November 27, 2014

For Friends of #RLFblog: A Thanksgiving Poem #ThanksgivingDay

A fitting poem about luck and being thankful, just in time for Thanksgiving Day. Thank you to each of you who make Romance Lives Forever a wonderful place to be all year long.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, safe holiday.
-- Kayelle Allen

Thankful for Turkeys 


(author unknown)
Week before Thanksgiving,
I limp around real strange.
Huddle in the corner,
As though I have the mange.
All the other turkeys,
Just gobble, gobble on.
I'm silent, and I act
As if my gobbler's gone.
Everyone is thankful
On Thanksgiving Day.
Friday it's forgotten.
You all go on your way.
I know what thankful is
So listen when I say.
"It's great to be a turkey,
After Thanksgiving Day."


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you Kayelle and to everyone who loves Romance Lives Forever Blog!!!! MRS N

  2. :) Hope you had a wonderful day, Kayelle! And good luck if you're Black Friday shopping.

    1. I'm doing mine online this year. Easier on the feet, if not the pocketbook. LOL Stay safe, Barbara.


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