June 11, 2014

Publisher Week Day 4: Anaiah Press Surge Imprint Guidelines @anaiahpress #RLFblog #inspy

Winter in the Soul by Jennifer Novotney 

Anaiah Press Surge Imprint

Surge is our line of young adult and new adult fiction. Our goal with this specific imprint is to offer teen readers clean, heart-pounding, exciting stories with lots of diversity. No matter what your personal reading preferences are, Surge aims to have something to quench your tastes. From moving contemporary romances to edge-of-your seat fantasies, we'll have you covered.
Hi, I'm Laura Maisano, the Senior Editor of the Surge imprint. I'm excited to be a part of this team at Anaiah Press because I have a soft spot in my heart for YA (young adult) and NA (new adult) fiction (especially fantasy and sci-fi). Teens and young adults are at an age of promise, where all the doors are wide open, and they get to make mistakes. When a teen makes a choice that maybe an adult wouldn't make, we believe it, and it also gives us room to watch the characters grow and learn from these choices. More importantly, we get to see some awesome drama and action.
What makes Surge unique, is that unlike mainstream YA/NA genre fiction, we're trying to provide clean books for our young adults to enjoy. Believe me, there is room for tons of great stories, drama, action, romance and all the good stuff without having to dedicate pages to sex or profanity. I think it actually frees up room for more themes that other fiction ignores. I love finding the gems, those books that have the uplifting feeling at the end that you didn't see coming.


I'm looking for fantasy of any kind (urban, low, high, epic), sci-fi, or dystopia. Give me interesting settings, but more importantly, give me gripping characters and drama. Make me cry, laugh, and invest in well-rounded "real" people as they struggle through adversity, only to come out stronger on the other side. I'd love to see a strong sibling relationship and an emotional quest, some geeky heroes/heroines, or a clean dystopia. Got something you think I'd like?
Send it to me at: Laura.Maisano (at) AnaiahPress (dot) com. Be sure to check out our submission guidelines first. Also check our first Surge release: Winter in the Soul by Jennifer Novotney, a YA Fantasy. Coming July 15, 2014. In August we will hold a "Battle of Wits" contest. You could win up to $100! Our website/blog has more details. #MatchWits

Submission Guides

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  1. I first wanted to thank Kayelle for helping to promote Anaiah Press and to introduce the world to THE best publisher on the planet! Sure, I am a hair biased being an author but it makes my heart sing to know there are more writers like me who are writing clean fiction. I love YA and growing up, I wished there were books out there that were full of action/adventure without the sex or profanity. Now there is and I can't wait to read Jennifer's amazing book, WINTER IN THE SOUL!!! MRS N

  2. Yes! Clean YA. My daughter navigated the teenage years successfully, and right now my son is a senior in high school with mostly one thing on his mind, so the last thing I need is literature that promotes this. I agree, their is plenty of room for great story without encouraging sex or profanity. As a parent, thank you, Anaiah Press.

    1. Thank you for your comments! I totally agree, though my daughter is only three. I do want something out in the world when she comes of age.

  3. The Surge imprint will be loved and enjoyed by many. I can't wait to read Winter In the Soul!

  4. Thanks for your comment Mrs. N! I also can't wait for Winter in the Soul!

  5. This cover is beautifully done. :)


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