August 20, 2014

Cover Love: Waking the Beast @penelopemerrin #RLFblog #Fantasy

Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling
Author Name: Penelope Merrin
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R


When lusty Melina gets caught spying on guests, her innkeeper father sends her off to work for the Beast. Instead of the monster she expects, Melina discovers a hulking, misshapen but incredibly sexy man. Curiosity consumes her—is every part of him oversized?
Rowland doesn't know how to handle Melina. He can't believe she could ever desire him. He is no match for her relentless seduction. They enjoy a few weeks of sensual bliss before Melina's father visits unexpectedly and catches them in the act, causing them to flee.
Driven from his home with Melina by his side, Rowland finally has the courage to explore the woods for wild magic to reverse his curse. But magic doesn't conform to even the best laid plans.

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  1. Great blurb Penelope. Who doesnt love a hunky wolfman? Good luck with sales.

  2. That's the truth, JoAnne. :)

  3. Thanks, JoAnne and Kayelle! This story is based on a couple of Beauty and the Beast dreams I once had. They stuck with me and I finally had to turn them into a story :)

  4. This looks excellent, Penelope! I'll help spread the word!


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