June 9, 2014

Publisher Week Day 2: Anaiah Press Romance Imprint @anaiahpress #RLFblog #inspy

Runaway by Renee Donne 
Hi, I'm Kara Leigh Miller, Managing Editor of the Romance and Surge Imprints here at Anaiah Press. I'm always on the lookout for a great story regardless of genre, but today I'm going to take some time to talk romance.
The Romance Imprint at Anaiah includes most major time-periods and subgenres. Books released under this imprint have love and romance as a central theme. In addition, all our romances have messages of faith woven throughout. Our goal with this Imprint is to offer readers a wide range of titles from historical to contemporaries to futuristic stories that will tug at the heartstrings, but leave you smiling at the end.
So, what makes a romance really stand out to us? Good storytelling. You can give us a story that's been done a hundred times before – providing you show us something new about it. Draw us in and make us feel. Deliver a fresh, compelling voice we just can't say no to. And so far, we've found quite a few we haven't been able to turn down.
Anaiah's Romance Imprint is growing fast.

Here's our current line-up:

Runaway by Renee Donne – A historical romance to be released July 2014 (note from Kayelle - I designed the cover art for this book as well as the upcoming Tess In Boots)
Bound By Blood by Scott Springer – A romantic suspense to be released September 2014
Love Overcomes by Angela Schroeder – A contemporary romance to be released October 2014
Revenge by Paula Rose – A romantic suspense to be released December 2014
1000 Stolen Moments by Connie Ann Michael – A military romance to be released January 2015
Tess In Boots by Courtney Rice Gager – A sweet, contemporary romance to be released January 2015
Dangerous Love by Jody Holford and Kara Leigh Miller – A medical, romantic suspense to be released March 2015
Savage Pursuit by Renee Donne – A romantic suspense to be released April 2015
As you can see, we're filling up fast. Got a romance you think we'd fall in love with? Well, we want to see it! Even though I'm currently closed to direct queries, our Senior Editor, Claudia Carozza is on the hunt for a few great books.

Claudia Carozza

Claudia has a Bachelor's Degree in Writing Arts and a Master's Degree in Education. Her favorite genre to read is romance. In 2009, she made a shift from education to publishing and now works as a freelance editor. Claudia loves working with authors and helping them reach their publication goals. As a writer, she knows the importance of the writer/editor relationship, and she's excited to be working with Anaiah Press. In between writing, editing, and not letting the laundry pile too high, she enjoys baking, being outdoors, and spending time with family.

Claudia's Wishlist

Claudia's first love is romance, especially contemporary. She's looking for character driven stories with fully realized plot lines. Strong characterization is a must. She's also drawn to strong conflicts and high stakes particularly in upper YA and New Adult.
You can send direct queries to Claudia at: claudia.carozza (at) Anaiahpress (dot) com
Anaiah Press

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Be sure to check out our submission guidelines here: http://www.anaiahpress.com/submissions.html

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  1. Glad to have you all here today!

  2. Hi Kayelle!

    Anaiah has a pretty impressive lineup of novels coming out this summer and next year! I know what I'm gonna ask Santa for Christmas...;~)

    Thanks for this great post!

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin

    1. Thank you, Donna. :) Glad you came out to play.

  3. Can't wait for these books to come out! So exciting. :)

    1. I think this press fills a very special need.

  4. Hi Kayelle,

    My experience with Anaiah Press has been amazing . . . We work like a team and are like a family. My future to be read list just keeps growing here!

    Paula Rose http://paularosebooks.com/
    A missing client, a police investigation, a targeted suspect, a woman of faith and a detective who doesn't believe = Revenge (releasing December 2014 by Anaiah Press)

  5. Sounds like a lot to look forward to in the coming months!

  6. I love romance books and I can't wait to read these books! I agree, Kayelle, I think Anaiah Press fills a very special need in Romance! :-) MRS N

  7. I love a good romance. Nothing more drama than love!


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