June 1, 2015

Top Bloggers May 2015 @Sabrina_York @mariannericeaut #RLFblog

RLF Gem Award 
Last month, Romance Lives Forever had 31 posts in a 31 day month. Each month, the RLF Gems post ranks in the top ten, but is not counted, in order to focus on guests.

The Top Blogger for May was Sabrina York. She wins a month of free cover advertising on the blog. Our Top Blogger of the Year is publisher Liquid Silver Books, which won a year of free advertising.

About Sabrina York

Top Five Bloggers for the Month

(judged by page views). Congratulations to each one! There was a tie for first place.
1. Sabrina York
1. Alisa Anderson
2. Marianne Rice
3. Marilyn Baron
4. Susan Behon
5. Anne Kane

Honorable mention: Berengaria Brown

New Award - Top Chatter

RLF Gem Chat Award 
Because the person who gets the most comments in a month is not always the person who gets the most page views per month, I instituted the Top Chatter Award. This is the award for the person who receives the most comments. It goes to the top three people in that category. To win, a guest must have five or more comments (not counting the guest author's).
1. Marianne Rice
2. Sabrina York
3. Sue Behon

Romance Lives Forever features authors and new books. It has a blogger's FAQ page with a downloadable guide and six optional interviews. Readers can follow via Google+, Networked Blogs, Linky Followers, email, an RSS feed, and there's a blog button readers and authors can grab. Authors can share previous books. The blog uses author or publisher names as tags on posts, and author Twitter handles in the titles. The site is broadcast over Triberr with a potential reach of over 1.2M readers via its Twitter-linked network. Twitter mentions are also gathered in several Paper.li ezines, giving the author additional opportunities for promotion. The Romance Lives Forever Paper.li ezine features only guest authors, and the day's guest is on its front page every day.
New for 2015
Each post will be featured on the Romance Lives Forever Pinterest board within a few days after it goes live. https://www.pinterest.com/kayelleallen/romance-lives-forever-rlfblog/

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RLFblog Admin - Nicole Morgan

Author Nicole Morgan assists me with scheduling for Romance Lives Forever. She is the blog admin. Look for emails from her.  Nicole and I want to ensure everyone who requests a spot on the blog gets a personal response. Please use this email if you have questions or need help: rlfblog-owner@yahoogroups.com We both receive email sent here. You don't have to join a group or do anything special. This group simply provides a joint email for us and streamlines things for you. The email address is included in all downloadable interviews on the FAQ page.

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Guest calendar http://bit.ly/rlf_dates

My thanks to all who took part this month. You made Romance Lives Forever a great place to discover new books and authors.

Other participants this month in alphabetical order by first name are:
Alisa Anderson, Ari Thatcher, Brita Addams, Felice Stevens, Freya Lange, Grace Marshall, Ines Johnson, Jennifer Lynne, K. Vale, Kayelle Allen, Kim Carmichael, Kim Headlee, Kristina Knight, Leigh Ellwood, Lily Harlem, Linnea Alexis, Lisa Carlisle, Lisa Haman, Nhys Glover, Regan Walker, Ruth Kaufman, Shauna Aura Knight


  1. Congratulations, Sabrina! Great to have blog support!

  2. Congrats to all the awesome people on all the lists! ♡♡

  3. Thank you, Kayell for sharing all those great books!! Really glad Sabrina won this! Congratulations Sabrina and everyone on the list!

  4. Kayelle, thank you so much for sharing authors books with all of us. Congrats to Sabrina on her win.

    1. My great pleasure, Penny. I look forward to meeting new people each month, and seeing what old friends have been up to.

  5. Thank you, Kayelle, for promoting authors! We really, really, REALLY appreciate it :-)

    1. I'm happy to do so! As an author myself, I know how awesome it is to have a little help.


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