September 8, 2014

Seduction - One Fortune at a Time Anthology @annekane #RLFblog #contemporary

Seduction - One Fortune at a Time  
Cover Love at Romance Lives Forever is a short intro to a book and includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author. Today's featured book is Seduction: One Fortune at a Time.

Genre: Contemporary Romance Anthology
Authors: Anne Kane, Carly Carson, Jennifer Lynne, Roz Lee, Laura Sheehan, Lisa Carlisle, Leigh Court.
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Seven steamy novellas from seven acclaimed romance authors, guaranteed to bring good fortune (or at least a hot read) to any romance fan. There's a seduction for everyone in this collection of never-before published stories that range from sensual to erotic--all for one seductive price!

Individual Blurbs

Temptation Returns by Lisa Carlisle -- Antonio returns from the Marine Corps and runs into the woman he never forgot at a rock club. Lina can't believe Antonio is back in town, right before her wedding. Can she resist temptation in the form of a dark-haired Italian Marine?
Love Charm for Fiona by Carly Carson -- When Fiona receives a fortuneteller's love charm, she casts the spell to bring her dead fiancé back to life. But a love charm has its own magic, and what she gets is a surprise in the form of a SEAL on "shore leave".
Fear Of Flying by Leigh Court -- Book publicist Jessie Jordan is deathly afraid of flying, which prompts travel writer Regan Quade to come up with a highly imaginative (and intimate!) way to calm her anxiety. Thrown together on a two-week book tour, the result just might be a bestseller!
Hearts on Fire by Roz Lee -- They’ve been burned before, but desire will rekindle the flames of love in this sensual and heart wrenching story of redemption and second chances.
Heart's Destiny by Jennifer Lynne -- Eve Perroniʼs quest to find her past leaves no time for love, until a chance prediction leads to the seductive Ky Ransom and a destiny that could make—or break—both their hearts.
Moonlit Seduction by Anne Kane -- Winston is a mutt with a mission - to convince Natalie that her fortune lies in surrendering to the seductive Jacob McKinley.
Hidden Fortune by Laura Sheehan -- Ava has always played it safe, but after a midnight run-in with a handsome stranger, she discovers that perhaps fortune favors the bold. Can she find the courage to seek the ultimate treasure.

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  1. Thanks so much for spotlighting our new release!

  2. Thanks Kayelle, the post looks great!

  3. Thanks, Kayelle. Much appreciated. :)

  4. Thanks Kayelle. I posted early this morning but I must have messed it up. We're all excited about our new release!

  5. Hi Kayelle, it's lovely to be back here again at RLF - and this time in the company of some awesome authors. Thanks for having us to visit :)

    1. It's nice to have such a fun and talented group all together!

  6. These were all great stories. I love the idea of a fortune teller setting into motion the various romances. I had three favorites.


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