June 8, 2014

Publisher Week Day 1: Who Is Anaiah Press? @anaiahpress #RLFblog #inspy

Anaiah Press  | A Mighty Presence 
Anaiah Press is a publisher of faith-based books. We're a tight-knit group passionate about our books and our authors. We [the editors, publicists, artists, etc.] are a team, a family of sorts, all working toward the same goal: helping our authors achieve their dreams.

What we look for in a manuscript:

When we read through queries we're looking for one basic thing, inspiration. It might come in different forms, be delivered through varied content, but all Anaiah Press books must have a message of inspiration.

What we don't take:

I'm asked about our content requirements often. The truth is, aside from the message of inspiration/ faith, there are only three things that will make us reject a manuscript immediately.
  • Anti-Christian themes/propaganda - Anaiah Press operates as a Christian press. We don't require all of our books to be overtly evangelical. In fact, some of the best faith-based fiction I've ever read had an implied message of faith (think: House, by Frank E. Peretti and Ted Dekker, or C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia). But, we won't publish anything which bashes Christianity. Even if there is a message of inspiration.
  • Messages of religions/social intolerance - Not only do we not accept anything that bashes Christianity, we won't accept anything derogatory toward other religions, races, creeds, colors, orientations, etc. Our mission is inspiration not derision.
  • Gratuitous sex - I think this one speaks for itself.

What we offer authors:

It is our goal to provide our authors the hands-on, close-knit experience of working with a small press without having to sacrifice quality. Authors who sign with Anaiah Press can expect quality production and marketing services.
  • Edits performed by an experienced, knowledgeable editor who maintains an open line of communication with the author throughout the editing process.
  • An experienced publicist assigned specifically to your book to schedule and execute promotions such as cover reveals, book trailer reveals, blog tours, etc.
  • NY-style cover art by one of our very talented and experienced designers.
  • A dedicated marketing budget which allows for promotional materials.
  • Clean formatting and book design.
*note: we are not a vanity press. All the services listed above are provided by Anaiah Press, just like any traditional publisher.

What we offer readers:

Ultimately, we want what our authors want -- to provide readers with quality, clean, inspirational fiction and nonfiction books. We do that with five imprints.
  • Anaiah Adventures - Children's fiction ranging from picture books to middle grade, with age-appropriate themes.
  • Anaiah Inspirations - Inspirational nonfiction, including memoirs, biographies, and devotionals.
  • Anaiah Presence - Adult genre fiction, with an emphasis on speculative fiction: thriller/ suspense, sci-fi, supernatural, dystopian, etc.
  • Anaiah Romance - Romance and women's fiction, including most major subgenres and time-periods.
  • Anaiah Surge - Genre fiction featuring upper Young Adult and New Adult characters and themes.
Our desire is to provide readers of all ages with books that inspire them.
So, stop by our website (www.anaiahpress.com) and look around at what we have to offer. And be sure to check back here every day this week for a more in-depth look at Anaiah Press, our staff, and our Imprints.
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(note from Kayelle -- I am an art designer for Anaiah Press)


  1. Thank you for having us today and giving us the opportunity to express what we're about.

    1. I've been looking forward to having you here!

  2. Hi Kayelle!

    I'm one of the Anaiah Press authors under their Adventures imprint. I just wanted to say they are in incredible group of people to work with and I look forward to my debut picture book THE STORY CATCHER when it comes out next January. I know Anaiah Press will do it justice!

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin

  3. Hi Kayelle,

    I want to thank you for featuring Anaiah Press here! As one of their authors, I encourage others to submit to them today!

    Paula Rose
    author: Revenge releasing December 2014 by Anaiah Press

  4. I am so excited you are featuring Anaiah Press all week long, Kayelle! In my personal opinion, Anaiah Press is the best publisher out there and has the most talented group of professionals. It starts at the top and works down to the interns. Everyone is dedicated to making quality books and offering support to their authors not even seen by the Big 5 publishers. :-) I encourage fellow writers to submit their manuscripts to Anaiah Press. It'll be the best decision they have made! :-)

  5. Working with my editor was fantastic. I've learned so much as a writer.


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