June 19, 2014

Interview with Loc Glin, author of Unleashing the Woman Within @LocGlin #RLFblog

Unleashing the Woman Within 

About the Book

Title Unleashing the Woman Within The Mystic Museum Series 3
Genre Erotic Romance, BDSM, Paranormal Elements.
Author Loc Glin
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

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Interview with Loc Glin

Why did you write this book?
This is the 3rd book in a series. I read the Fifty Shades of Grey series, and decided to try my hand at writing BDSM. I was surprised, no more like flabbergasted, by all the rules that the people practicing that sexual lifestyle abide by.
What is your favorite genre to read?
I love romance and fantasy. When I'm writing I try to combine the two.
What is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own characters)?
Bilbo Baggins ranks pretty high up on my list of memorable characters. He ventured outside of his comfort zone and changed the world.
Do you enjoy films and/or TV shows? Which are your favorites?
Yes, I like watching movies and TV. My current TV show favorites? Hmm, there's True Blood, Grim, Sleepy Hallow, Elementary, Blue Bloods, Castle. There's more but I'll stop there. I won't even start on my past, canceled, favorites. That list is much longer. I've been watching TV for quite some time now.
What are you working on at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?
I'm continuing to work on my Mystic Museum Series. To adequately answer this question I will have to fill you in on the premise of The Mystic Museum Series. Minerva's Mystic Museum is located in New York City. Every full moon the "powers that be" choose someone from the visitors of the museum. This someone, known as the mystic walker, will be the hero/heroine of the novel. The "powers" select someone they feel deserves a second chance, or just a chance to follow their destiny. Minerva, the curator and caretaker of the museum meets the chosen mystic walker. Through the magic that has been entrusted to her, Minerva supplies them with the opportunity to change their lives.
Each book in the series is vastly different from the others. The 1st book, called Howling at the Moon, is a ménage involving shape shifting wolves. The 2nd is called Dulce Isle. Dulce Isle is a ménage which explores a newly widowed man's changing sexual inclinations. The 3rd novel is called Unleashing the Woman Within. It contains BDSM (with a warning that it contains forced seduction). The 4th novel, and what will be coming from me in future months, is called End Detour. End Detour is a story about a hooker, and has hints of interracial relationships. The 5th is called Undivided Attention, this one involves inter galactic displacement and a curse. The 6th is called Magic in the Woods. It is a ménage and involves inter-dimensional travel. There are a few other ideas floating around in my head that I haven't begun the creative process on yet. I think I'm going to be busy for awhile.

About the Book

Rowena Milestone, corporate executive, has an accomplished career. Yet one thing eludes her. Try as she might she can't seem to have an orgasm even though she likes sex. Her position in the corporate man's world tends to intimidate her dates. They perform well enough in bed, but they just don't push her over the edge, until she meets Stephen.
Stephen Sloan has a secret. He belongs to a very special, no holds barred, anything goes sex club. He never thought he'd meet anyone like Rowena there, so he wanted to believe her outrageous story that she didn't know how she'd gotten there. When she disappeared without a trace he knew she'd been telling the truth. Now armed with three pieces of information he is determined to find her.
Rowena was devastated when the curator of the museum couldn't help. Minerva had said, "If the universe is willing, he will come to you." Fat chance she has of that happening.
Note: This book contains forced seduction.

Author Bio

I live in Little Falls, New Jersey. I am happily divorced, and I'm proud to be able to say that my ex-husband and I are still on friendly terms. We created two beautiful twin daughters in our union together. For that we will be forever grateful to each other.
My son in-law is proudly defending our country. Because of that, I see too little of my grandson. Duty stations are never close enough to home.
I share my home with Tiger Lily, the cat I inherited from my daughters, and the man I consider my soul-mate.
I work full time, and write in my spare time. I like to read and watch TV or movies. I enjoy sitting poolside and swimming. Horseback riding? Yes, I love it. Unfortunately there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the things I like to do, so I choose to write.
I'm the first to admit that my life is uneventful, one could consider it dull. But I'm happy, that's what matters. Not many people can truly say that. If more people were happy the world would be a better place.

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