September 4, 2015

Rebecca Hunter author of Stockholm Diaries, Caroline #RLFblog #NewAdult

Rebecca Hunter author of Stockholm Diaries, Caroline answers five easy questions to help readers get to know her better.

Author Bio

Rebecca is a writer, editor and translator who has always loved to read and travel. Though she earned a Bachelor's in English and a Master's in English Education, most of what she learned about writing romance has come from other sources.
Rebecca has, over the years, called many places home, including Michigan, where she grew up, New York City, San Francisco, and, of course, Stockholm, Sweden. After their most recent move from Sweden back to the San Francisco Bay Area, she and her husband assured each other they'll never move again.
Well, probably not.
What is your go-to meal when you dine out?
We live in California, so we eat a lot of taqueria food. A lot. My favorite is a carnitas burrito with black beans, extra pico de gallo and guacamole, sometimes split with my husband, sometimes all for myself. If we’re “going out,” I’d choose something with a little nicer atmosphere, but Cal-Mex is definitely our go-to.
Who is your "book boyfriend" (that hottie you read about and drool over)?
Hmm… that might be Lisa Kleypas’s Derek Craven from Dreaming of You. We watch Craven struggle hard with his past and the idea that he is incapable of love. He resists Sara as long as he can, but unlike many historicals the couple is happily together by the middle of the book. Craven is clearly devoted to Sara, but the rest of the book is about Derek’s attempts to adjust and to let himself love.
When compared to contemporary romance heroes, a historical hero can be a little more over-the-top, a little crasser or more hardened or melodramatic, his history a little more fantastical. I think this is because a reader like me is more willing to suspend disbelief when the setting isn't connected to anything in my own experiences. This is especially true of Craven, whose past I probably would never accept from a contemporary hero but somehow feel comfortable with in a historical hero!
Describe the perfect vacation.
The answer to this changes rather frequently, but these days I’ve been fanaticizing about week or two in a cottage on a white-sand beach in Hawaii. In front of us would be some sort of hidden break with steady, rolling waves where my husband and I could surf. On the beach, we’d have a canopied swinging futon bed (something I saw on a vacation ad that stuck with me!) where we’d lie and read after a long surf session. Sometimes our two kids are with us on this fantasy vacation, playing in the sand and swimming, and sometimes it’s just my husband and me…
What are your hobbies?
Of course, reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Beyond that, I love to hike and surf, but most of all, I love to spend time with friends and family doing pretty much anything. I’m an extrovert, but I also thrive on extended periods of time along, a less common combination in a writer if I’m to believe what I read. To balance my quiet hours alone, I make sure to plan in time for walks and coffees, especially with other writer friends.
When you read for pleasure, what kind of books do you choose?
I read a lot of romance, both for pleasure and for learning, but that’s only a recent development. Before I began writing romance, I read literary fiction almost exclusively. But there were times when I felt too busy or too scattered to invest myself in literary fiction, so during those periods I wouldn’t read at all.
Now, after many years, I’m finally finding my own personal balance! I read both romance and literary fiction regularly, depending on my mood, along with some occasional fantasy, sci-fi, poetry, or mystery that friends recommend. I’ve been a member of a book club for many, many years, and that ensures I read at least one book of literary fiction or non-fiction per month that I didn’t find on my own. Plus, I have elementary-age kids, so I read plenty of middle-grade fiction as well, sometimes more enthusiastically than others.  

About the Book

Title Stockholm Diaries, Caroline
Genre New Adult/Contemporary
Author Rebecca Hunter
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
A Swedish pro hockey player with a rough reputation meets the American girl next door in a steamy twist of travel and adventure. Will they be able to overcome his dark past and her uncertain future to turn their sensual nights into something more?
Photographer Caroline Mendoza finally sheds her safe life in Michigan for adventure and a fresh start, and her first stop is Sweden. But Stockholm suddenly becomes more than just a casual stopover when Caroline discovers her reclusive next-door neighbor is ex-Red Wings player Niklas Almquist, whose high-profile alpha bad-boy image, both on and off the ice, has followed him back to Sweden.
While Niklas’s darker side draws her to him, she knows the sensible decision is to move on from Stockholm before she gets too attached. Her time in Stockholm is running out. She must choose between what is safe and what her heart tells her is right. Is she strong enough to take the risk?

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