May 31, 2014

Meet the heroine of Battlesong, a Medieval Romance @historicalAllie #RLFblog #historicalromance

First I have to thank Kayelle for the opportunity to talk about my heroines. Authors love to write heroes who are sexy, handsome, rich, real dream material and describe them in word and picture. Heroines kinda get lost. So I want to spend some time talking about the women who people my books.
First though, let me tell you a bit about me. Yesterday, my DH and I celebrated our 54 years together as a married couple. So, I think you can say I'm definitely a romantic. I married my best friend, so that may be why we are still together. Poor guy as had a lot to put up with over the years, but since I think we both classify as Alpha individuals (yes, Alpha's can be romantic too) it's a miracle we are still together and more in love today than on the day I walked down the aisle on my father's arm to say "I will".
With that kind of background how could I not write romance novels. But, why on earth would I want to do something like that. After all, I was living a romance. For one thing, I've always liked to be busy. For another, like so many other authors, I read a book I didn't like, a romance, and decided then and there I could do better. I had never thought about writing a novel, but why not? I'd already tried a whole lot of other things over the years. But why write a historical romance. I loved to read them, I liked history and I loved research. It all went together.
I told Kayelle I wanted to offer a sketch of my current heroine but the more I thought about it, I realized out of all twenty-one of my heroines, I have a few favorites but top of the list might be Laren. so let me tell you about her.
With each of my heroines I tried to give them a strong backbone. That's got to be the Alpha in me. I don't think any of them are whippy, they don't cry much if at all, and they all make mistakes, but then don't we all.
As I looked back over my heroines, a couple do stand out. Sara from 'A Treasure for Sara' is one I really liked. However, I still think Laren of 'Battlesong' might be my favorite. With Laren I tried to write a heroine with a miserable childhood, but a woman who develops into the kind of woman I hope every woman can become, although my Laren sometimes acts before she thinks. She learns to stand on her own two feet and uses her intelligence to get her out of one tight situation after another, she is a woman of great compassion, a woman willing to do what has to be done, no matter the consequences. She also has a lot of fire and at times wants to pound the hero on the head. Not that I blame her. I wanted to pound him in the head a few time too.
Laren is the heroine of the second of the song series, four medieval romances about one family, although each is a stand alone book. Laren lives in the 13th century, even though she behaves much like a 21st century gal.
However, now that I have finished the last song book, I just may have to add Catherine, the heroine in the book coming in July, to my list of favorites. Catherine, now a widow, had a wonderful childhood, a rotten marriage, and is fighting a father who wants her married again. My hero has a real battle on his hands with this woman. She doesn't trust men and has become one bossy babe. If you decide to see for yourself which of my heroines you like, I'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, I'm working with a young woman who had a happy childhood but has been discarded by her titled husband. (I moved back to the 19th century in this one.) She's a real fighter, this one. I just may have to add her to my favorite list, too.

About the Book

Title Battlesong
Genre Medieval Romance
Author Name Allison Knight
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Their marriage begins with a lie. Tricked into wedding young Laren Blair, the daughter of a Scottish laird, Arthur ap Brynn Ffrydd, an English baron, abandons her at his keep. When he finally returns six years later she has won the affection of his people but all he sees are the changes she has made. Their battles begin.
She fears her life will be as miserable with Arthur as it was with her cruel father. He envisions losing his property to her Scottish clan. As they learn to tolerate each other, desire draws them together. When Laren is kidnaped and Arthur is wounded in battle they realize they love each other. Reunited, can their love withstand the strain of another lie?


Battlesong, Medieval Romance, Rating pg13. by Allison Knight
Laren tensed when someone knocked on the door to her chamber.
Nay, it was too soon.
"Come," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
As the door swung open, she moved deeper into the furs, praying she could somehow disappear.
Arthur ap Brynn Ffrydd glanced around the room. Ach, he was a handsome brute. His light brown hair hung to his shoulder, curling against his surcoat. Deep brown eyes gazed at her and she read his annoyance. Why did he have to appear so—so manly?
"What kind of room is this in which to greet a bridegroom? Where are your attendants?" His rich, husky voice echoed through the small chamber. He glared at the small space she called her own. Could he see her?
"'Tis too small. Why are you not in a chamber suitable for a bride?"
She opened her mouth to say something and could not. His look made something inside her cringe with fear, but also stirred strange feelings of warmth. What would happen when he realized she was not his intended bride? Surely, her
A Treasure for Sara 
father had doomed them all to death.
He stepped into the room and walked to the cot, shedding his surcoat.
"You are not the woman I saw in the bailey."
He had seen Nairna. He knew!
"Nay, I am not," she whispered, afraid of what would happen next.
"Who are you?"
"I am Laren, daughter of Laird Blair, half sister to Nairna."
"Where is my bride?" His tone was hostile and Laren wondered if she should pray for a quick and merciful death.
"I am the woman you wed."
He glared at her. "The king of England made a contract with your father. I was to wed a woman named Nairna."
Laren cringed. How was she to explain? She could not say to this man he had been mistaken. Not with his fierce countenance and fearsome brown eyes.
"You must look at the marriage contract you signed with my father. My name is the name of your bride."
He said nothing and spun out of the room. After a moment, she heard the plank drop over the opening.
Someone had been witness to his leaving for once again, she was locked in this chamber. What would happen now, for he must know he had been tricked?

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  1. Happy Anniversary! I love the whole series, but Laren has to be a favorite. Looking forward to reading the final book in the series.

  2. Thanks for posting, Rita. :)


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