October 17, 2015

#Cancer Awareness: Have No Fear @CCMacKenzie1 #RLFblog

The Fall of Jacob Del Garda 
From Kayelle Allen: This week on Romance Lives Forever I'm sharing stories by authors who have faced cancer either in themselves, or a family member. The importance of friends and family, and having a support system is vital. One key to success is being able to ask for help -- and then being willing to accept it. It's a lesson I've had in my own life during various times. I don't accept help well. It's something I fight with all the time. I'd like to think "I've got this" but sometimes I don't have as good a grip as I thought I did. I have a friend who's dealing with cancer right now. A friend's brother died from cancer last year. Cancer affects all of us. I hope I'm even half as good a friend as those you'll read about in this series.
I'm presenting these posts as an opportunity for the authors to share their real life stories, as well as their fictional ones. There's a short list of ways you can show your support at the end of each post.

Have No Fear, by Christine MacKenzie

"Thank you so much, Kayelle, for having me on your blog today to highlight such a worthwhile cause.
When a woman hears the words 'You have Breast Cancer'. The first thing that hits her is how immensely powerful the word, Cancer, actually is. Dealing with the shock, and then immediately telling my mother, my daughters, was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Then we're caught up in the whirlwind of surgical appointments, the surgery itself, the outcome of tests, and it sometimes feels as if we're trapped on a roller coaster and can't jump off.
Three years and a mastectomy later, and I'm truly blessed to be cancer free. People ask me how I remained so upbeat and positive. My response is that I didn't have a choice! But the real answer is that cancer did me the biggest favor of my life. My secret dream was 'One Day' to be a writer, a romance writer. However, in spite of winning competitions, receiving positive feedback, the fear of not being good enough always held me back.
The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer was the day I lost the fear of failure. And I also realized that 'One Day' may never come unless I grabbed every opportunity that came along. Eight books later, with eleven more in the pipeline, I've never been happier.
And this is where I come to the two young women who inspired me to write, The Fall of Jacob Del Garda. Two years ago, I was sitting in my breast surgeon's waiting room. Sitting next to me were twins, girls aged twenty-three, blonde and gorgeous. They were laughing and joking with each other, and I assumed they were there offering support to a mother or even a grandmother. It didn't occur to me that breast cancer would be an issue for them. So we got chatting, and it became clear that one of the girls had undergone a double mastectomy six months before, and she'd just been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. The positive way she was dealing with such a blow, truly inspired me. Then her sister told me how she, too, was about to undergo a bilateral double mastectomy after genetic testing revealed that the twins carried the BRCA1/2 gene mutation. But surely they were too young? After a long chat with my surgeon, I realized that diagnosing breast cancer in women under thirty-five using traditional mammogram technologies was extremely difficult due to the tissue density of young breasts. What was needed were the new digital mammograms manufactured by Siemens. Our local hospital was in the process of raising money for a new mammogram suite. I remember promising my doctor I would write a story about twins who were dealing with BRCA1/2 genetic mutation. And that the proceeds of the book would go towards the cause.
On an update on the twins - they're both well and married to two wonderful men. How's that for A Happy Ever After! I couldn't write a better ending myself.

About the Book

The Fall of Jacob Del Garda
Twin sisters - twice the trouble
Twelve months after disappearing from Jacob's life, the woman who broke his heart, supermodel Gabriella Dolman, is back. But things have changed. Now Gabriella is a photographer - still fabulously beautiful - but no longer glamorous, and no longer looking for love. Though Gabriella claims she just wants to move on without him, Jacob's pretty certain that her reaction to their red-hot kisses implies otherwise.
Tobin Gillespie believes in taking a stand, and he never turns his back on a challenge. So when his work as a PR guru brings research scientist Sophie Dolman back into his life, her obnoxious behavior and lethal put downs aren't enough to put him off - quite the reverse. And the more they clash, the more determined he is to break down the wall around her heart and claim it for his own.

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  1. Christine, so happy to have you back. This is the last day of the cancer awareness event. Thank you for taking part again this year.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring the story behind the story, Kayelle! You've done a wonderful job this week highlighting a vital cause. If I have one message to women reading your blog this week, it's 'Check your breasts.'

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