May 5, 2014

Uh, did you say it's a *gay* scifi con? @Outlantacon @somamix1 @explodnSpceship #LGBT #SciFi #RLFblog

Photograph by Philip Bonneau
@somamix1 on Twitter
I'm just back from Outlantacon/Gaylaxicon 2014 in Atlanta GA, and I had an absolute blast. I'm late getting this post up on RLF because when I got home, I fell over and slept after three days of panels, talking, workshops, gaming, and presentations. Not to mention some of the best game shows anywhere. Gay-themed Match Game, anyone? Not to be missed! And you don't go to Outlantacon without seeing Miss Moxie Magnus. Ever. Links to all are below, along with pictures. There were dozens of guests, and tons of panels, and it was so hard to choose what to see during my free time. Jevocas "Java" Green, Sock Puppet Theatre, the Whedon Universe, and more. Plus my time on the Gaylaxicon board as secretary is ending, and I attended my final meeting with them. The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards was held during the con. There was so much to see and do! I need to find a clone app...

Saturday night, walking down the hall, a woman attending a business meeting in the hotel noticed I was wearing a guest badge. She gestured around at the costumes, and asked, "What's going on here?" I told her it was a gay scifi convention. "Oh," she said, and we continued walking. She turned back and asked, "I'm sorry. What did you say?" I repeated myself, and again she nodded and said, "Oh." A moment later she asked, "I'm sorry, but did you say it was a 'gay' scifi convention?" I laughed, assured her I had, and handed her one of my autographed postcards with a tour of my Tarthian Empire shown on the front. She took it, thanked me, and said, "Well, I hope you have a really great time. It looks fun!" Maybe I won a convert, or a reader. Either way, I was glad to have answered her question.

Moxie Magnus at Work
When Keirnan Kelly first mentioned Outlantacon to me back in 2007 when it was just forming, I jumped at the chance to attend. She and I have been featured guests each year since. This year, the con honored both of us with lifetime memberships. I felt like doing a "Sally Field" and yelling, "You like me! You really like me!" What an honor to be part of such a wonderful convention. This is my home con; the one I never miss. I hope you'll come next year.

My assistant this year was Holly Stringer, a member of my local writer's group. She made the convention so much fun. We are going to work together this summer, and you'll be hearing more about her before long. Angela and Gerald Blackwell shared panels with me at the con, and spent a long time talking about Peril, my immortals' role-playing game. I'll be working with them to develop and beta test the system. If you like RPGs and want to get a peek at the system when it's tested, email me.


Moxie Magnus - Star Trek Chief Cosmetologist

Philip Bonneau - Photographer

Kayelle with Moxie out of uniform
(Kage Alan in the background)
Gerald and Angela Blackwell - Writers

Keith Baily - The Otherside of Georgia Productions

Philip Bonneau

Origami Wolf Productions

Wereskin - Costume Design, Liquid Latex, Geek-themed Treats

Lunar Wulf Treats - Baked and confectionery goods with an emphasis on geek culture

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  1. Was such a pleasure to see you again this year and get to talk to you about great villains and everything in between. XOXO.

    1. The honor was all mine. Your work is a joy to behold.


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