May 3, 2015

Dark Stranger a new #pnr #shifter romance by @lisacbooks #RLFblog #PNR

This quick interview includes info about the author, and introduces the story.

About the Author

Lisa Carlisle is a USA Today Bestselling author of romance and suspense. She loves stories with dark, brooding heroes and independent, caring heroines. Lisa feels very honored to be a multi-published author since she's wanted to write since the sixth grade. Her travels have provided her with inspiration for various settings in her novels. She backpacked alone through Europe, and lived in Paris before returning to the U.S. Now she lives in New England with her husband, two children, a cat, and many fish.

Interview with Lisa Carlisle

Why did you write this book?
Dark Stranger is part three in the Chateau Seductions trilogy. The manager of the art colony is a loyal companion to the owner of the chateau, Antoine. Since Cameron was first introduced in book 1, Dark Velvet, I knew he deserved his own story. How did he end up working for a supernatural being on a remote island when he is human? How does he feel about the isolation?
With the wolf shifters coming to the island and his wariness of shifters from an earlier altercation, I wanted to see what would happen with him paired up with one of them. And oh my, the forbidden attraction is hot! Especially when Nadya resists the idea of her mate being human.
What is your favorite genre to read?
Paranormal romance, especially shifter romance at the moment.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
I’m a sucker for dark, brooding characters. My favorites are Dracula and Heathcliff, and if we’re including movies, Darth Vader. I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with him.
What are you working on at the moment, and will see from you in coming months?
I’m finishing up a short story with one of the characters from the Chateau Seductions series. Also, I’ve started book two in the Highland Gargoyles series, the follow up to Knights of Stone.
Please tell us about your latest book.
Dark Stranger is part 3 of the Chateau Seductions trilogy
Wolf shifters come to Chateau seeking a missing pack member. During an altercation, Cameron Stevens, the manager of the art colony, is separated from the others. He ends up alone with Nadya, one of the female shifters.
Together, in the forests of DeRoche Island, they struggle against conflicting feelings. In addition to battling each other as well as their mistrust, they fight a powerful, inexplicable attraction to one another—one that leaves them irrevocably entwined.
They’re mates? Cameron can’t comprehend or accept such a thing is possible. They’re two different species and their worlds don’t mesh. He can’t fight the heated desire burning between them and her touch is impossible to resist. His heart and mind aren’t on the same page where she’s concerned. One thing is certain—Nadya is stamped on both.
Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Shifters, vampires, gargoyles

About the Book

Title Dark Stranger
Genre Paranormal romance
Author Lisa Carlisle
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

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