May 9, 2015

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Ruth Kaufman author of Follow Your Heart answers five easy questions to help readers get to know her better.

Author Bio

Ruth Kaufman is a Chicago author, on-camera and voiceover talent and freelance editor and speaker who loves chocolate peanut butter milkshakes and singing in a chorus.
Her second medieval, FOLLOW YOUR HEART, released in April. Writing accolades include Romance Writers of America® 2011 Golden Heart® winner and runner up in RT Book Reviews’ national American Title II contest.
Learn more at and Follow her on Twitter: @RuthKaufman or Facebook: Ruth Kaufman Author & Actress.

Describe the perfect vacation.
The perfect vacation I already had was to England and Wales in part because I spent a night in two different castles. One (Amberley) was more medieval, and the other (Thorndale) more modern, but both were amazing inside and out. I also visited some of King Edward I’s castles (Beaumaris, Conwy, Caernarfon and Harlech), designed to be a day’s march apart. The Snowdonia region in Wales is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. The perfect vacation I hope to have would be to Italy, including Siena and Cinque Terre.

Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.
This will date me, but my favorite toy was my Beautiful Crissy doll. She had the most amazing, shiny red hair you could make longer or shorter. I liked her hair at its longest, probably because I had black, curly hair that was hard to control and so often kept short. I just loved her hair.

What are your hobbies?
Two day jobs (writing and acting) can keep me pretty busy. I enjoy singing in a symphony chorus. We usually perform major works such as Poulenc’s Gloria or Orff’s Carmina Burana, but just completed a Rodgers and Hammerstein concert at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall featuring approximately 200 singers, 70 musicians and 8 soloists. Our maestro received permission from to customize a program of 23 songs. In season, we rehearse one night a week.

When you read for pleasure, what kind of books do you choose?
I choose historicals and historical fiction, mostly, though I also enjoy paranormals. I also want to read friends’ books, but it’s hard to keep up! Right now I’m reading a friend’s historical fiction set around the Chicago Fire, and another friend’s contemporary. While I still prefer an actual book when possible, the Kindle app has made it easy to acquire and carry around a “stack,” so I flit between books more than I used to.

What kinds of things do you read when you're researching a new book?
It depends on the genre I’m writing. For medievals, I’ve collected more than 200 books on 15th century England. There’s great information on the Internet, but it’s rare to find the level of detail I need. In my current release, Follow Your Heart, the heroine is a stained glass painter, so I had a great time seeking out books on medieval stained glass and the techniques used to create it. If I’m writing a contemporary, I go online to research the characters’ careers or review notes from an interview I’ve done.

About the Book

Title Follow Your Heart
Genre Historical
Author Ruth Kaufman
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Strong-willed Joanna Peyntor has two uses for a man: to pose for a stained glass window design or to commission her skills. But when her brother conspires to ruin her reputation, she concedes to a third: a husband to help save her glass-painting workshop. 
Sir Adrian Bedford must marry without delay on his quest to redeem his family name and lands. Who’d accept an impoverished former nobleman insisting upon an unusual stricture in their marriage contract? But Joanna, a woman striving to succeed in a man’s world, agrees that discussions of a personal nature are prohibited.
When irresistible attraction makes their marriage of convenience inconvenient, will his dangerous secrets keep them from following their hearts?

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Publisher Ruth J. Kaufman

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