September 26, 2014

Publisher Week: Day 6 Alternate Realities @BoroughsPubGrp #RLFblog #Fantasy

This is Day 6 of Publisher Week featuring Boroughs Publishing Group. Romance Lives Forever has been showcasing this publisher and its authors.
Publisher's Week – Boroughs Publishing Group
Yesterday we visited with those yummy shape-shifting weres of the Red Ridge Pack. Today we take a journey into fantasy, where, in new worlds and alternate realities, everything is at risk for the ultimate prize - true love.


After losing her family to a tornado, the only thing that can help guilt-ridden Eve Cleary find peace is a nightmare come to life: a dangerous incubus whose masterful caresses have the power to grant her deepest desires.

The Pirate Princess

For a pirate, nothing is forbidden...except love. To gain her freedom, Charlee must seduce
the prince. To save the pirate, Prince Petra must win her heart.

The Devil and Lillian Holmes

At the cusp of the twentieth century, an heiress-turned-vampire and her maker seek her stolen daughter and find themselves caught up in a world of darkness, danger, and mystery.

We cherish the wonderful creative minds that built these new worlds, brought determined tangible characters to life and drew us in to a universe we wanted to stay in for a very long time.
Tomorrow, on our last day during our Publisher's Week with Romance Lives Forever - thank you, Kayelle - we're going to tug on your heartstrings.


Are you an author? Fantastic. We adore authors. We're seeking submissions from writers who can deliver the emotional punch readers crave. Space cowboys, gargoyles, the hunk next-door and crusty cops welcome. Boroughs Publishing Group will not limit your imagination; we encourage creative freedom. Stick to the tropes of the genre or push the envelope, as long as you're providing well written incredible story-telling we're game. Read more:

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  1. Love those excerpts! Thanks for hosting us this week. It's been fun visiting each day!

  2. I really like books with fantasy elements and these titles look great! Thanks for sharing!


  3. What a great week! Ecstatic to be part of such a talented group of authors!

  4. This week has flown by. I've been enjoying reading all these. The problem with hosting a blog like this is that I never get caught up on my reading. ^_^

  5. Entrancing excerpts! Enjoyed reading them.

  6. I absolutely love these kinds of books but couldn't write one of you put a gun to my head. Well done, ladies! What a treat!
    Best, Emily Mims


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