June 13, 2015

Diane Saxon author of Banshee Seduction, Montgomery’s Sin 1 @Diane_Saxon #RLFblog #shapeshifter

Diane Saxon author of Banshee Seduction, Montgomery’s Sin Book 1 answers five easy questions to help readers get to know her better.

Author Bio

Diane Saxon lives in the Shropshire countryside with her tall, dark, handsome husband, two gorgeous daughters, a Dalmatian, one-eyed kitten, ginger cat, six chickens and a lazy black Labrador puppy called Beau – a name she stole for her hero in For Heaven’s Cakes.After working for years in a demanding job, on-call and travelling great distances, Diane gave it all up when her husband said “follow that dream”.
Having been hidden all too long, her characters have burst forth demanding plot lines of their own and she’s found the more she lets them, the more they’re inclined to run wild.
What's your favorite down-home family style meal?
Although I’ve lived abroad for much of my young life and still love to travel, there is nothing finer than a good old fashioned English Sunday roast. A rib of beef, pink in the middle, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes (crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle), leeks in cheese sauce, carrots and broccoli with a good, savory gravy
What is your go-to meal when you dine out?
I love food. I’m no connoisseur, but I would far rather have a little bit of something really delicious than a whole heap of something just for the sake of eating.
If I’m given the choice when dining out, I will always choose an Italian restaurant. I find it very difficult to choose, but I love a tasty seafood risotto or a creamy tagliatelli.
Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.
I still have my favorite toy. It’s tucked away in one of my underwear drawers, so delicate now that I very rarely touch it. But, it’s there, never to be thrown out. Threadbare and floppy, my little lambie has been with me since I was probably four or five. It’s been all over the world with me. Drowned in brandy on our return home from Germany, a straw filled toy, it would never have survived if my Grandma hadn’t insisted on washing, washing, washing it. I still fancy I can smell alcohol on it now. With both eyes missing, a broken leg and the stitching gone from its mouth and nose, it’s still one of my most precious possessions.
What are your hobbies?
Reading, writing, walking my Dalmatian and black Labrador for miles, snorkeling and holidaying.
What kinds of things do you read when you're researching a new book?
It depends on what kind of book I’m writing. When I wrote my sci-fi, Short Circuit Time, I spent a lot of research time reading Steven Hawkins. For my upcoming book later this year, I’ve trawled the internet for information on Black Hawk helicopters, their pilots and training.
For Banshee Seduction, it was less reading but I had great fun talking to a football agent, discussing game play with him and his football friend, researching game-play, watching clips of games – it was no hardship, really.

About the Book

Banshee Seduction, Montgomery’s Sin Book 1
Fantasy, Shapeshifter
Diane Saxon
Book Rating R
Sweet, shy librarian Ginny has a problem. Whenever passion strikes, so do the weeping, wailing voices in her head. Being half banshee, she’s already run screaming from the underworld and her female relatives, believing love will find a way with patience and faith on planet Earth.
The trouble is, humans just aren’t man enough, and every time Ginny shows interest in a male, she makes him bleed. It’s going to take more than just a simple human being to get past Ginny’s defences.
Matthew, “The Dane,” fullback for the New York Chameleons, knows the moment he meets the little fireball that she’s his mate. For two hundred years he and his dragon have waited for a female capable of setting their world on fire. Problem is, he doesn’t seem to be able to stop her from going up in flames long enough to prove he’s more than man enough for her screaming banshee.
Will Matt ever be able to convince Ginny she’s his mate? And will Ginny get Matt alone long enough to let him appreciate her pyrotechnics?

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Publisher Hartwood Publishing
Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/Banshee-Seduction-Volume-Montgomerys-Sin/dp/1512165166/                         

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