September 26, 2014

Publisher Week: Day 6 Alternate Realities @BoroughsPubGrp #RLFblog #Fantasy

Boroughs Publishing 
This is Day 6 of Publisher Week featuring Boroughs Publishing Group. Romance Lives Forever has been showcasing this publisher and its authors.
Publisher's Week – Boroughs Publishing Group
Yesterday we visited with those yummy shape-shifting weres of the Red Ridge Pack. Today we take a journey into fantasy, where, in new worlds and alternate realities, everything is at risk for the ultimate prize - true love.


After losing her family to a tornado, the only thing that can help guilt-ridden Eve Cleary find peace is a nightmare come to life: a dangerous incubus whose masterful caresses have the power to grant her deepest desires.
The sirens stopped soon after the last roar of thunder ended, but he made no move to release her. The clouds were lifting, and there was more light in the basement now, courtesy of the open door upstairs. Eve could see that his skin was not exactly flesh-colored. It bore a silver haze. And his eyes, in that moment, looked violet instead of red.
She looked up into his face. He stared back at her, just as intently. He had rescued her. He was the reason her nightmares hadn't returned. And whatever he was, she was inexplicably drawn to him. Without thought or reason, she leaned up and lightly touched her lips to his.
It wasn't meant as an act of passion, but of gratitude. And relief. His lips were so warm and soft that she kissed him again. This time, his lips seemed to mold against hers, and the way his arms held her changed. Cupping her head with one hand, he gently placed her on the floor; his free hand began gliding up her body. He groaned at her wet clothes, but delighted her by teasing her taut nipples through the wet material.
Then it was too much—the storm, the stranger, the flashes of past horror. Eve was suddenly overwhelmed in a different way. She broke the kiss and sat up to face him. He backed away from her, stepping out of the light.
"Who are you?" What are you?
"My name is Victor," he growled.
And a word filled her mind, as if her other, unspoken, question had been answered. But it was a frightening word that only existed in fairytales. And nightmares.
Or did it?

The Pirate Princess

For a pirate, nothing is forbidden...except love. To gain her freedom, Charlee must seduce
the prince. To save the pirate, Prince Petra must win her heart.
"I'll race you there."
Charlee's mind spun in a whirl. She'd never been one to resist a challenge, which Petra well knew. She'd also never been one to play fair.
She softly took his hand and allowed him to pull her up. As soon as he released her, she leaned toward him. His eyes widened and filled with desire. She let a playful smile touch her lips and licked the bottom one with her tongue. Petra sucked in a breath, but before he could make a move, she shoved him back in the sand and took off running as fast as she could, more laughter spilling from her lips—laughter conspicuously sounding like giggles.
She reached the west side of the pool at nearly the same time Petra crested the cliff of the falls. That sneaky prince had found an alternate route.
Their eyes met and locked. She took one step into the water as he dove from the cliff. Her breath caught in her throat. She froze for several heartbeats, the ripples from his splash washing over her toes. Then, out of nowhere, a strong arm rose in front of her, grabbed her leg and pulled her in. She screamed and tried to pull away.
He surfaced in front of her, his arms securely wrapped around her waist. She tried to push and wiggle free, but his arms locked around her more tightly. She tried to splash him, slap him and even butt him with her head, but he captured her hands. Their eyes met unguarded and full of passion. His warm body pressed against hers….

The Devil and Lillian Holmes

At the cusp of the twentieth century, an heiress-turned-vampire and her maker seek her stolen daughter and find themselves caught up in a world of darkness, danger, and mystery.
Lillian knew she was being bull-headed, but she couldn't stop herself. She took a deep breath to steady her hands as she pried at a screw. A bit of medicine would be welcome now as a finger of anxiety coiled in her stomach. "Why should you worry about aging men with time on their hands? What can they mean to us?"
George folded the letter and tapped it against his hand as he stared out the window. He looked over his shoulder after a moment and said, "You think us invincible? Your Mr. Doyle is unlikely as simple as most in this city. Leave him be, Lil. Promise me."
Lillian thought of her fantasy Uncle Sherlock. She had so little of her former self left. "I will not give up on my investigations!"
"No, of course not. You simply must be more careful. You are not to see Mr. Doyle, ever. Am I clear?"
His tone slapped her. He'd not chastised her once since she met him, since she'd seen him leaping from her neighbor's balcony, since the moment she began to love him. But now…
"You are quite clear, sir."

We cherish the wonderful creative minds that built these new worlds, brought determined tangible characters to life and drew us in to a universe we wanted to stay in for a very long time.
Tomorrow, on our last day during our Publisher's Week with Romance Lives Forever - thank you, Kayelle - we're going to tug on your heartstrings.


Are you an author? Fantastic. We adore authors. We're seeking submissions from writers who can deliver the emotional punch readers crave. Space cowboys, gargoyles, the hunk next-door and crusty cops welcome. Boroughs Publishing Group will not limit your imagination; we encourage creative freedom. Stick to the tropes of the genre or push the envelope, as long as you're providing well written incredible story-telling we're game. Read more:

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  1. Love those excerpts! Thanks for hosting us this week. It's been fun visiting each day!

  2. I really like books with fantasy elements and these titles look great! Thanks for sharing!


  3. What a great week! Ecstatic to be part of such a talented group of authors!

  4. This week has flown by. I've been enjoying reading all these. The problem with hosting a blog like this is that I never get caught up on my reading. ^_^

  5. Entrancing excerpts! Enjoyed reading them.

  6. I absolutely love these kinds of books but couldn't write one of you put a gun to my head. Well done, ladies! What a treat!
    Best, Emily Mims


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