June 3, 2014

Self Publishing-the Pros and Cons by JoAnne Myers @scooterismine #RLFblog #writertips

Loves, Myths, Monsters 
The best thing about self-publishing is that you are guaranteed to be published, no matter what type book you choose to write. Traditional publishers often look for something not yet written about, or seldom written about; such as true life alien abductions, or what Earth might be like in the year 4000, if humans last that long.
Self-publishing allows the author more leeway with subject matter. The author can tell it like it is; unlike traditional publishers who generally follow a code of conduct, for the fear of treading on someone's toes. Traditional publishers always have that fear of being sued for libel, whereas self-publishers tend to not care what others think.
With self publishing every detail is up to the author. From hiring a professional editor if the self publishing author is not prolific in the English language. Editing is expensive, and every book, even self publishing needs some editing to help polish the final product. Self-publishing does offer editing and marketing services, but for an additional price, that can be expensive. All that work is taken care of by a traditional publisher, which means less headaches and work for the author.
When it comes to book covers, self-publishing companies usually give the author a selection of artwork to choose from. Some of this artwork is free, but some usually cost a few dollars. The free artwork is seldom great, and might not coincide with the books material. For paid artwork at self-publishing companies, the artwork is upgraded and more pleasing to the eye, but is an extra cost, which might for some self-publishers, mean an extra dent in their pocketbooks. Traditional publishers have their own art department, which means the author is guaranteed a terrific book cover, which is included in the contract. Both self-publishing and traditional publishing companies, though, usually allow the author to use their own artwork if the author chooses too, especially if the book is about the author's family, pet, friends, or profession. Using personal artwork adds a touch of personification and genuine sincerity to the book; which is always a good selling point.
What I discovered through Amazon, and something they did not tell me in the beginning, is that with them, the author must keep a supply of their books at the Amazon warehouse. Amazon is not a print on demand (POD) distributor as is Lulu, as I initially believed it to be. When it comes to any type of artwork, whether it be books, jewelry, or candles, artwork is usually a hard product to sell. If it were easy, all artists and authors would be wealthy.
Lulu on the other hand, is a print on demand self publisher. They do not store books, but keep each title stored in a queue, at a contracted print on demand printer.
Also, what I understand is that Lulu allows 80% of the royalties to go to the author, and Amazon allows 70%, but that percentage is only applicable for books sold to certain countries outside of the U.S., such as Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and India, and only for titles enrolled in KDP Select. This in reality means that the author receives an average 35% of the sales, and Amazon gets the other 65%.
An author can struggle with locating a traditional publishing company for many reasons. They have written a book that only they are interested in; such as their family history. I don't believe most would be interested in reading about someone else's family tree, unless it is as brilliant as the book Roots, was. If a author is struggling with locating a traditional publishing company, than self-publishing is for them. I for one believe that if a writer has written a book, they should continue seeking out the traditional publishing company. This only applies if their book is polished and ready for sale. If a book has many graphical errors, it will not be taken seriously by a traditional publisher. Getting away with graphical errors in a self-published book is possible, but it would be disappointing and frustrating to the reader. Whether the book is self-published or traditionally published, the final product should be free of errors, and entertaining, and pleasing to the eye. In my opinion, when it comes to Lulu versus Amazon, Amazon bites the dust. Good luck.

About the Book

Loves, Myths and Monsters -- 11 tales of fantasy, intrigue, and mystery, entwined within the human world.
Welcome To Anna
Little does 17 year old Zoe realize, but the Chupracabra followed her to Ohio from South America. What happens next is a series of chilling mysteries, and unsuspecting friendships and love.
The Hunter's Bride
When all game warden Daren Abram had to worry about was which lucky lady to woo, he comes to the realization that his town is being stalked by the reincarnation of the town's legend.
Moon People
For teenage mermaid Constance, coming to the quaint seaside town of Willowick is heavenly, until she falls for mortal boy Drake. For the town to survive, Constance is forced to choose between her kind and the boy and town she loves.
The Pack
When young Lycan Sonny Red Blanket, a Shawnee Indian, falls for mortal girl Drenda Way, he must save her from his fellow Lycans and stop a werewolf uprising.
The Bidding
Apiologist 34-year-old Duncan McPherson goes to Circleville, Ohio, to investigate a series of mysterious bee attacks. What is uncovered proves to be more dark and sinister then anyone imaged.
The Agreement
Being incarcerated in the abandoned Roseville jail is the last thing rich college student and speeder Brice Conrad needs. With an "agreement" between the town and a permanent demonic "guest," only the unfortunate ones know the truth, but do not live to tell.
For The Love of Ginnie
Handsome bachelor and Scientist Alex Anderson from the thirtieth century, returns to the Civil War with time serum to save his beloved Ginnie Wade from a sniper's bullet, while finding a roller coaster ride of joy and perils.
Is It Only A Myth?
When 32-year-old Vinton County Sheriff, James "Jim" Connors, discovers he has a Mothman hunting in his county, he stops at nothing to save his citizens.
The Proposition
The rough and ready cowboy John Queenie gets the shock of his life when the ad to break a "wild filly" turns out to be a fiery Quaker girl named Tess. This is a story proving love conquers all.
The House On Shady Lane
A seemingly loving family turns out to be serial killers in 1873.
Love's Curse
When an Egypt love curse scroll is stolen from a Dean's office, persons begin dying in bizarre and grisly ways, with the college's mascot a Viking King statue jokingly blamed for it.

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I have been a long-time resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the blue-collar industry most of my life. Besides having several novels under my belt, I canvas paint.
When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, I spend time with relatives, my dogs Jasmine and Scooter, and volunteer my time within the community. I am a member of the International Women's Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance, Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association, the Hocking Hill's Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. I believe in family values and following your dreams. My books along with my original canvas paintings, can be found at:

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  1. Hadn't heard about Lulu - thanks for the information.
    Great excerpt.

    1. Thank you for stopping by victoria. Each comment is appreciated.

  2. Amazon owns CreateSpace, which is a POD printer like Lulu, and preferred by most self-publishers for paper books. You can also go to Lightning Source.

    For cover art, you either make your own or you commission an artist to make you a custom cover. Artists also make pre-mades for set prices. If the author wants more than their text on the pre-made cover, there is an extra fee for changes.

    Amazon gives the author 70% royalties on all e-book sales of $2.99 and above on all sales through Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon ES, Amazon IT, Amazon CA, Amazon FR, and Amazon AU. Amazon Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and India are 35% unless the book is enrolled in Select.

    Authors can also sell e-books directly through Kobo, Apple iTunes bookstore (requires a Mac computer to upload), and B&N's NookPress (in the US and UK). Or, distribute e-books through Smashwords.com or Direct2Digital.com.

    1. Hi Carla, thank you for commenting. Good luck with all you do.

  3. I've been watching this post bounce around Twitter all day. Realized suddenly that I never left a comment of my own. *facepalm* This is such a good post, JoAnne. I'm glad you shared it. I started self pubbing just this year.

  4. I should mention that my own business, The Author's Secret, creates premade covers, custom covers, and we do formatting for manuscripts. We just got an editor as well.

    1. Thank you Kayelle for allowing me this opportunity to promote my books. I appreciate it greatly.


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