February 10, 2015

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Call Me Valentino 
The Call Me Valentino anthology brings five authors together with the same assignment: Write a story about Valentino, who is in his early 30s, dark hair, blue/gray eyes and his primary objective (or so he thinks) is to find his baby brother.
Well, off we each went to write our Valentino's story with no idea of anyone else's vision of him. We're thrilled to unveil Valentino set in 5 different worlds. We're certain there's at least one Valentino for everyone!

The Matron by Kirsten Osbourne

Tino Hayes is a man with a mission. He is so dead-set on finding his brother that he almost loses the love of his life. It's a long journey for him and not just the road he's traveling with a bus full of fifteen orphans. He grows in a lot of ways throughout the story and finally is able to settle down with his dream woman.

Valentino "Vin" Jackson from Underdcovers by Jamie Lee Scott

Vin has been on one mission from the time he was first put into the foster system, find his little brother. As a kid, he couldn't get any information, but now he's an adult, and trying to make up for lost time. He thought the best way to do this was to get an education and become a member of one of the country's most connected crime fighting groups, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Even though much of his time is spent doing the job he was paid to do, he spends considerable time outside the job using the FBI's resources, looking for ways to track him down. In his single-minded endeavor, he's forsaken any permanent relationships. On his nights of prowling, he often finds himself depressed, and going home with a woman whose name he doesn't even remember the next day.
As Vin ages, now in his third decade, he's tired of going it alone, but hasn't found a woman he'd care to settle down with. Or a woman he'd even share his story with. Until he's teamed up with Ellis Boyd. She just may be his undoing, but in the long run, she also has resources of her own, and a mind that could help him track his brother down. He needs to know, did little Teto have a good life? Is he okay? If not, he'll never forgive himself for letting the adults separate them.

The Brute and The Blogger by Olivia Gaines

Tino Boehner is a self-made man who has worked hard to get everything he has but he is the type of guy who wants a woman to challenge him. He has that in Ebony Miller. I wanted to write an interracial story about a man who has lost something that he is trying to reclaim – an identity. In the process he has a five year symbiotic relationship with Ebony through her blog that fuels and lights a fire under him, although they have never officially met in person. When they do meet, there are more than just sparks in her words on a screen; the ones that come out of her mouth are equally as powerful. He gives as good as he gets and the banter between the two is fiery, and clever.
The story is sexy as the two dance about each other as she finds out that there is a whole lot more to Tino Boehner.
Tino, through manipulating the circumstance, finds a way to spend more time with Ebony on a day to day basis and realizes her words have more power over him than he imagined.
I know readers will relate to them both as Ebony finds her true voice and Tino finds a deeper meaning in what family truly means to him. The Brute and the Blogger is the intro to a much larger story about the Boehner's which is completed in the follow up story A Menu for Loving.

Highlander, The Archer by Hildie McQueen

Two ideas at once came to mind when penning Highlander, Valent. First he was to be rather broken and secondly, why not an archer since this is a Valentines Day anthology and the whole cupid thing.
Valent is a breathtakingly stunning man with more hang-ups than a walk-in closet. After being abandoned as a child and then continuously mistreated while growing up by the clan, he has a rather hard time of it. When the laird's daughter Ariana falls head over heels in love with him and seduces him, it's surprising to see how different he is when in the privacy of the bedroom. The natural born leader takes charge. I hope readers will relate with this resilient hero and he earns a piece of their hearts.
Valent's story will continue in two additional parts, which will be published separately. Highlander - The Archer is the beginning of a new series.

The Vampire's Penance by Jordan K. Rose

When deciding who my Valentino was I knew right away he was a member of The Vampire Guard, a group driven to protect the residents of Central City in the aftermath of the Panthera Laboratories fire. I also knew Rafe Valentino was holding onto something so painful, so horrible that he had shut himself away from having relationships with anyone other than his brother.
In an effort to stop his brother from ending up dead Rafe finds himself in the weakest position he's ever experienced, which forces him to let down his guard and allow someone else to care for him. In spite of his circumstance he tries to protect those around him, sheltering them from his savageness, this time by forcing Maddie Van Kool to see the truth of what he's done.
The Vampire's Penance is Novella 5 in the Romance In Central City Series.

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Title Call Me Valentino
Genre Romance, Anthology
Author Kirsten Obourne, Jamie Lee Scott, Olivia Gaine, Hildie McQueen and Jordan K. Rose
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

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