May 15, 2014

Keeping the Love Alive -- Why Readers Love Series Romance @Declan_Sands #RLFblog #amreading

Discordant Lights 
Romance Lives Forever welcomes author Declan Sands.
Let's face it, we all love a good romance. We love the initial meeting...the charge of attraction...the slow buildup...the heart wrenching challenges...and the final, sweet coming together of two people who've gained a hard-fought love. The bigger the roadblocks between them, the harder they have to struggle to find each other, the more we love it!
Sigh... It's total food for the soul.
The only bad thing about this exciting, sensuous cycle is when it ends. And it generally ends just about the time you're really starting to feel the characters. You think you understand them...their motivations...their needs. You want them to succeed in their struggle. You want to see them enjoy their hard-won love.
But, alas, the book is over.
Dang, dang, darn, dangit!
But wait! There's another book in the series. Whoot! You get to jump right back into the characters' lives and see what they do with the delicious love they've created. Life is beautiful. You eagerly buy the next tome and start reading it. Eyes bright with expectation... Heart beating in anticipation...
And you quickly discover there's an eagle turd in the love nest.
You bite back quick disappointment and suck it down, understanding that's just what happens with relationships...even larger-than-life relationships. And then your breath speeds up, your palms tingle, and you leap into the story with both feet, knowing you're going to have another bumpy ride but happy...that, when it's all over—when the nest is once again pristine and the lovebirds are locked in a sizzling sexual embrace, their love slightly tarnished but stronger than ever—the end is going to be sweet. Because that's what romance is all about.
We all love a happy ending right? I mean, that's the pulse in the heartbeat of romance. No matter what happens, a great romance always culminates in a happy ending. And when you're reading a series you get...guess what? Several happy endings. Yeeha!
God I love series romance.
Happy reading everybody!

Book 2: City of Lights – Discordant Lights – M/M Dark Paranormal Romance

When Chaos rules, only the fiercest love survives.
Bright City is growing increasingly discordant. Something dark and treacherous is stalking Rabb and Brant, creating havoc in both of their worlds. The Vampire Council is putting pressure on Brant to become an elder, using Rabb as bait to force him to comply. All the while, Rabb battles deadly fractures in pack alliances and fights his own personal vampire skirmish.
Will the packs fight an internal war to replace Rabb? Will the vampires force Brant to choose sides? War is on the horizon, and it might not only ravage the supes in Bright City, but also devastate the human population living ignorant and helpless among them.

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Book 1: City of LightsBright City Lights
Bright City Lights 

Rainbow Book Reviews: "This was a very exciting story that I enjoyed immensely! The love story between Rabb and Brant was mysterious, sexy and very, very hot."
Sometimes it's harder to be together than it is to be apart.
Rabb is an alpha shifter, a werewolf, who likes to defy both the odds and authority. He prefers the city lights over the open spaces most shifters enjoy.
Brant is a politician with a secret that's becoming harder and harder to contain. As mayor of Bright City, he's determined to keep the city free of shifters to protect his secret.
The two men share a fair amount of distrust, along with a smoldering history that threatens to drag them under again. But when shifters begin to die in Bright City, Rabb and Brant need to find a way to work together again. Especially when one of them inadvertently steps right into the murderer's deadly path.

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About the Author

Declan Sands writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Declan has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

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