August 5, 2015

Connor Rikeland from Delicious Deception by @TamiLundAuthor #Contemporary #Suspense

Tami Lund shares details about the creation of Connor Rikeland in the book Delicious Deception.
About the Book
Title Delicious Deception
Genre Contemporary Suspense
Author Tami Lund
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
Emily Kate Boudreaux runs a restaurant located on a bayou in Texas, because it’s what her family expects of her. She’d rather pursue her living as an artist. Then sexy chef Connor Rikeland walks into her life and turns it upside down. Soon, Emily Kate’s restaurant is a roaring success, she has time to paint to her heart’s content, there’s a hunky guy warming her bed, and she’s having visions of happily ever after.
Connor Rikeland is used to women throwing themselves at him, and he’s been known to use relationships as a bargaining chip in his climb up the ladder. He wants a culinary career in the spotlight—and Cajun cooking isn’t his ticket to fame even if Emily Kate is unlike anyone he’s ever met.
Not to mention Connor has a few secrets that have put him on the wrong side of her brother’s FBI case. When the pieces of just why Connor is hanging out in a backwoods town begin to surface, Emily Kate must decide what’s real, what’s a lie, and what’s worth risking her heart over. Because deception or not, life with Connor is delicious.
Introducing Connor Rikeland
This interview is designed to tell readers about your hero or heroine. Answer the questions as an author talking about the character.

Name: Connor Rikeland
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Profession: Chef
Ethnicity/Species (if not human): Human
Describe his/her body build, skin tone, height and weight. Include any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars: Dark hair, blue eyes, a crooked smile that tends to get him his way more often than not.
Who is the significant other in your character's life?
Emily Kate Boudreaux
Tell us about this character, please.
Connor Rikeland is a man who has always chosen to do what feels good, not necessarily what’s right. For the last ten years, despite his amazing talent, he’s been stuck as the sous chef at a world renown restaurant in Detroit, the prestige that comes with being executive chef always just out of reach. We eventually learn why, in the book, so I won’t give it away here, but suffice to say, Connor tends to react first and think later. With that said, he has always managed to get by in life due to his overabundance of charm, and a subconscious desire to be the good guy, even if it seems his life rarely works out that way. Don’t worry, though. Connor is a very redeemable hero!
How does your hero dress?
Since he starts out the book running for his life and then gets his wallet stolen - all in the course of the first page - he pretty much wears the same T-shirt and jeans for a fair portion of the book.
Is the character book-smart, self-taught, widely-experienced?
Connor has worked in restaurants since he was fourteen, and he has a pretty-boy face. He tends to get things handed to him, without much effort on his end. The one thing he’s ever worked hard for in his life - to be the executive chef at a high-end restaurant - is the one thing he can’t seem to obtain.
On what special skills does your character rely?
Connor is an amazing cook. Everyone loves his cooking. Everyone. And he knows it, but he isn’t cocky about it. It’s just a fact of his life, like that crooked smile that can sway pretty much anyone. Just wait until Emily Kate tries his molten chocolate cake.
Does your character care about what others assume about him?
He likes to think not, but the truth is, he thrives on positive feedback, which is probably why he’s such a good cook. He figured out that people are extremely expressive when they taste something divine, so he strives to create divine food all the time. On the flip side, it’s equally devastating when he does not get that praise. Even without criticism, he notices the lack of praise, and it eats at him.
If someone from your character's past showed up, who would he most NOT want it to be, and why?
His former boss from Oliver’s Restaurant in Detroit. Since the man would not promote him to executive chef after eight years as the sous chef, Connor finally walked away, literally, with no notice. Unfortunately, Oliver does indeed show up in Connor’s life, in this book.
What is your character's biggest need at the beginning of the story?
A safe place to hide from the bad guys who are chasing him. A small, family-owned restaurant in the backwoods of northeast Texas seems pretty damn perfect. Especially if the smokin’ hot owner of the restaurant comes with the package.
What is your hero's biggest hopes and dreams?
To be a world-renown executive chef at a high-end restaurant. Not a small, family-owned place in the backwoods of northeast Texas.
What is your hero's biggest personal flaw?
His inability to let go of a dream he has not yet realized. He can’t seem to see that maybe that particular dream is not the one he really wants.
About Your Writer
Why do you think your writer chose to write about you?
Have you ever had my sweet potato and pecan muffins? Trust me, she had no other choice but to write my story.
What do you wish your writer had not told others about you?
The crap that happened at Oliver’s when I was still green and making stupid decisions. Also, no one needs to know that Emily Kate’s brother, Jack, who was the hero from Naked Truth, the first in the Tough Love Series, could kick my ass without breaking a sweat. I mean, come on, stroke a guy’s ego here.
What other character from your book do you think your writer should write a book about, and why?
Greg definitely needs his story written. He gets introduced toward the end of my book. I really like him, but I can tell there’s something going on, a sadness resulting from something in his past. I just hope his story doesn’t involve my sister. That seems weird, to think about your sister as getting a happily ever after.
Why do you think your writer loves to write?
Probably the same reason I love to cook, and Emily Kate loves to paint. It’s an outlet for our creativity. It’s also stress relief. And fun.
Is there anything you'd like to say to your writer?
Thanks for those kitchen scenes. And Emily Kate. Definitely thanks for bringing Emily Kate into my life.

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Author Bio
Tami Lund likes to live, love, and laugh, and does her best to ensure the characters in her books do the same. After they've overcome a few seemingly insurmountable obstacles first, of course.
Tami is multi-published, both self and with a few publishers, including Crimson Romance, Liquid Silver Books, and Soul Mates Publishing. Chances are, there is a new book coming out soon. Be sure to stalk her on social media, so you know when.
And most important, if you enjoyed one of Tami's books, please let other readers know by leaving a review on the site from which you bought it, or on Goodreads. Otherwise, how will they know which book to read next?
Oh, and there's a FREE READ, available for download only through her website:!
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  1. Thanks for helping me introduce Connor to the world!! ~ Tami

    1. He's a sweetie! Glad to have you both here. :)

  2. Great interview :) the book looks great Tami

  3. Fabulous Interview from Connor! I began reading Tami Lund's work last year when I accidentally stumbled upon Naked Truth, the first book of this very series, the Tough Love Series and I've been an avid fan ever since. There are some people that seem to be born with a natural innate ability for storytelling and Tami Lund has been blessed many times over with this remarkable gift. As a reader and a loyal fan, I also feel blessed by being able to enjoy the fruits of Tami's talent as well as her hard work and tag along with her on her journey to success. If you enjoyed Delicious Deception then you will absolutely love Naked Truth and Undercover Heat, the first and second book in her Tough Love Series. I think the thing I love most about Tami's work is the fact that her writing doesn't just belong in one category. A perfect example of this phenomenon is Delicious Deception. It encompasses much more than just a simple contemporary romance. It also falls into the romantic comedy and romantic suspense/crime thriller categories. It has a little bit of everything which makes it a perfect read for just about anyone that loves a great book. So if you're looking for exceptionally well written book with lots of danger, drama, adventure and laugh out loud humor, then Tami Lund is the author for you! Congratulations Tami Lund on another successful release and keep up the great work! We, your fans, adore you!

  4. Who has the awesomest fans EVER???? Wow, Judy, thanks so much for the pimp :). Trust me, there are plenty more stories up there in my overactive imagination!!


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