December 8, 2014

LS Books 2: Spotlight on Authors @LSB_lsbooks #RLFblog #amreading

Liquid Silver Books
Liquid Silver Books
The authors of Liquid Silver Books bring you spine tingling romantic suspense, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, nail biting paranormal adventure, time travel to unknown worlds, hot alpha males, and so much more. With the flick of a wrist, a twist of the brain, and months of blood, sweat, and tears, they give you romances to treasure for years to come. Liquid Silver Books is pleased to present...

Spotlight on Authors

TD Hassett
T.D. Hassett, romance author, grew up certain that life should be like a romance novel, lots of passion, some incredible adventures and a guaranteed happily ever after. Her newest release, Darling's Desire, Love and Music Book 2 is a contemporary, romantic suspense. ... "The naughty and nice of romance says it all."
M. S. Kaye A transplant from Ohio, she resides in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, Corey, where she does her best not to melt in the sun. Her newest release, Kindling the Past is a contemporary, paranormal, romantic suspense. ... "M. S. Kaye has multiple published books under her black belt. Find suspense and the unusual at"
Tami Lund has published multiple books, a few of which have won awards. Her newest release, Dawning of Light, Lightbearer Book 2 is a fantasy, paranormal, shifter, romantic suspense. Now available for pre-order "Want to know what's happening next?"
Allison B. Hanson Her contemporary romances include paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery suspense. She enjoys candy immensely, as well as long motorcycle rides and reading. Her newest release, Blackout is a paranormal, romantic suspense.
Vicky Burkholder No matter the age or genre, all of her books have a touch of romance in them and have to have a happily ever after ending. Her newest release is The Ruby Key, Crystal Keys Book 2 is fantasy, demons, magic, paranormal romance. ... "The Ruby Key: They lost the battle once before. This time, will love really conquer all?"
Betty Bolté historical and paranormal romance author, writes stories featuring strong, loving women and brave, compassionate men, with a touch of paranormal. Her newest release, Remnants, Ghosts of Roseville Book 2 is a paranormal, ghost, witches romance. "Remnants (Ghosts of Roseville Book 2): Love is never lost; it sings you home..."
Michelle Hoppe
Michelle Hoppe first discovered a love of writing in a high school creative writing class and has been putting pen to paper ever since. Her newest release, Tipping the Scales, The Zodiac Connection is a contemporary, fantasy, romantic comedy. "From romantic comedy and chic lit to paranormal and contemporary, Michelle writes hot, sexy, erotic romance with an edge."
Naomi Bellina She became a romance author because her characters insist on falling madly in love. So she lets them. Her new release, Ruled By the Moon, Nocturne Book 1 is paranormal, shifter, magic, romantic suspense. ... "A psychic vet, a secretive werewolf, a menace stalking the shifters. Welcome to Nocturne."
Laurel Richards writes sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal, and the occasional funny mystery, all with various degrees of romance mixed in. Her new release, Wild Side is a contemporary, shifter, paranormal romance. ... "Laurel Richards, author of sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal, and the occasional mystery, all with various degrees of romance mixed in. Imagination gone wild."
Allie Ritch is a multi-published author of erotic sci-fi and paranormal romance. She has an active imagination and enjoys entertaining others through storytelling. Her newest release, In Season, Children of Nanook Book 2 is a paranormal, shifter, science fiction romance. ... "Allie Ritch, turning up the heat on sci-fi and the paranormal for erotic romance that's out of this world."
Jocelyn Dex is a multi-published author, her romances include humor, lust, love, and four-letter words on the way to a Happily-Ever-After. Her new release, Lying for Love is a contemporary romance.  ... "When a lie leads to a beautiful friendship, the truth could open the door for everlasting love, or it could rip them apart forever."
Tara Quan
Tara Quan Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, fantasy worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Her newest release Catching Red, Undead Fairy Tales Book 2 is a post-apocalyptic, zombie, paranormal, urban fantasy. ... "Globetrotter & author. Romances with a pinch of spice, a smidgen of humor, and several helpings if of sex."
DawnMarie Richards writes what she most enjoys reading: sweet love stories with a whole lot of spicy in all the right places. Her new release, Aaron's Will, Legacies Book 1 is a contemporary, romantic suspense. ... "DawnMarie Richards ... cultivating a sexy mind!"
Annette Mardis Her characters are the type of people you've worked with or lived next door to, and the plots are filled with the dramas, disappointments, joys, passions and humor of every-day life. Her newest release, Shore Feels Right, Gulf Shore Book 2 is a contemporary romance. ... "Romance with a lot of heart and a touch of humor."
Elle Rush likes to write smart heroines, funny dialogue, and alpha heroes who are a little scared of the women they're falling for. Her newest release, Drama Queen, Hollywood to Olympus Book 2 is a contemporary romance. ... "Live. Love. Laugh. Read romance. Elle Rush - writing smart, funny women and the men who love them."
Diane Saxon Characters have always been in a corner of Diane's mind, securely tied down while she worked long hours in a serious job, now she is letting them have their own way. Her newest release, Flight of Her Life is a contemporary, cowboy, Christmas, romantic comedy. ... "Romance to read with a glass of wine, a bar of chocolate and a sense of humour."
Rosanna Leo
Rosanna Leo is a multi-published, erotic romance author with Liquid Silver Books who lives and breathes paranormal romance. Her newest release, Predator's Fire, Gemini Island Shifters Book 5 is a paranormal, shifter, contemporary, romantic suspense. ... "Star-crossed lovers are my specialty."
Lynn Rae enjoys incorporating her quirky sense of humor and real-life adventures into her writing (except the naughty bits). She writes sci-fi, contemporary, and historical romances. Her newest release, Future Prospect, Love Under a New Star Book 1 is a science fiction, romantic suspense. ...
Jessica Cale is a historical romance author and journalist based in North Carolina. She kidnapped ("married") her very own British prince (close enough) and is enjoying her happily-ever-after with him in a place where no one understands his accent. Her new release, Tyburn, The Southwark Saga Book 1 is a historical, gothic, romantic suspense. Now available for pre-order at:
Sharon Callender Her stories are a delicious blend of spicy and sweet, with a sprinkling of suspense and adventure, and of course, a happy ending. Her new release, No One to Trust is a contemporary, romantic suspense. ... "Can you find love when there's no one to trust?"
Layne Macadam An avid reader of all genres, she particularly likes a happily-ever-after ending so is constantly on the lookout for a good romance story. Her new release, Desire Unleashed, Desire Book 1 is a contemporary, military, uniformed heroes, romantic suspense.
K.D. Friedrich By day, she crunches numbers, but by night, she's busy creating interesting worlds and compelling characters, hot alpha heroes being her favorite. Her new release, Cross My Heart is coming to Liquid Silver Books on January 15, 2015. "Endless romance, timeless passion."
Daisy Banks writes sensual and spicy novels in the Historical, Paranormal and Fantasy genres. Daisy uses a fresh and lyrical voice to weave a compelling and magical spell for readers. Her newest release, Valentine Wishes is a contemporary, fantasy, romantic comedy. ... "Fairy wishes are hot, but Poppy's aim is not!"
KaLyn Cooper melts fact and fiction together with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense. Her newest release, Christmas In Cancun, In Cancun Book 1 is a contemporary, romantic suspense.
Villette Snowe is the girl who makes the best dirty jokes that so few people hear, the girl who rarely looks you in the eye but scares you when she does and you don't know why, the one writing the intense romances you won't admit you read. Her new release, Love Me Not is a contemporary, ménage romance. ...
Laura Jardine studied engineering and worked in mineral exploration, but always wanted to be a writer. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend, and despite living in Canada her whole life, she hates winter. Her new release, Not for Me, Toronto Book 1 is a contemporary, romantic comedy. ... "She's found the perfect guy ... for her best friend. He's found the woman of his dreams ... but she's trying to fix him up with someone else!"
Haley Whitehall writes historical romance set in the 19th century U.S. A good book, a cup of coffee, and a view of the mountains make her happy. Her newest release, Wild and Tender Care is multi-cultural, historical, western romance. ... "Will the cruelty of the small western town tear them apart?"
Lynn Tyler An Amazon bestseller and a strong believer in happily ever after, Lynn writes predominantly male/male paranormal romance. Her newest release, Pierce's Choice, Pack Mates Book 5 is a GLBT, M/M, paranormal, shifter romance. ... "Because happily ever after can be sexy too..."
Amy Quinton Author and full time mom living in Summerville, SC, she enjoys writing (and reading!) sexy, historical romances. Her new release, What the Duke Wants, Agents of Change Book 1 is coming to Liquid Silver Books January 26, 2015. "What happens when a staid duke meets an accident-prone lady from trade? Anything."
Rhonda L. Print is the author of several published romance novels. Her newest release, Shadowwalker, A Leah Wolfe SINS Novel, Book 5 is a contemporary, paranormal, shifter, romantic suspense. ... "Escape to love, romance, intrigue and adventure with a bite of paranormal at"
K. Vale is an author of erotic romance of all stripes, from hetero sci-fi to hot manlove. Her newest release, Hard Act to Follow, Shooting Stars Book 3 is a contemporary, GLBT, M/M romance. ... "Come for the sex. Stay for the story."
Emma Weylin loves to create her own worlds full of magic and wonder. She believes love can and does conquer all things. Her newest release, Going Under, Secret Blood Book 3 is a paranormal, shifter, romantic suspense.
Jeanne Barrack Her love of all things Irish and Israeli color much of her writing of other worldly realms. Her newest release The Game is a contemporary, ménage, GLBT romance. Now available for pre-order:
S.E. Babin has a passion for writing romance, urban fantasy, and mystery novels with a paranormal twist. Her newest release, The Hunt for Snow, Fairytale League Book 1 is a fantasy, paranormal, adult fairy tale.
Skye Jones is an erotic romance author who loves a sexy, tortured hero. Her new release, Claimed By Love, Wild Hunters Book 1 is a paranormal, shifter, ménage, romantic suspense. Now available for pre-order:
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  1. for my website...

  2. Thanks for hosting LSB this week, Kayelle! XOXO

  3. Great group of authors, and I'm glad to be a part of LSB.

  4. I second the thanks for hosting us, Kayelle!

  5. Thanks for including me. I've very happy to have Wild Side at LSB, and I love this RLF blog -- great way to add to the TBR list.

  6. Happy to have all of you here today! LSB has always been a favorite publisher. ^_^

  7. Good morning RLF! I thought I'd start my day by posting an excerpt from my newest release, a romantic comedy - Tipping the Scales, The Zodiac Connection

    Eugene arrived at his apartment, tired and sore after working in the deli all day. His only desire--a hot shower and some food. Walking quickly into the bedroom, he stopped dead in his tracks when he came face to face with George. As in Washington.
    “Good God, man, you scared the shit out of me.”
    “Watch your language, Cupid, He is probably listening to this conversation, and you know how He hates it when you use his name in that manner.”
    “Okay, okay, I just wasn’t expecting anyone to find me so quickly.”
    Eugene watched a look of wonder cross the president’s face.
    “For crying out loud, what did you expect?” George demanded. “You leave Uranus without warning, take it upon yourself to toss out the plan of the council and get a job in a delicatessen slicing meat and making sandwiches. What the billy-blue-blazes did you expect?”
    Eugene was always amazed at how quickly George adopted the various phrases used by other council members. Hoping to overcome his image as a stodgy old president, he really worked to include colorful metaphors in his speech. “I expected you all to give me a little bit of leeway in implementing your plan. Cripe sakes, George! I know these humans better than the council. Most of the dead ones haven’t interacted with humans in thousands of years. They can’t possibly know the best way to deal with them.”
    “Darn it, Cupid, stop calling us dead ones. You know we are The Benevolent Order of Heavenly Souls.”
    “Yeah, yeah, the damn name is too long and don’t get me started on the acronym. What the hell is a TBOHS? Dead ones is easier to remember and faster to say, so live with it!”
    “Cupid, I didn’t come here to argue with you. I’m actually here to let you know the council isn’t upset with this change.”
    “Lovely of them to be so understanding!” Eugene tried to sound bored.
    “They want you to work with Mary Smith, find her a boyfriend. See if you can get them to fall in love without using arrows.”
    “Mary Smith. Who the hell is Mary Smith? No wait, you mean the girl from the park today. Good Zeus, you want the impossible.”
    “Good Zeus?” The look on George’s face was worth all this frustration.
    “Hey, you’re the one who said not to use God’s name any more. I’m just trying to swear without offending you or the big cheese.”
    “Cute. Real cute! Why does everything have to be a joke with you?”
    “Okay, all kidding aside, how the hell do you expect me to find a man for Mary? Did you all take a good look at her? Besides, she talks to herself.”
    “So much the better, Cupid, if you can work your magic on her, the rest of the population should be a piece of cake.”
    “Sure, pineapple upside-down cake.”

    Have a great day!!

  8. Michelle just hit me up on G+ with a request for an excerpt from In Season, so I thought I'd share a tease:

    Gilby lifted his head. “Just a moment, Halle and Onnika! We have company!” He glanced her way. “My sled hounds. They always get excited when I first come home. Those canines are the most loyal friends a man could ever ask for, and they’ve been with me since they were newborn pups.”
    “They’re both female?”
    His slow smile made everything inside her coil tight. “I really like females. Do you want to meet them?”
    “Yes.” The affection in his tone made her want to see him with the animals.
    “Right this way. They bed down in the kennel attached to the house.” He walked down the hallway to her left and opened a door that led to the hounds. “There are my girls.”
    She could see the canines were enclosed in a space large enough for them to walk around, but small enough to keep them out of trouble. It was warm and inviting, and the hounds smelled of excitement and happiness when they spotted their master. They were both as tall as Gilby. One was black with a white face and underside, while the other had the same pattern but with gold instead of black. Otherwise they looked identical. At least, she thought the hounds matched until they moved their feet.
    “What’s wrong with the dark one’s leg?” Miksa asked.
    Instead of resting on the ground, the front right paw was folded toward the animal’s ankle. The hound could step on it, but she obviously couldn’t put her full weight on the limb.
    Gilby petted the black-and-white hound. “Halle was born with the deformity—not that she ever notices it much. She loves to run. Most sleds are pulled by a single hound, but I use them both and put Onnika in front to help her sister. She keeps Halle moving forward in a straight line and makes up for her lack of strength on the right side. With the two of them pulling the sled and me not weighing as much as most men, I can really fly.”
    His pleasure and pride in his hounds was obvious. She also recognized that speed could be as valuable, or even more useful, than brute strength.
    Having greeted their master, the canines turned their attention to Miksa. She wasn’t sure how they’d react to her scent. Most animals grew agitated around the Children of Nanook since they sensed the predator beneath the skin. The gold-toned one, Onnika, responded with wariness and uncertainty, audibly sniffing without drawing closer. Ironically, it was Halle—clearly the more submissive hound—who was the first to venture closer. The hound kept her head low as she limped up to Miksa and smelled her all over. Halle must have been satisfied because she snorted and walked back to Gilby when she was done.
    “They adore you,” she observed.
    “The feeling is mutual.” Gilby continued to beam at his girls, as he called them, and ruffled their fur. Then he turned and gave Miksa an intense look. “You should know I take excellent care of what’s mine.”
    Just like that, the sexual tension that had filled her body returned. She grew hyperaware of her breasts, and she felt like she was melting between her legs.
    “You said you wanted to inspect my body,” he reminded her. “Maybe I should show you the bedroom?”
    Miksa responded with an anticipatory growl. She followed him out of the kennel and back into the main part of the house. His bedroom, she discovered, was a large but cozy space. A small fire heated the room, while the fur blankets on the bed promised a sensual treat.
    Gilby stood within the glow of the flames and pulled his shirt off over his head. He revealed strong arms and a chiseled chest and abs. She was pleased to see that he was well proportioned, though he was no less impressive for packing so much muscle onto a short frame.
    Her gaze tracked his tongue as it darted out to moisten his bottom lip. “How much do you want to see?”
    “Everything.” She didn’t even have to think about her answer.

    1. Ooh that's a good one! I like that!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Makes me want to find out what happens next.

  9. Thanks so much for having us! Thrilled to be writing in the company of such great authors! Today is the release day for my new historical, Tyburn. This is my first book and I am so excited to share it with you! Here is an excerpt:

    Darkness had fully settled over the forest and he was in no danger of being seen as they headed for the city. There were no new street lamps so far out of town, and as often as she glanced at his face, all she could see was the outline of his profile by the light of the moon. He moved soundlessly through the night as criminals must, the warmth of his hand in hers the only reassurance she had that he was still beside her.

    They reached the edge of Hyde Park and Sally felt Tyburn looming near before she saw it, the residual tragedy of the gallows rippling along the field in a mournful, near perceptible howl. Because she could not look away, she turned toward the evil and saw the fearful silhouette of the triple tree dark against the violet sky.

    This is your future, they seemed to whisper.

    In her heart, she answered, I know.

    She heard the brutal crack of Claude’s strong, young neck reverberate through the darkest corners of her memory, felt his cold lips against hers once more in a terrible promise, and in her bones she felt the stillness of one who is certain they are about to die. She was immediately aware of the unique texture of every breath she drew, the sweet sigh of the breeze whispering through her hair, and the dirt, the calluses, the very fingerprints of the hand in hers.

    So little of Sally’s life had been left up to her.
    She might have days, hours, mere moments left, but she would be damned if she wasted them.


    Tyburn is available TODAY on! I hope you enjoy it! You can find out more about me, my new series, and Restoration London on my website,

    Thanks for stopping by! :-)

    1. Congrats on the release, Jessica!! I love historical romance, adding this one to my TBR list.

    2. Happy Release Day, Jessica! I pre-ordered yours a while back. I cannot wait to get started reading...

    3. Congratulations, Jessica. I love historical. Great excerpt.

    4. Happy Release Day! Nice excerpt!

    5. Congratulations on the release! I can't wait to read this. Historicals are my favorite.

    6. Thanks, everybody! I hope you like it! <3

  10. Hi, it's great to be here. 'Tis the season for a quick romp... with a cowboy :)

    Bailey knew who it was the moment she heard the soft tapping at the door. A thrill quivered through her veins, and her short, sharp breaths of anticipation made her annoyed with him all over again. How dare he make her feel this way, when she was almost engaged.
    She wrapped his coat tight around her, and with a defiant toss of her head, swung open the door.
    He dangled a scrap of ivory satin and lace from his forefinger, let it swing enticingly.
    Raising one eyebrow, she studied the material. Nice, expensive. Unable to resist, she allowed her eyes roam further, letting them stray, taking in the cowboy’s trim waist, narrow hips, long, lean legs and—her eyes closed briefly in disgust—his god awful dirty cowboy boots.
    She let her lip curl and her eyes skimmed back up his body to his handsome face.
    “Where did you get them?” She crossed her arms over her chest, feeling a little stupid, as they unfolded again because of the bulk of his coat. She ignored the amused twitch of his mouth and tilted her head. “I guess you talked some little maid out of them?”
    He stretched the material between the fingers of both hands and gave a wide, cheeky grin.
    “Not so little. Have you seen the size of the ass on this?”
    Her mouth dropped open, her eyebrows slammed down, and she sucked in a sharp breath, ready to blast him.
    His little finger dropped a price tag and let it swing from the ivory panties.
    “Brand new. I caught an underwear shop just about to close.”
    She snatched the panties from his fingers and slammed the door in his surprised face.
    She leaned back against the door, pulse thrumming in the base of her throat as she tried to tell herself, it was the excitement of knowing she’d foiled the cowboy’s attempt to get into her room that had caused the surge in adrenaline.

    1. Love this. Nothing like losing your panties to focus the mind. Grand.

    2. Sounds like a fun read, Diane.

  11. Thanks so much for hosting us today!! Here's a snippet from my new twisted fairytale series from Liquid Silver Books, The Hunt for Snow. Enjoy :)

    I couldn’t help it. I blinked, opened my mouth to speak, shut it, and then blinked again. Rumpelstiltskin was drop-dead gorgeous. I looked over to Belle and Cyndi and both of them had their mouths wide open.
    A smirk appeared on his face. “Why is it everyone thinks I’m hideous?”
    “Ummm,” I said eloquently.
    He shook his head, said something under his breath, and gestured for us to sit around the large circular table in his dining room. It was made out of a dark wood, the surface scarred from years of overuse. We meekly sat down, amongst the disgusted grumblings of Robin Hood. “I swear,” he muttered under his breath, “you woman are all the same. Struck dumb at the sight of a pretty face.”
    “Shut up,” I muttered in annoyance. Rumpel was not just another pretty face. He was reminiscent of an ancient warrior, an angular face highlighted with strong cheekbones, and deeply tanned. A thin white scar ran down from the side of his right eyebrow to the bottom of his lip, but it did nothing to detract from his beauty. Instead, it just enhanced it. His eyes shimmered with ancient magic, a maelstrom of pictures and images floating through them. One moment gray, the next moment a haunting tawny gold, they were the most fascinating thing about him. Jet-black hair hung around his face and settled at the tops of his shoulders.
    He reached up to one of his cabinets, exposing powerful tanned arms, scarred from his upper biceps down to his lean hands. His face and body told a story of grudges and power plays and ancient feuds. He was both terrifying and gloriously beautiful.
    I glanced around at my friends, still struck dumb, then at Robin who was sitting at the table with his arms crossed looking pissed off at the world. I shrugged. “Yes, please. Thank you for your hospitality.”
    “Do not thank me yet,” he said, his voice a deep rasp as if unused for years. “We haven’t begun to deal.” He looked over his shoulder at me, those haunting eyes seemingly piercing through my soul and unveiling my deepest secrets. “You are here to deal, yes?”
    I swallowed and nodded.
    “Good.” Rumpel busied himself with clattering around the kitchen and serving us up some of the stew he was making in the massive pot on the stove.
    I sat there dumbly, staring at his powerful frame when Cyndi leaned over. “Close your mouth. You’ll attract flies.”
    I closed it and glared at her. “You’re just as guilty,” I accused.
    She smiled. “Hard to act normal around a vision like that.” Her gaze roamed over his body in a frank, appraising glance I’d never quite seen her use before.
    “Stop staring at me, orphan, or I will tear your eyes right out of your head.”
    Oh snap.
    Cyndi’s eyes widened and a brilliant, beatific grin spread across her face. I stared at her in horror. “Freak,” I muttered.
    “He likes me,” she whispered.

    1. I love new takes on Fairytales. I'll be sure to check this out.

    2. Rumpelstiltskin is a hunk? Who knew?

    3. Thank you! I had so much fun creating his character. He's always so reviled. It was nice to shake things up a bit :)

  12. My hero sees his heroine across a crowded room...

    She caught his eye and smiled, and if the earth had opened up and swallowed them whole, he would not have noticed as long as she did not break the connection. He was halfway across the room to her before he realized he had moved.

    What the Duke Wants, Agents of Change: Book 1 * January 2015

  13. Thanks for hosting us, Kayelle! I thought I'd give you a snippet from my latest offering, Predator's Fire, Gemini Island Shifters 5.

    “How much longer do I have to wait? I want to see Killian Moon. Now.”
    The feminine voice, strangely soft despite its insistence, echoed deep in his being, awakening his jaguar. The great cat roared to life, turned toward the office and inhaled deeply. Its eyes flashed in interest.
    Killian breathed in at the same time, catching the scent of cherry blossoms through the door. The sweet perfume, mixed with human outrage, proved a heady distraction, making him forget why he was there. Shaking his head, he tried to dismiss the odd sensation as Ryland opened the door.
    The door swung open and the first person he glimpsed was one of the clerks from reception, trying his hardest to placate the unexpected guest. “I’m sure Mr. Snow and Mr. Moon will be right back.”
    And then his gaze landed on the petite human. Tapered Asian eyes, so dark and mysterious, but rimmed with circles of exhaustion. Smooth, cinnamon skin hinted at a mixed background. Wearing no makeup, she appeared younger than she must be, but her presence and keen eyes pegged her at around thirty years old. She had a riot of curly, black hair and feminine curves that ought to come with a warning. He could see it now. Beware: this woman’s body will cause insanity in men. Even as she gesticulated at the clerk, her boobs jiggled in such a way his throat went dry.
    He pictured her in a corset, her breasts spilling over delicate lace edging, and almost forgot his name.
    This Nina Suzuki was damn hot and his jaguar seemed to agree. The animal licked its lips, its golden gaze assessing and appreciating every detail, from her rounded hips to her come-hither rack.
    Yes, the creature uttered on a frenzied breath.

    Available at:

    1. How I love your Preditors. So lushly descriptive and evocative of all things passionate. Cracking!

    2. Thank you, Daisy!! I appreciate it very much!

    3. This is great! Thanks for sharing!

    4. Sounds like a hot and sexy read.

  14. It's lovely to be here again. Thanks to Kayelle and LSB for the opportunity.
    I have to add my snippet from my historical A Gentleman's Folly. I sure I hope I've put it in the right place.

    Katherine yanked on his deep cuff to get his attention as he gawped, smiling at the commotion the woman caused. “Get us out of this caterwauling rabble, sir.”
    He swept off his hat and bowed, more theater than good manners. “Certainly, my bride. Fare thee well, my dear friends, I go to a better world,” he called like a convicted felon before handing her clumsily into a hired closed-coach.
    She waved farewell to Chloe, Mr. Knox, who gawped open-mouthed at his busy
    churchyard and didn’t respond to her, and a stern-faced Sir Francis, who glowered toward her husband. The coachman stowed her valise with a thump, and Charles half stumbled up into the coach. He gave a small laugh as he fumbled before he managed to yank the door closed and then sat with a grin.
    Despite the reek from his wine-soaked coat, she stood and tugged the window up to shut out the yowls from the swarm crowding about.
    The coach lurched forward, and her stomach churned. Leverret lounged opposite her. Eyes closed, he nodded with his hat and white wig askew. Before they’d gone a half-mile and lost the most persistent yells of those following, his head lolled, and jaw slack, he slept.
    She took the slender wedding band from her finger and bit it. The sharp metallic taste proved it brass, not gold. Vaguely disappointed, she shook her head. She could have been touched he’d bothered with such a trifle had it been genuine, but the ring was a mere part of the sham and meant nothing to either of them. She searched in her petticoats for one of her pockets and dropped the offending item inside, took out her small vinaigrette, and sniffed. The soothing vapor brought back memories of more pleasant moments.
    Leverret gave a loud, expansive snore.
    This would be the last disgraceful day of his conniving she’d endure.
    Folding her hands on her ribbon-trimmed stomacher, she rested her head against the thinly padded seat back and closed her eyes as the coach lurched and bounced along. Her bridal morn had not been the sort most women would dream possible. But, no matter how ridiculous, the morning’s indignity brought her a step closer to a fortune, enough to make her quite independent for life.
    “Brass ring indeed, Charles Henry Leverret. I’ll turn you into a man of some merit before I’m done with you.”

    Find out more about Katherine and me here:

    Twitter @DaisyBanks16

    Looking for the perfect gift? Buy a book and be remembered.
    Xx DB

    1. Great excerpt. Looks like a strong willed heroine to make a hero of some merit.

    2. Thanks for sharing, Daisy. Sounds like another winner.

  15. Thanks for having us today! This is an amazing group of authors, and I'm so proud to be included with them.

    Here's an excerpt of my latest LSB release:

    Kindle is fighting to survive on her own, to break free from her possessive and violent ex-boyfriend, and trying not to let her best friend, Anna, know she’s in love with her husband. Most of all, she fights the visions she sees of the past—she doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff.

    Then Anna is shot and killed.

    In their grief, Kindle and Ty, Anna’s husband and Kindle’s Taekwondo instructor, grow closer. Although Kindle is careful never to let him too close, he helps her learn to accept that her visions are real. Eventually, the truth about Anna’s death breaks through into Kindle’s visions, and she must find a way not to let it destroy her.


    1. Very intriguing, M.S. Best of luck to you.

  16. Thanks for having us! It is great to be on RLF with so many wonderful authors. Here is a snippet from my historical western romance WILD AND TENDER CARE.

    “Dr. Steere,” Miss Page said, drying her hands on her white apron. “What brings you to my little corner of Big Rock?”
    “I...uh...” He stepped down and walked over to her. “I hope you don’t have much work to do.”
    She motioned to a large metal bucket piled with clothes. “I’ve still got those to do. The men keep me busy,” she said and then gave a dry laugh.
    “Can you take a break?” he asked, stepping closer. “I didn’t realize so many people lived outside of town. I need a guide to show me the area.”
    She pointed a wet finger at her chest. “Out of all the fool things…you want me to be your guide?”
    He nodded.
    “And all the men in town are busy?”
    He shrugged. “Don’t know. I didn’t ask them.” He tilted his head toward the buggy. “I much prefer the company of a woman.”
    Miss Page eyed the buggy. “You rented that from Mr. Jackson, didn’t you?”
    “And you were thinking I’d just drop everything and say yes?”
    He wetted his lips and rocked back on his heels. “Well...I was hoping I could persuade you to join me.”
    She grunted. “I’m not that easy, you know.” Her gray-blue eyes sparkled. “I’ll have to think about it.”
    “I can wait.” He walked over to the porch steps and took a seat, enjoying the view from behind just as much as he had from the front.
    Miss Page proceeded to scrub a white shirt. She wrung it dry and looked over her shoulder. “You look like you haven’t seen a woman do laundry before.”
    He blushed and examined the tops of his black shoes. Staring was impolite, but he couldn’t help himself. “I have, but none with strawberry-colored hair.”
    “I heard the Indians prized women with blonde hair.”
    He met her gaze and smiled. “Not this one.”

    Available at:

    Find out more about me here:

    Where to find Haley Whitehall:

    1. Yummy, another historical!!

    2. Thanks for sharing your excerpt, Haley. Very intriguing.

  17. OK - Here comes another excerpt from What the Duke Wants:

    A soft, unexpected sound from behind him caused him to drop his glass. It landed on the rug with a soft clink. The hair standing up on his arms told him without looking who had just entered the room. Or was it simply wishful thinking?

    He pulled upon the last thread of his control as he turned about and painstakingly absorbed every detail of the vision standing just inside the doorway. Even though he knew it was she before he saw her, he was unprepared for the sight of Grace standing there silently before him. She was wearing a virgin-white cotton night gown with a floor length long-sleeved, wool robe—the nightwear of choice for the discerning spinster. And yet, she couldn’t have looked lovelier if he’d conjured her image up in his mind wearing the most provocative of lingerie. Her hair was down and loosely braided in a thick tail that hung over her shoulder to her waist. She was dressed for. . . bed.

    What the Duke Wants, Agents of Change: Book 1 * January 2015

    1. Fantastic excerpt - this looks like a great read. I'll be making with the 'click to buy' in January :)

    2. Thank you so much, Skye!

    3. A spinster with a sexy side. How fun!

  18. Just another short taste of a Christmas romp...

    The sweet aroma of horses, leather and Sebastian assailed her senses, winding through her consciousness and pricking memories she thought she had buried. Unwelcome memories she’d pushed firmly aside and concentrated on the present. Turning her mind to more current events, she idly wondered if he would bother to come and retrieve his T-shirt and gave a small smile as she thought about the important things in a cowboy’s life.
    He flung the door open so hard, it rebounded off the wall and shuddered as it bounced back, and came into contact with his boot.
    “Give me my hat back.”
    She grinned.
    Oh yeah, any cowboy worth his salt would come after his Stetson. She touched her forefinger to the brim of his hat and gave it a push, so it sat further back on her head.
    It felt comfortable. She’d forgotten how good they felt. It had been almost a year since she’d worn one and she’d never realized how natural it was until she slapped Sebastian’s on her head and smelled life again.
    She narrowed her eyes and peered up at him from underneath the brim.
    “Come and get it, cowboy.” Marilyn’s voice came out of her mouth, and she made it sound more like a seductive invitation than a challenge.
    Sebastian slapped the door shut and his long legged stride carried him across the room, faster than she could draw breath. He towered above her, vibrating with annoyance.
    She chewed on her bottom lip, watched his gaze drop to her mouth and delighted in distracting him, while she contemplated the handsome, half-naked cowboy in front of her.

    Liquid Silver Books
    Amazon UK
    All Romance

    1. Love the playful excerpt! I want a cowboy for Christmas :)

  19. A super hot excerpt from Isabel's Awakening.
    “Are you too sore right now?” he asked and then answered his own question. “Hmm probably … perhaps something different?” Oh goody, there would be more!
    She was a child in a candy store with permission to try everything.
    Thomas rinsed the soap from her hair and guided her to the corner of the shower, seating her on the built-in bench. He went on bended knee and carefully arranged her legs around his neck. She knew what he was going to do and couldn’t wait. This would be another first for her, and she was all attuned to these new experiences.
    He teased her with soft kisses all around her belly and thighs. Then he parted her folds and laved her with long, slow strokes of his tongue. She tipped her head back against the cool tile and tried in vain to stay still. Her calves tightened up against his shoulders, and he chuckled and blew against her sex. He gave a slight pull to her legs, making her slide out a bit more, and she was left perched precariously on the bench, more off the bench than on. He started to concentrate more on her clitoris, sucking and then licking in swirls around the swollen nub. He dipped the pad of his thumb into her, and she let out a moan. He was matching the circling motions of his tongue on her with the strokes of his thumb in her. Isabel didn’t know how much more she could take before she exploded again, but Thomas was not yet done with her sexual education.

    1. Who needs Fifty Shades of Grey when there's Isabel's Awakening?

  20. Thank you so much for hosting us today. I am a new author and so proud to be part of such an amazing group of writers.

    My new novel, Claimed by Love is released on 22nd December. It is a super steamy, menage tale about shifters. I'd like to share an excerpt with you:

    Sean Wallace stood on the decking, looking out at the perfect blue ocean where white tipped waves crested and crashed onto the shore. As he closed his eyes and turned his face up to the warmth of the sun a tingle started deep in his spine. His mate had returned.
    He turned with a smile as the front door opened and voices echoed in the large living space. Julie’s rapid-fire words drifted to him through the open patio doors only to be picked up by the wind and scattered out to sea. He didn’t move to go inside. He waited for Luke to come to him, loving the way his partner would always seek him out before doing anything else. His need to see Sean would be strong.
    Sean and Will had spent the morning unpacking and exploring the huge family home the group rented. Luke had taken Julie and Taylor to meet the leader of the local shifter pack, a common courtesy when wolf shifters traveled into new territory. Sean found himself left behind as the designated babysitter for their newest member, Will. He suspected Luke had also left him behind to avoid any other shifters touching Sean. His mate could be as possessive as hell. He let the rest of the pack touch Sean, but if anyone outside the pack even so much as slapped Sean on the back, Luke would get a hard look in his eyes that meant trouble.
    Not that Sean minded. He loved Luke’s possessive side. Their life was near perfect.
    “Hey.” Luke’s deep voice sent another shiver skittering up Sean’s back. “Miss me?”
    “Always.” Sean turned and buried his face in Luke’s neck. As he inhaled deeply, he heard Luke do the same.
    Soft lips nuzzled at him, moving down until they found the mating mark he’d placed
    on him when they’d bonded. Luke’s tongue laved over the spot, dragging a low moan out of Sean. It always hit him deep in his belly when Luke paid attention to the sensitive area.
    “How did it go?” he murmured as Luke continued his ministrations.
    “Crappy. The guy was a pain in the ass,” Luke said with a quirk of his lips. “I mean literally. Dude had this big old set of stone thrones like something out of a movie, and he offered me the one next to him. My ass went numb about twenty minutes in.”
    Sean waggled his eyebrows. “Maybe I’ll have to massage it later, bring it back to life.”
    “Ass CPR?” Luke snorted. “Sounds…interesting.”

    1. Congrats on the coming soon, Skye. Just in time for Christmas!

    2. Ass CPR... love it...

    3. Congrats on the upcoming release!

    4. Ass CPR. Learn something new every day! Best of luck with your upcoming release.

    5. Yes. Ass CPR is a required part of the first aid course isn't it?? Lol. Thanks for reading the excerpt :)

  21. Here is an excerpt from my first ever romance novel - Club Belle Tori - it's an oldie, but goodie ~smiles~!

    Pierre sat, waiting for Victoria to start flinging objections at him. Yet, after ten minutes of silence, during which time she had just stared, unblinking, into his eyes, he began to speak. "You know I love you with all my heart Tori."
    "Of course I do."
    "Then why do you fight me so hard on this matter?"
    "Is that what you think I'm doing, handsome? Fighting you? This is not fighting Pierre, this is accepting fate. I don't need a man in my life full-time. I'm happy with things as they are."
    "Fate? Happy? These words do not ring true Tori." Pierre's voice was sad. "I'm not willing to sit by and watch you grow ever more distant. It's time you started living completely again, and you can't do that without a life partner."
    "God Pierre, you sound like a mother hen. What's wrong with my life? I have you, I have the club, I have friends, and of course I have all the sex partners a woman could ever want."
    "It's not the same, all those sex partners, and you know it." Pierre's voice was getting frosty.
    "My darling Pierre," Victoria said her voice soft and placating, "I know you want what is best for me, and I'm not saying I won't find another man to love someday. Now is not the time, that's all."
    "When is the time?"
    "Baise! You're not going to let this alone, are you? You're going to push and prod until I give in and do what you want. So why in God’s name are we having this discussion anyway? Why the hell don't you just bring on the parade of men and get it over with?"
    When Victoria started swearing in French, Pierre knew he was losing ground. He was tempted to take her in his arms and kiss her delectable lips. She was losing patience and he knew it. Yet this was so important, and they had all night here in the tent to explore the pleasure of each other's bodies. Right now he needed to get her to agree with his plan, without of course knowing it was a plan.
    "Victoria, please! There will not be a parade of men," he hesitated, than added with a chuckle, "just one. All I'm asking is that you let me review incoming applications for membership and if the right man applies to the club, you let me arrange an evening. All I want is for you to give yourself over to the pleasure of one man for one night and see what happens."
    "Okay," Victoria sighed. "One man, one night. That's all. Then my handsome French lover, you let it drop and promise not to bring it up again for five years."

    Find out more at

    1. Oooh, I like Victoria. Feisty :)

  22. Thank you so much for hosting us. This is very exciting. I'm posting an excerpt from my book Blackout which is available now. It's a paranormal mystery where a female detective falls for a crime scene photographer who has a split personality. Sweet and shy one minute and aggressive and sexy the next. Unfortunately, he might also be killing people in his building when he's "not himself". Bummer.
    I noticed a flash in my direction, and when I spun toward the light, the crime scene photographer had turned away abruptly.
    It was the cute photographer I had shared a smile with at the precinct last week. Except now, he was trying not to be noticed.
    I finished my conversation with Kevin, and then tracked down the photographer standing by a car down the street. His back was to me as I approached. He only started to turn at the last second, when I already had his arm twisted behind his back and his face pressed against his car.
    “Why the hell are you taking pictures of me? Are you some kind of perv?” He was tall, and muscular, but he didn't put up a fight at all. This close, his eyes were an even deeper blue than I’d realized, though he wouldn't look directly at me. He was really cute, but still, if he was a perv…
    “No! I’m not. I swear,” he promised. I grasped his throat as I forced him to face me.
    “Tell me why you took a picture of me, and don’t tell me you didn't.” I just wanted to go home and try to get the images of the dead man on the street out of my head.
    He pointed to his throat as he whispered breathlessly, “I can’t. Choking.” I released him; he coughed and reached for his throat first, and then instantly checked over the fancy camera hanging around his neck. “Damn. You are strong,” he croaked as he rubbed his throat. He stood up a little straighter after the camera seemed to be fine. He was at least six inches taller than my five eight. His blue eyes were brighter with the excitement. I blinked so not to get caught in them.
    “Why did you take the picture?” I demanded.
    “It would probably be better if you just killed me, I’m going to die from embarrassment anyway,” he admitted with a small grin. He had a row of perfect, white teeth and full lips. I had to remind myself that some of the sickest people came wrapped in pretty packages.
    I swallowed before I grabbed his jacket and pushed him back against the car.
    “Tell me right now!” I said through clenched teeth as I started to lose my patience.
    “I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he said quickly, as he held up his hands in defense.
    “Oh, jeesh.” I stepped back and looked at him in disgust.
    “No! It’s not like that. I think you’re beautiful, but you are also the most intimidating woman I have ever known,” he attempted to explain while I glared at him. “I've been wanting to ask you out. But you’re kind of…scary. My therapist—God, I can’t believe I’m telling you this.” He looked up at the sky as if hoping some heavenly force would come save him from this moment. “My therapist told me to visualize myself asking you out before I did it for real. She didn't tell me to take your picture. That was my idea, and obviously a bad one. But I thought if I could visualize myself asking you while actually looking at your photo, it would desensitize me in some way. So I wouldn't be so terrified later.” He ran his fingers through his dark hair and looked at the ground, deflated. “I’m so sorry.” He held up the camera, and held it out so I could watch him deleting my pictures. “It won’t happen again. I swear.” He looked into my eyes. He was telling the truth.

  23. This is fun! I'm loving all the excerpts! Seeing authors' faces here on the blog is cool too. Now I know what Michelle looks like. I had this image of an angel with halo and everything cos she's always so nice. I figured, being a writer, she has a pair of horns she can tuck away. LOL She looks like real people. Who knew? :)

  24. Okay. Here's another excerpt from Claimed by Love:

    A soft knock came at the door and kicked her heart rate up a notch as she stood to answer it.
    The rhythmic sound of waves beyond the window reached her ears. She wiggled her toes in the soft, deep carpet, grounding herself. She’d be okay. She was in control and this was her choice. She repeated the mantra over and over to herself.
    Luke stood on the other side of the door, looking appropriately wolfish in the dark light of the hallway. Her heart started the usual frenetic dance it did in his presence. He frowned at her.
    “Don’t be anxious. I came to see if you wanted to join us, but I don’t want you to be afraid.”
    “What are you? Some sort of mind reader?”
    He flushed briefly before giving a soft smile. “Actually, right now it’s your heart rate giving you away. I can hear it.” His smile morphed into a cocky smirk. “It always shoots up when I’m near.”
    He cleared his throat and the confident mask slipped as his eyes darkened, and his face went from smiling to serious. “I want to apologize for what happened with Will. That’s not normally how it is, with the team…the pack. We’re tight, we’re family, we stick together no matter what. Don’t think if you return with us, you’d be signing up for mayhem and fighting.” He paused, but then his face broke out into a full on, wide grin, one that punched Kayley right in the gut with its beauty. “Well, there might be mayhem and fighting but not between us.”
    “Lots of mayhem and fighting, usually.” Sean appeared beside Luke. Droplets of water clung to his neck and still damp hair, which curled softly around his nape and hung down over his face. He wore nothing but pajama bottoms and Kayley let her gaze travel up his body.
    The man was fine! Lean hips barely held up the soft cotton clinging to them, a flat stomach led to a smooth, hairless chest and muscular arms. His blond hair and caramel skin created a soft halo in the dim hallway light.
    “Delicious, isn’t he?” Luke’s grin had ramped up to megawatt proportions.
    An aching, deep need filled her. She wanted to explode at the thought of these two men together, to be able to finally see her dream men playing in the flesh.
    “You know, I think I might be owed a kiss,” Sean said.
    Luke immediately cupped the back of his lover’s head and pulled him forward. He kissed Sean deeply, mere inches from Kayley’s face. Not a hard kiss, it still held a possessiveness that set her head to spinning. Those chorus girls were back, dancing up a high kicking Can-Can in her stomach.
    Sean laughed when the kiss ended. “Very nice, but I meant from Kayley.”

  25. Here is an excerpt from my interracial historical romance MIDNIGHT CALLER which takes place in the South after the Civil War. It is the first book in my Moonlight Romance series.

    A dark, handsome man sat on her bed and she wasn’t about to waste another minute. Stepping closer, she thrust out her chest—her bosom eye level with him. “Please help me undress.” More confidence worked into her voice.

    Frederick reached up with his long arms and carefully undid the first button, his fingers brushing the base of her throat. The buttons went all the way down the front of her dress. When he unhooked the buttons covering her chest, she drew a sharp breath. The heat traveling through the cloth made her nipples peak.

    He moved with unhurried grace, so careful as if he was afraid his strong fingers would tear the fabric. He lingered a second longer than necessary before moving to the lower buttons. Her pulse sped. She had never experienced such tender attention before. The thrill wound its way through all her nerves to her mound.

    Frederick slipped off the bed and onto his knees. His fingers worked on the last buttons. When his gaze fell between her thighs, she moistened. The lust in his eyes spoke to her body like nothing had before. He wanted her.

    She relished the thought, savoring it like a piece of chocolate.

    For the first time in her life she felt like a woman worthy of love. She had never felt wanted before. She yearned to form a connection with him. She reached out and grabbed his sturdy shoulders. He placed a kiss on the back of each of her hands. She tingled where his lips touched.

    After working her arms free, she let him pull the dress all the way down until the garment puddled at her feet. He eyed her petticoats hungrily, but hesitated.

    His restraint increased the adrenaline pulsing through her veins. She held the power. He was there to serve her.

    “You may take down my petticoats.”
    Frederick did as he was told. Now standing in nothing but her white silk camisole and drawers, she shivered, not from cold, but from excitement.

    She hadn’t bothered with the confining corset this morning. The impropriety gave her an unprecedented rush. She spent the whole day in the house anticipating this moment.

    Frederick reached down and took the bottom of the camisole in both hands. Emma nodded and he slowly pulled the chemise off over her head, revealing her light skin a little at a time.
    When he touched her drawers, she quivered. He pulled her drawers down quickly and she stepped out. His touch was so intimate she longed to have him roam his hands over all her curves. He was older than her—perhaps twenty-five and his expression told her he was eager to proceed. He knew much more about carnal pleasures than she did. She would enjoy the experience.

    He stood there, taking in her beauty. His six-foot-three frame slightly bowed, all his attention on her. Like she was the only thing in the world that mattered. Her insides twisted and she felt a conscious blush. Hopefully he liked what he saw.

    “What would you like me to do now, ma’am?” Frederick asked in a husky voice.

    Emma pointed to his trousers. “Finish undressing.”

    Available at:

    Find out more about me here:


  26. Time for some M//M romance! Here is an excerpt from my historical SALTWATER LOVER.

    When the captain reached him, Kojo’s pulse quickened, jumping several beats. The man’s green gaze scanned his muscular chest, glistening with sweat from the long walk. He wrapped a hand around Kojo’s chin, drawing his face gently toward him. His touch was not forceful as Kojo had expected, only enough pressure to direct the movement. The captain smelled of tobacco and rum and a spice Kojo couldn’t name. It was a manly, intoxicating scent.
    The man’s calloused fingers trailed down Kojo’s neck, lingering for a moment at the base of his throat. Kojo felt the man’s hot breath on his lips, merely inches from his own. His round face and toned arms made it hard for Kojo to guess his age. A few strands of silver were mixed into his beard and at his hairline but were hard to see—perhaps forty?
    Unbridled lust gleamed in the captain’s eyes and yet Kojo wasn’t terrified. It made him feel alive, wanted. Under the man’s predatory gaze, Kojo’s cock thickened, straining against the confines of his breechcloth. No man had looked at him or touched him like that before. And he liked it.
    The captain smiled, the harshness in his eyes easing by a fraction.
    Kojo’s cheeks burned.
    One of the catchermen laughed, peering at Kojo’s loins.
    The heat in Kojo’s cheeks spread throughout his whole body. He lowered his gaze, staring at his feet.
    The captain shouted at the laughing man and he shut up.
    The muscular white man guarding him started arguing with the captain. Kojo didn’t know what they were saying, but the man pointed at him. The captain must have told the man to guard another section of slaves, because his guard changed.
    Returning his attention to Kojo, he tipped up his chin as if to tell him not to be ashamed. Then he slipped his fingers around the sacred bead hanging on a piece of leather from his neck. Kojo figured the man was going to cut it off with the small knife hanging in a sheath on his belt. But he didn’t.
    The captain’s hand barely brushed his chest as he let go of the bead. The contact was so light Kojo wondered if he had imagined it. Gooseflesh rose on his arms. Then he was gone, leaving him alone with his strange, unmet desires.

    Liquid Silver Books:
    Amazon UK:

    1. Very mysterious, Shiloh. Thanks for the tease.

  27. Good evening everyone! My name is K. D. Friedrich. I hope it's not to late to give you all a quick blurb and an excerpt of my new contemporary romance. Cross my Heart is scheduled for release on 1/19/15.

    Struggling with the emotional and physical scars of war, Marine Pete Cross returns to his hometown, Heart Falls, New York, bitter and broken. The last person he wants to see is the stubborn tomboy from his past, Cara Sands. The guy code of ethics demands he keep his hands to himself where his best friend’s sister is concerned, but Cara never got that memo. Apparently, neither did Pete’s libido, because his desire for her is stronger than ever.

    Cara has no clue where the man she loves went, but she’ll do whatever it takes to bring him back. Pete tries to push Cara away with bitterness and anger, but she yanks him right back with understanding and patience. Her persistence drags them closer to an outcome that might destroy them both or show him, once and for all, the power of second chances.

    He scrambled off the bed, knocking over a lamp. The bulb popped, blanketing the living room in darkness. “It was a damn mistake coming here.” He staggered over to the kitchen.

    She hustled after him. “Pete what’s going on with you? You jump at everything. You’re starting fights everywhere. You’re drinking like a darn fish. You won’t talk to me. God, you don’t even look at me anymore.” He didn’t turn. He didn’t bother to respond. He opened the fridge and rummaged through the shelves. “What are you looking for? Stop it.” His silence made her furious. “I want answers.” She pulled on his arm.

    He spun on her, his eyes lethal. “You make me feel, damn it, when all I want is to be numb.” He crowded her, bumping her against the kitchen table. A bowl of fruit went flying to the floor. “Do you know how many times I dreamed of being with you? How many nights I stared at the black sky, heavy with smoke and death, wishing I was buried deep inside you?” No space separated them. The thick, hard bulge of his erection pressed against her inner thigh. “Cara, you don’t want to know what happened to me over there.”

    Tears formed in his eyes. All she wanted to do was wrap her arms around him, but she resisted. The man was in pain, a bone-deep kind of agony she feared he might not survive. “Let me help you, Pete. Please talk to me.”

    His fisted hands caged her against the table. He closed his eyes. Defeat etched in his features. All of sudden, his eyes sprang open. “Help me, Cara.”

    He captured her mouth in a blinding kiss. His hands cupped her cheeks, holding her in place. Wild and masculine, his taste exploded across her senses. Not waiting for acceptance, he took what he wanted, demanding submission. She tried to fight. A useless attempt once his tongue invaded her mouth. The man kissed with the skill of a dark angel. Dominant and possessive, yet laced with enough passionate flair to ensnare her body and soul. It didn’t take long for her to become lost in the arousal his embrace caused. His skill almost made her forget the last few weeks, but logic somehow broke through the erotic haze.

    For more information on Cross My Heart by K. D. Friedrich visit her Facebook page or Twitter account.
    Twitter: kdfriedrich_

    1. Nothing like a good second-chance story.

  28. I think I've added at least a dozen "book boyfriends" to my stable, thanks everyone!

  29. I'm late to the party, but happy to be included in the list of authors from LS Books! Thanks for hosting us this week! Here's a snippet from my latest Liquid Silver Books release, Remnants (Ghosts of Roseville book 2). Paulette has ventured into the attic of a once-haunted plantation house in Tennessee:

    Paulette’s attention fixed upon a black, flat-topped trunk with silver hinges and hasp. It hunkered in front of the mannequin as though daring her to approach. Grasping the handles, she pulled, but it didn’t budge. She tugged again but barely succeeded in shifting it an inch. What weighed so much in such a small trunk? Leaning down, she slowly raised the hasp and then the lid until the meager illumination in the room enabled her to peek inside.

    She lifted a packet of newspapers tied together with a satin ribbon. Peering closer, she determined they dated from the 1940s. Not ancient, after all. Not like the letters and journals from the mid-1800s found in other trunks. Still, old enough. Beneath the papers, a large maroon leather book nestled among men’s suits and trousers. She spotted an aged white cravat and matching formal shirt, fingering the silky material with delight. Silks and satins speared delight through her soul. Their textures and sounds blended into a symphony of pleasure. She grabbed the heavy book and hauled it from its nesting place, intent on reaching the luxurious fabrics.

    The leather warmed in her hands as she focused on the decadent silk cravat. Searching for a safe place to deposit the book among the dusty boxes and trunks, her fingers tingled then began to burn as though touching a flame. Ouch. She jerked her hands apart then tried to catch the book before it dropped from her hands. When it collided with the hardwood floor, it fell open, its pages fluttering before settling on an illuminated text. The ornate drawing of a great horned owl poised to strike, beak open, talons ready to snare its prey, curled around fancy script words. She peered at the sheet, reluctant to touch the page after the previous singeing of her fingers, but curious as to the mysterious message. She read the poem silently, and then sounded it out loud, pondering the meaning.
    “Before the father came the father.
    “Return the one gone before.
    “Restore the bygone to the present.
    “This I ask and nothing more.”
    “How strange.” She gingerly reached to retrieve the book and restore it to its proper place.
    With a roar of wind, the door banged shut behind her, startling a gasp from her compressed lips. The pages fluttered and whipped. The packet of newspapers soared into the air, its ribbon untying in the chaos, allowing the sheets to fly around like crazed paper airplanes. Her jaw dropped open, a gasp followed by a woman keening in fear. Her voice. Stop it. Get a grip. She swallowed the growing terror. She whirled around, practically spinning like a ceiling fan on high as she tried to determine what caused the wind careening about the room. An eerie whine preceded what sounded like a wolf howling to the moon. She gulped, alarm sizzling down her spine. Grizabella arched her back, and hissed at the commotion, ears flat, tail pointed to the ceiling. Paulette exhaled, her breath visible in the chilled room. She crossed her arms both to warm them and to protect her child.

    Quiet fell along with the papers settling like oversized snowflakes. She blinked three times, trying to erase the sight before her. But blinking didn’t work. She gaped at the tall, gray-bearded man in his impeccable suit and angled fedora. Gray highlighted his close-cropped black hair and matched his friendly eyes. He seemed vaguely familiar, yet she had never met him. Of that, she was certain. She’d remember him.

    “What a surprise.” He reached toward her, palms up. “How can I help you, my dear?”


    1. A ghost story, nice. Gotta get this one loaded!

    2. Very eerie, Betty. I'm hearing the Twilight Zone theme in my head.

  30. Hi, everyone. Glad to be on the RLF blog with so many wonderful authors. Happy release day, Jessica Cale. She is a guest on my blog at I invite everyone to check out my Gulf Shore series. You'll meet alpha men who aren't too macho to cuddle a baby dolphin in their muscular arms and who think that smart is sexy. And you'll meet woman who are looking for an equal partner and are committed to caring for and learning about marine life. You'll feel the sand under your feet, the sea breeze in your hair and the sun on your shoulders. You'll find lots of lovable animals, including sea turtles, a rescued dolphin calf and pilot whales, plus a talking parrot who will charm and entertain you. You'll go behind the scenes and see how an aquarium operates. And you'll be in the middle of such topical debates such as whether dolphins should be kept in captivity. In fact, right now I'm writing Book 3 in the series, titled Shore to Please in which the aquarium's head dolphin trainer, Paul "Flipper" O' Riley, tries to fight his attraction to Tara Langley, cofounder of an animal activist group that's protesting against Gulf Shore Aquarium. Sparks fly in a variety of ways in this book, especially when someone starts sending threatening letters to the aquarium. Come check out books 1 and 2, The Shore Thing and Shore Feels Right. Happy reading, everyone. Remember: Books make terrific gifts.

    1. Thank you so much, Annette! Your Gulf Shore series sounds just wonderful. I'll be sure to check it out -- I could use a trip to the beach! <3

    2. Come visit anytime, Jessica. It's not always sunny down here in Florida (Gulf Shore is a fictional west-central Florida town) but it's always sunny in our hearts.

  31. Here's a quick blurb from my new sci-fi romance, Future Prospect.
    Colan Nestor is a withdrawn mapmaker, finishing up his assignment on an isolated jungle world. He’s disgruntled when he’s assigned the role of liaison with an incoming crew of government workers tasked with setting up an administrative center to manage the settlement of the planet. Among the new arrivals is feisty Liliane Frei, a woman who effortlessly coordinates all the scheduling required for such an undertaking. She and Colan are forced to work together to ease the transition but find—as soon as they meet on the shuttle landing deck—their personalities clash as much as their attraction sizzles. Tension between the residents and newcomers rise and explosions rock the growing community. Will Colan and Lia survive the conflict and find happiness with each other?

    1. Readers can't go wrong with a feisty heroine.

  32. So when is book 3 making it's debut, Annette?

    1. I'm hoping to have it done by the end of February. And then it should be a fairly quick turnaround, which Liquid Silver is known for.

  33. I also write contemporary romance. My latest with Liquid Silver is First Choice, Second Chance. Here's a blurb:
    Conscientious Emily Fontaine is on a mission to prove her marketing and public relations skills. When she volunteers to restore a historic statue, she isn’t prepared for her attraction to one of her fellow committee members.
    Paul Ellison has stayed out of circulation since his wife’s death, but once he meets Emily, he can’t resist her quiet allure, despite the difference in their age.
    When the statue which brought them together is vandalized, and both Paul’s daughter and sister strenuously object to their burgeoning relationship, Paul and Emily realize the sacrifices they’ll have to make for each other. Will Paul have a second chance at love?

  34. Now for some humor. One disaster after another has befallen my heroine at dinner:

    It was hard to relax with ‘His Perfection’ seated down the table, but really, she could do this.

    1, 2, 3...

    She counted to ten in order to restore her equilibrium. Then, fork in hand, she pulled herself together and refocused on her plate: prawns. Still shelled. Her worst nightmare. But there was nothing for it. It would be rude to leave the little buggers untouched; therefore, she simply must persevere.

    Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

    Right. Think delicate gentility and the meat shall simply slide right out.

    Ha! Success!

    Grace looked around to see if anyone noticed her extraordinary glee over the success of such a simple task, and again, could not stop her eyes from straying to the duke near the head of the table. Had he looked away just as she looked up?

    Ha! Not likely.

    The next prawn was even larger than the first. Excellent. No problem then. Delicately hold the prawn steady, thus, and with gentle persuasion using the explicitly designed prawn fork, simply pull...

    “Oh. My. Goodness.”

    Of course, she said it under her breath so as not to draw attention to herself, but she did say that out loud. She watched with horror as her little prawn soared through the air. She didn’t dare move her head as her eyes followed its progression through the air, which seemed to arc down the table in slow motion. Alas, there would be no rescue from her guardian footman this time.

    And, oh dear, it was headed straight for Stonebridge. This could not end well.

    STONEBRIDGE, WHO HAD BEEN CONVERSING WITH THE DOWAGER DUCHESS OF LYME, FROZE in horrified amazement as he watched Miss Radclyffe’s flying prawn make its way down the table. Miss Radclyffe truly was a walking disaster. It amazed him how he could continue to be shocked by anything he witnessed happening within her presence.

    After commiserating with the poor footman’s pain and watching the flying fork, he still could not believe how things could possibly continue to go so completely wrong for Miss Radclyffe. Now this.


    He returned his gaze to the lady seated next to him whilst drawing forth his napkin from his lap. The Dower Duchess of Lyme, who had been talking incessantly up until now, froze; her eyes widened in shock. The prawn had narrowly missed her great beak of a nose, and she didn’t even know it. He, however, wasn’t so lucky.

    “You were saying, Your Grace?” he prompted. He refused to acknowledge the feel of prawn in red sauce sliding down the side of his face. He casually wiped his cheek with his napkin as he encouraged the dowager to continue whatever it was she had been saying.

    “N-Nothing, Your Grace. I was q-quite finished.” The dowager blinked once in quiet confusion before looking down and attending to her plate. She studied it as if she had never seen one before today.

    Stonebridge calmly folded his napkin and placed it next to his plate. He glanced down and noticed prawn sauce splattered all over his cravat and waistcoat. He ground his teeth as he drew on every ounce of his self-control; then he looked up and bored into the eyes of Miss Radclyffe.

    She grinned (grinned!) in return and wiggled her fingers as if in greeting. He couldn’t believe her audacity. She’d just flung a prawn into the side of his face, from down the length of a dining room table no less, and now, she sat there, without a hint of apology twinkling in her eye, laughing and waving merrily as if they were simply acquaintances passing by on the pavement outside.

    No one but he, and now the dowager, seemed to be aware anything was amiss, thanks to her sentinel footman and pure, dumb luck. He noticed she had placed her napkin on the table, a sign that she was finished eating. Good. It would be better for her to risk being rude and not eat, or even pretend to eat for that matter, rather than continue to tempt the hand of fate with additional opportunities for victual mayhem.

    What the Duke Wants, Agents of Change: Book 1 * January 2015

  35. How about a taste of a new paranormal, coming out Dec 15?? My name is Tami Lund, and I'm an LSB author too, and I appreciate you featuring us on your blog!

    Here's a little excerpt from Dawning of Light, Lightbearer #2:

    Finn snorted. Cecilia narrowed her eyes again. “You are the most annoyingly frustrating male I have ever experienced in my life. And trust me when I say I have come across some exceedingly annoying men.”
    “I’m sure you have. You attract them like damn flies.”
    Unfortunately, she couldn’t disagree. He was right. She did have the uncanny ability to attract the worst possible type of male.
    “I’m surprised you aren’t falling at my feet, begging for my attentions,” she retorted, figuring it was the best insult she could come up with at the moment. She began walking, and Finn fell into step beside her again.
    “You aren’t my type.”
    “Oh, really? What is your type?”
    “Not annoying. Not disobedient. Not intent upon putting herself into danger on an all-too regular basis. And not so damn skinny.”
    Cecilia stopped walking again. She flung around to face him, fisting her hands on her hips. “So damn skinny? What the hell does that mean?”

    My website:

  36. Hi again. Here's an excerpt from my latest book, Shore Feels Right:

    Here's an excerpt:

    Eager for a legitimate excuse to leave the table, Monica offered to check on their orders. She headed to the well-worn wooden bar to speak to Pete, who mixed drinks and filled pitchers like a madman, and stopped a few feet from the barstool where a guy who looked familiar sat alone, nursing a mug of beer. They nodded at each other as Monica tried to remember his name.
    “Cosby Williams,” he supplied.
    “What?” Had he read her mind? She’d seen him in Barb’s before talking to Evan and two of the aquarium’s dolphin trainers, but they hadn’t been introduced.
    “That’s my name. In case you were wondering.”
    “What gave you that impression?”
    He shrugged. “The way you looked at me implied it.”
    “Yeah? And what way was that?”
    “Like I’m not a total stranger but you don’t know me, either.”
    “You’re pretty perceptive, aren’t you?” Sarcasm tinged her voice. She’d ruthlessly repressed that particular personality trait but still let it loose occasionally.
    “I try to be.” If he noticed her flippant tone, he ignored it. “Right now, for instance, you’re deciding whether I’m worth talking to and if you should tell me your name.”
    “Actually, I’m debating whether you’re charmingly candid or irritatingly blunt.”
    Cosby laughed and Monica’s long-dormant libido stirred to life.
    “How about a little of both?” he suggested. “But don’t worry. I didn’t come here to pick up women. My brother and I are celebrating tonight.”
    “Oh? What’s the occasion?”
    “Our business, Nauti-Toys watercraft rentals, has its grand reopening in two days.”
    Suddenly the light of recognition switched on. “Now I know why you look familiar. I saw your picture in the paper the other day. The story said you two have given the place quite a makeover.”
    “We’ve worked our asses off. This is the first chance we’ve had to take a breather.”
    Monica stepped back and assessed his very fine jeans-covered rear end.
    “What? Did I sit in something?” Cosby twisted to look at the seat of his pants.
    “No. Just checking to see if you told the truth about working your ass off.”
    He grinned and Monica felt it like a punch to the gut. Whoa! She resisted, just barely, the urge to lean forward and taste his tantalizing lips. She shook her head to clear it, and Cosby furrowed his brow as though trying to figure out what she was thinking.
    “Now that you’ve seen the goods, what’s the verdict?” he asked.
    “Why, Mr. Williams, are you fishing for a compliment?”
    “On what?”
    “On whether you’d think less of me if I was.”
    “You’re very straightforward, aren’t you?” she observed. “I like that.”
    “I have plenty of other commendable qualities, too.”
    “Such as?”
    “I send my mom a thank-you card on my birthday. I don’t leave the toilet seat up. I never give women kitchen appliances as gifts. I bowled nine strikes in a row once. I love kids, and they adore me. And I feed stray cats that hang out at Nauti-Toys.”
    “Wow, all that and movie-star handsome, too.”
    Cosby blushed and the unexpected show of humility charmed her.
    “What can I say, I’m a good guy. Except, of course, when I want to be bad.” He winked and Monica laughed despite her best intentions. “How about I buy you a drink?”
    “You’re the one celebrating,” she pointed out. “I should buy you a drink.”
    “You’re making me work for it, aren’t you?”
    “And by ‘it’ you mean what, exactly?”
    “Your name.”
    Many women already would’ve scribbled their phone number on a napkin. But Monica couldn’t afford to make another mistake with a man. Then she stared into eyes the color of a Caribbean sea and thought, oh, what the hell.

  37. Here's a little more information on books 1 and 2 in the Gulf Shore contemporary series, set in the fictional west-central Florida town of Gulf Shore:

    The Shore Thing: Danielle “Dani” Davidson vows to just say no to workplace romances after her first post-college job is soured by a messy breakup with a manipulative coworker at a fish hatchery. That’s just one reason she doesn’t trust any man with her heart, let alone one who swims with sharks for a living. So why can’t she get cameraman Evan Sanders out of her mind?

    Evan is twice shy, too, after an alluring but self-absorbed colleague at Gulf Shore Aquarium takes a bite out of his heart. Thought he’s dead set against dating anyone else he works with, he’s intrigued by Dani’s shyness and tempted by her intelligence and low-key sexiness.

    Sharks, a stingray and an orphaned baby dolphin help bring them together, but will Dani’s inhibitions and Evan’s career aspirations ultimately tear them apart?

    Shore Feels Right:
    Once a pariah among her coworkers, marine biologist Monica Sims has spent months reinventing herself as she seeks redemption. A history of failed relationships leaves her leery of romantic involvement until she meets Cosby Williams, the new co-owner of Nauti-Toys watercraft rentals.
    As things heat up between them, Gulf Shore Aquarium responds to the stranding of a group of pilot whales. When a billionaire bachelor lends his private plane to the rescue effort, Monica catches his eye—and an obsession is born.
    How will she cope with the unwanted attention? And will her past sins come back to doom her newfound happiness with Cosby?

    Come visit me on my website:

  38. He was perfect.

    Perfect for her friend Maya, who hadn’t been on a date since the oh-shit-I’m-engaged-to-a-criminal fiasco. Kristy hugged a romance novel to her chest and grinned. Such luck! She’d been trying to find someone for Maya for ages.

    He was standing around the corner in the science-fiction section. Built like a tank—her friend would like that. But she wasn’t sure how Maya would feel about the mustache. Kristy wasn’t normally big on mustaches either, but it suited him. She was trying to figure out why that was when he looked in her direction.

    She quickly turned her head back to the shelf in front of her and grabbed a book at random. Werewolves. Not her thing, but she read the blurb anyway. She couldn’t believe he’d caught her staring at him. How embarrassing.

    She returned the werewolf romance to the shelf and pulled out another novel. The man on the cover was shirtless and totally ripped. She glanced at the guy by the science-fiction shelf. Did he look like—

    No, she wouldn’t go there. Maya.

    Plus she’d gotten out of a relationship only two weeks earlier, and he wasn’t her type.

    This guy—Maya’s new guy—had two books in his left hand. Probably his to-buy pile. He was holding another book in his right hand and reading the back cover.

    She had a feeling he was kind and intelligent and had a good career and wanted to settle down, and he didn’t have several women and an illegal job on the side.

    Yes, just from looking at him. Which she was doing again now.

    1. That was an excerpt from my last release, NOT FOR ME. I hit publish before I added that...

    2. We all know how opposites attract, Laura. Looks like a good read.

  39. Hi K. D. Friedrich popping in! Here's another excerpt from Cross My Heart. Coming on 1/19/15 from Liquid Silver Books.

    Excerpt: *Language warning*

    Pete pushed off the pole and gawked. Not a word left his mouth because his speech remained locked behind the boulder-sized lump lodged in his dry throat. Cara strolled up to the group, wearing a gown that clung to every luscious curve. Dropping his gaze, he discovered her hard nipples pressed against the thin, silky fabric, offering an undeniable enticement meant to torment him. It was bad enough he had sat up at night imagining where that sexy tattoo decorated her lovely skin. Now, he had the image of her in that damn dress to torture him. She turned her back to him and his gaze traveled lower, noticing the absence of a panty line. Holy Mary, either she left her perfect ass bare or she wore a fucking thong. Both observations made him fill out the front of his dress slacks.

    “Perfect,” he whispered.

    In each corner of the parking lot, males stopped and eyed her with lust. A fact he found infuriating. She wore little makeup. She needed no false decoration. Nature blessed her with innate radiance. Her one blemish was the rat bastard clinging to her side.

    Morrison kept her arm locked in his grip. His three-piece suit, Armani or some shit no doubt, cost more than Pete’s entire wardrobe. Not that money impressed Pete. It took a lot more than a wad of cash to earn his respect.

    John elbowed him in side, as if he hadn’t seen her. For Christ’s sake, the woman glowed like the desert sun off the Afghan mountains. She blinded him with radiance. John eyed Stan, giving him a stern once over. Like Pete, John would do anything to protect Cara, but where John’s protectiveness derived from brotherly love, Pete’s resulted from unadulterated lust and infatuation.

    “You clean up real nice, sis. Don’t she look nice, Pete?”

    Pete nodded and dropped his gaze. “She looks beautiful.”

    “Thanks. It took a lot of effort getting this thing on.”

    “I hope it will take as much effort getting it off.” John passed a sideways glare at Stan.

    “Really, John?” she snapped.

    “Just a joke, right, Pete?”

    Pete didn’t laugh.

  40. Finally time for an excerpt. Hot shape-shifters, anyone?

    He rose slowly, and she stood also, inches away from him.

    “Kiss me.”

    He stared at her, frowning. “You want to get close to me, after what just happened?”

    “Dylan, I like you. Our little session at the clinic got my motor running and I think we should be able to pursue this.”

    Lust and caution battled inside. He really did feel calm, and Morgan seemed intent on getting her way. Still, the thought of hurting her again was unacceptable. “If we wait a few days, I won’t be so aggressive.

    Morgan put her arms around his waist. “Let’s give it a try. You kissed me back at my office and nothing happened. Do it again.”

    He did. It was just as fine as before. Her lips parted and he slid his tongue into her mouth, meeting hers. The wolf prodded at his senses as his pulse sped up, but he pushed it away and concentrated on the sensation of touching Morgan. He ran his hands along her torso then stopped at her breasts and rubbed her nipples through his flannel shirt. She moaned into his mouth and his cock hardened again.

    “So far so good?” she asked, pulling away.

    “So far so good. I can feel my body trying to change, but I’m fighting it.”

    “Is this too difficult? Do you want to stop?”

    “No, let’s keep going.”

    He pulled her close again and buried his face in her neck. He licked her skin then gently bit her earlobe, and she moaned. Despite her attempt to cover it, he smelled her woman scent. He shuddered with deep longing. He’d almost forgotten the feeling of holding a woman close, of having a warm body next to his.

    He unbuttoned the shirt with shaking fingers. Lowering his head, he kissed her collarbone, then lower, until he reached her nipple, already stiff. He took it lightly into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue while he squeezed her breast. She began to squirm. He pulled his mouth away and with his thumb, rubbed the hard peak then pinched it lightly and rolled it between his fingers. He did the same on the other side, now sucking harder, and pulling the engorged tip with his lips.

    The feel of her hand on his cock almost made him jump. She squeezed, tentatively, then harder, pulling slowly. He tried to focus on her warmth and softness, not her musky scent that made him want to drag her down with him to the floor, spread her legs and take her.
    It was no good. Try as he might, he couldn’t halt the primitive force that raged through his body and demanded release. With a growl deep in his throat, he pushed her away. “That’s all, Morgan. I can’t control it anymore. We need to stop.”

    Her chest rose and fell rapidly and her face was flushed. Damn, she looked good, all hot and ready, her nipples standing up straight, her scent drifting toward him. He took another step back and cursed. Why had he even tried? Why torment himself this way? He would never have this again. Never.

    She buttoned the shirt. “Do you want to…”

    “No! I don’t want to do anything but finish getting drunk. Just go. Now.”



    He turned his back, and after a moment heard the door open then close, bringing in a gust of chill air and wafting a last scent of Morgan.

    Ruled by the Moon buy links:

    Liquid Silver Books:
    Barnes and Noble:
    Google Play:
    All Romance:

    Naomi Bellina
    Provocative tales of love, lust, passion and magic

    1. Nothing like a hot kiss and some other action to bring out a guy's inner wolf.

  41. These books all look fabulous! I'm honored to be among the talented authors at LSB. I've got to finish packing now for a short trip but plan to keep celebrating with y'all the rest of the week here at RLF.

  42. Thanks for hosting, Kayelle. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the excerpts today.

  43. Looking forward to more LSB fun the rest of the week.

  44. What a great day...thanks to one and all!

    Join us in a few short hours for Spotlight on Christmas!!

  45. I've got one other hot excerpt to share...and this one is currently FREE at iTunes/iBooks!
    Predator's Kiss starts my Gemini Island Shifters series. Great time to pick it up at :

    Some bastard shot her.
    The horrible rush of emotion that churned inside him almost made him stagger. The proprietary urge to seize her and make her better was only rivaled by the keen desire to make the shooter feel the same level of pain. Ryland didn’t think he’d ever wanted to hurt someone so badly in his life. Christ, he would have gladly ended the little shit’s life for touching her.
    He ran a hand through his hair and caught a breath. Oh my God, what is happening to me?
    Lia turned around and her face softened in sympathy. “Ryland, you’re green. Are you going to be sick?”
    He leaned against the door, as a wave of strange, lust-tinged nausea overwhelmed him. “There’s a distinct possibility.”
    “Oh,” Lia cooed, rushing right over to him. She stood on tiptoes and laid a small, cool hand on his forehead. “What brought it on?”
    He gazed at her, painfully smitten to the core. His inner bear taunted him. She’s our mate, you head case. Mate with her! Take her. “Beats me.”
    She frowned. “I can’t tell if you’re feverish like this. Bend over.”
    “Pardon?” he asked, highly amused even though his queasiness.
    She smirked. “Wrong choice of words. I wasn’t planning on taking your ass temperature. I meant crouch lower for me. You’re so damn tall.”
    Ryland crouched, narrowing his eyes in suspicion.
    Once his face was at level with hers, Lia leaned in and dropped a soft, lingering kiss on his forehead. His already lambent temperature soared. “What did you do that for?”
    “Didn’t anyone ever check your temperature that way?” she replied softly. “The lips are more sensitive to heat.”
    Ryland stared at her lips. “I’m not sick, Lia.”
    Her gaze dropped to his lips as well. Her eyes fluttered. “Then what are you?”
    A low growl sounded deep inside him, building in intensity and need. He raised himself to his full height and pulled her body flush against his. “I’m hungry.”
    Ryland leaned over and covered her mouth in his as the animal inside him fought for release. Lia didn’t fight it either; she clutched at him, winding her arms around his neck. He was careful not to hurt her wounded arm, but held her tight, so tightly she was lifted from the floor and her feet dangled under her.
    With every taste, with every sensual glide of their tongues, the need to make her his grew. Ryland reeled, feeling more at the mercy of his beastly instincts than he ever had before. This wasn’t just carnal lust. This wasn’t simply the need for a fuck. Something had reached inside him and scrawled Lia’s name on every part of him that mattered.

  46. I’m so late to the party! I was on holiday abroad and came home to a front row seat to the strongest typhoon to hit my region this year. But better late than never, right? So here’s an excerpt from the latest book in the Chronicles of Ylandre series by Eressë – In Fine Form.

    “Provided he knows when and where to use his talents.”

    Yandro could not help bristling a little at what seemed like disparagement of his character. He said nothing but he returned Jareth’s gaze with a smidgen of ire.

    Jareth’s lips unexpectedly parted into a wide grin, which left Yandro breathless from shock. Had he ever seen such charming dimples before? Not that he could recall. Veres almighty, it should be a crime to be so attractive, he inwardly grumbled.

    “He has pluck,” Jareth remarked. “I find it refreshing.”

    Rohyr chuckled. “After all the boneless, over-deferential aides you’ve had at your beck and call, you would.”

    “Now, Roh, over-deferential mayhap, but not boneless. It takes a goodly amount of strength in mind and body to succeed in the corps.”

    “Yet they all seem to lose their wits and restraint once subjected to your lethal charm,” Rohyr retorted. “Admit it, you’re much too attractive for your own good. Or at least, in order to keep a decent adjutant longer than a year’s span.”

    “That’s hardly my fault. I don’t ask my aides to bend over for me.”

    “Nay, they do so of their own volition given the least encouragement from you.”

    “And a mere smile is encouragement enough?”

    “In your case, apparently.”

    Jareth rolled his eyes. “Rest you, I shall endeavor to keep my charm bottled up until such time I must unleash it on Deira unfortunate enough to warrant its usage.”

    Yandro gaped at the suggestive banter between the two and the rather alarming implications of their exchange. He remembered to shut his mouth when Rohyr addressed him.

    “I trust you’ll manage to keep him at bay, Yandro-min. For the sake of your heart and sanity, it would be best if you did.”

    “Of course, Your Majesty!” Yandro replied, more fervently than he intended. He experienced a shiver of trepidation when Jareth’s eyes twinkled with what could only be a challenge and his lips curved into a smirk. Yandro drew himself up to his full height and stoutly said, “I swear I won’t let you or Lord Jareth down.”

    Jareth responded with a smile that was as wicked as it was dazzling. “It will be interesting to see how well he rises to each occasion.”



    Rohyr shook his head in seeming exasperation though a grin tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Have pity on him, cousin. At least for the first few months.”

    Jareth sighed almost theatrically. “I shall do my utmost.” He held out a hand to Yandro. “Rohyr wishes to name you my aide at court this afternoon, so we’d best accustom ourselves to working together soonest.”

    Startled by the swift and sudden change of his fortunes, Yandro hastily returned the gesture and found his hand locked in a firm grip. “I’ll do my best not to disappoint you, Dyhar,” he murmured.

    Jareth held his hand a while longer than the usual. The twinkle in his eyes turned into a speculative gleam. “I don’t think you will,” he said, his voice all soft and silky.

    He regarded Yandro as a kit might eye a bowl of fresh milk.

    Yandro swallowed hard. He would have to pray daily for patience and fortitude. It appeared he would need both if he hoped to survive service to Jareth Hadrana.

    Available at Liquid Silver:

    Tales by Eressë:


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