June 12, 2014

Publisher Week Day 4: Anaiah Press Inspirations and Adventures Imprints @anaiahpress #RLFblog #inspy


This is our imprint for all things nonfiction, including, but not limited to devotionals, memoirs,
Long and Winding Road 
and biographies. We believe that Christianity is not just a religion, but a reality. What I would like to find for our Inspirations line is manuscripts that help one see the forest in spite of the trees. Let your life work as a parable for others, and be a light that shines through the darkness for others to see.
I don't want to put any further limits here. If it's inspirational and it's nonfiction, it may be for us.
My current #MSWL (Manuscript Wish List):

  • War memoirs with a focus on emotional and spiritual courage and/or embattlement.
  • Historical memoirs or biographies of the spiritual and physical journeys of American settlers in the 1800s.
  • Devotionals that focus on a chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse view of Biblical studies and understanding.


Liberty Belle 
Picture books, early readers, and middle grade fiction all fall within this line. While the books in this imprint do not need to be as overtly faith-based or faith-themed as inspirations, whatI would like them to do is plant a seed—create a spark.
Christian values are inherent in our society, but I want them brought to the forefront, in a less taboo manner. Living in a Christian home does not mean you're extreme—it means you acknowledge our Father and our Savior, and you want to live a life that pleases Him. Adventure is still there, fun is still at every turn, and mystery hides behind every corner—just not magic and wizards.
There is some room for fantasy here, but I keep it on a very tight leash. My one rule is: If God can exist within the world created, then the world is acceptable. If God or His laws must take a backseat in order for this story to be possible, then it's outside of what I want for Anaiah. That's pretty much it.
Manuscripts in this line can be secular with a Christian heart.
I am also trying to build a line of books that will be beneficial particularly to homeschooling children. So historical MGs (Middle Grades) are welcome. If you have a Christian-themed educational PB series, I'd love to take a look at it. I'm also open to ERs that that are written and designed with a lesson plan in mind. Secular on the surface with Biblical undertones or teaching moments would be absolutely wonderful.
My current #MSWL:
  • Pioneer-driven chapter books with a strong female lead.
  • Clean, contemporary upper middle grade that combines faith, courage, and rescue horses.
  • Picture books with focus on explaining the true reason for religious festivals (holidays) to young children.

Marissa Fuller, Senior Editor of Adventures

Marissa is a high functioning bibliophile from Northern California. She spends her time reading, writing, and watching anything produced by BBC. In addition to her book review blog and personal writing endeavors, she is working towards a degree in English Literature with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Born with a hyperactive imagination, Marissa has always had a passion for the art of storytelling. She looks forward to helping authors achieve their dreams, through Anaiah, of giving their stories to the world. Marissa currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband.
Marissa's current (very ambitious) #MSWL:
  • MG or YA (Young Adult) viewpoint of a son/daughter of service member.
  • High School Drama star.
  • MG or YA musical prodigy (preferably strings).
  • MG foster family story.
  • YA medieval knight story.
  • YA Southern contemporary.
  • A western- a gunslinger committed to saving his/her town.
  • MG or YA viewpoint of a young Viking.
  • YA or NA Pride and Prejudice modernization
  • YA about a girl searching for God
  • PB (Picture Book) A girl loves going to Grandma's church

Dara Rochlin, Senior Editor of Adventures

Dara is a freelance book editor and major grammar nerd, dating all the way back to elementary school. She is a voracious reader of all genres. When not editing, she enjoys time with her family, the beach, and chocolate. In the words of William Styron, "A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading."
Dara's current #MSWL:

I am looking for good stories that keep the reader interested, that they learn something they didn't know, or the ability to look at the world a little differently than they did before they opened the book. I want to be transported to another world, use my imagination to see what the author saw when writing it. Feel the emotion... wonder what I will do when I am done reading, and don't have the friends I made any more. (Probably read it again!)

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  1. As an Anaiah author, I know the Inspirations imprint will be a source of strength and courage for all while the Adventures imprint will entertain and bolster Christian values.

    Paula Rose

    1. Thank you, Paula. I agree. It's great to see this kind of book.

  2. I am so grateful that Anaiah Press chose to publish my memoir, A Long and Winding Road: A Caregiver's Tale of Life, Love, and Chaos. Helping others by telling our story seems to give meaning to the otherwise senseless battle with Alzheimer's and dementia. Thank you, Kayelle, for spotlighting the wonderful Anaiah Press organization.


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