September 25, 2015

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Finder of Lost Love 

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Finder of Lost Love 1
Riley Anderson's fiancé, an investigative journalist, has been kidnapped by the mob, and the police will do nothing for twenty-four hours. By then, she's sure Leo will be dead. Something's wrong. You sense it. But as a new PI with little experience and few friends to assist you, can you save the day, or get Leo and Riley killed?

Locate clues hidden in twelve short stories plucked from romance novels by bestselling authors Jennie Marts, Bev Pettersen, Marie Treanor, Debora Dennis, Red L Jameson, Dariel Raye, Tonya Plank, Ann Omasta, Lana Williams, Sydney Jane Baily, Nhys Glover and Kayelle Allen.

You're the only one who has any chance of succeeding. Take the case! Read the stories, watch the mystery unfold, collect the clues, solve the puzzle and get a chance to win great prizes. It's easy and lots of fun!

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  1. This is a new endeavor to help readers find authors they love. You both read and play this book. Each chapter is from a different book and a different author, and contains clues for the game. Find the answers and win a prize. All information you need is inside the book.

  2. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing, and best of luck with the new endeavor.

  3. Thank you Barbara! I think this will be good for all of us. :)


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