the second she refuses, he'll drop her into Hell to satisfy his many brothers instead.
With the end of the lease approaching, Cheyenne discovers emotions developing for a demon who could probably never return her feelings. The terms of the agreement are simple, but she's planning to negotiate for an extension with an option for love.

Demon Chronicles Collection by Cynthia Sax

[Urban Fantasy Voyeurism/Exhibitionism Romance, MF]
Maximus, a powerful blood demon, thinks he has seen everything... until a sexy vessel dances into his nightclub. Mina has to bond with a demon. She resigns herself to a passionless bonding of convenience... until one kiss changes everything. To save his sister, Augustine has to bond with a vessel. What he finds is a beautiful woman with a fondness for exhibitionism and a sexual appetite to match his own. Hadrian can't remember the last time he had sex. Then he meets Claudia, a demon so powerless she's almost human, and his interest in all things sexual reemerges with a vengeance.
With ancient demons, sex really does get better with age.
This collection contains the previously released novellas Demon on the Dance Floor, Demon of Convenience, This Enchanted Demon, and Demon for All Time.

Demon Lover by Kate Hill

[Dark Fantasy Romance, MF]
When John Standcliff, Hell's bounty hunter, is summoned to Earth to claim the soul of a serial killer, he finds the worst of hell's tortures can be no worse than the pain of falling in love with a mortal woman.
Corinne Rogerio has come to Maine to research six murders that took place back in 1656. She has no idea that the handsome stranger she meets in an old cemetery is actually the murderer she's been studying. Even worse, he's been sent to track down a serial killer who is closer to her than she ever imagined.

Sinful Wager by Alice Gaines

[Paranormal Romance, MF]
Marty Davis takes a wrong turn in the casino called Pleasure Palace and winds up in a place where the machines pay off with hot sex and everyone wins. Turns out she's in hell, and finds the sexiest guy there. With all that going for the underworld, who'd want to go back to reality? She makes a deal with him -- if she can make him beg for the privilege of giving her an orgasm, she gets to stay on as his partner.
He doesn't need a partner, but this woman gets his libido hot and bothered, something that hasn't happened for longer than he cares to remember. Besides, her ideas for running the casino have the place humming. He takes her challenge and finds, to his chagrin, that he can't seem to win.

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  1. I had a lot of fun writing OR CURRENT RESIDENT (Soul Debt). I came up with the title, obviously, from all those "or current resident" junk mail letters that come to my house. I thought it would be funny if a woman was put in a situation where she took over a lease and the demon that went with it.

    LASR gave it 5 Stars -- "This is a spicy and tantalizing short read that took a vivid and sexual imagination. This is one satisfying book you wouldn’t want to miss."

  2. Well... I don't dabble much in demons... makes Family BBQ's uncomfortable with the giving away if family secrets and all... Snicker, but I have been known to dip my hand in. *G8 AS with A Halloween Tale... my tale, chronicling the treacherous journey though hell of a young woman, innocent and brave... LOL Okay, maybe she is not so innocent... but she is catting a swath through hell... on her knees... Snicker...


    But there are lots of creature features running around Changeling Press. We even have Tentacle Monsters! LOL Tentacle Monsters! And ours don't go, "Ohhh I'm a tentacle monster with a thousand peni... wait? Earth Woman only have three usable holes? Well, you have two hands, don't you? Feet... Damn... I'm gonna need more women." LOL

    We have a host of creatures, but here are a few of my faves...

    Dragon Lords by Cynthia Sax...

    Cat Groove by Megan Slayer

    Tiger Fork by Saloni Quinby

    And I have to end with one of my own... Till It Beeds... *g* Cause I am down like that! LOL

    So... I hope you join us for our Creature Features! *g* You won't be disappointed. And now.. to wrestle the beasts and demons back in their cages! LOL

    Stephanie Burke

  3. Demons everywhere...I love them! You can find the Devil and his very own vamp, Nolan, at Omen's if you pick up Thirsty: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1692

    Just signed with Changeling to do Nolan's story A Vampire's Thirst, can't wait for that one to hit the cyber shelves, he has his very own archangel! In the meantime, meet the creatures of Omen's:

    A Thirst to Die For: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1799

    Bane of Existence: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=1843

    J. Hali Steele


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