October 20, 2015

Storm Warning by @LiviaQuinn #RLFblog #romance

Cover Love includes a cover, blurb, buy links, and social media contacts for the author. Today's featured book is Storm Warning by Livia Quinn.

About the Book

Title Storm Warning (Storm Lake: Thunder Point, book 1)
Genre Romantic Suspense
Author Livia Quinn
Book heat level (based on movie ratings G, PG, PG13, R): PG13
A blast of white lightning sent its brilliance pulsating across the walls and ceiling of Brenna’s cabin. How did a person overcome a fear of storms when the elements, especially lightning, were a frequent reminder of their potential to change a life—forever.
Brenna had a pamphlet that listed solutions ranging from keeping all the lights on to crawling into bed with a family member. There was one she hadn’t understood quite so well until now—distraction. Specifically, finding a naked man in your living room.
Yep, that worked. She watched the dazzling flickers dance over the taut muscles of his backside creating a shadow on the wall behind him, a perfect imitation of 007 down to the signature crouch and the… finger pistol.
She’d eased out from between him and the tall cabinet, where he’d pressed her—for her protection, of course—but he continued to track possible threats with his gun, back and forth. His reflexes had been un…friggin’…believable. She raised her eyes to his, trying not to ogle his fine physique. “Put the ‘gun’ away, big guy. We’re safe.”
He did not seem to be pretending. One could hardly masquerade with his lack of costume. No, he really was James Bond in secret agent mode. In an exaggerated English accent she purred, “James, darling, it’s time for bed.” His gaze swiveled to hers and his smile kicked up at the corner.
If anyone had told Brenna that she would be holding back laughter and oblivious to the raging tropical storm outside… well, even she couldn’t have predicted this night’s events…

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Publisher Campbell Hill Publishing

About the Author

Livia Quinn grew up near DC—go Redskins!—then moved to the bayous of Louisiana—go Saints! Yes, she’s a huge football fan. With a life long fascination, read that: phobia of storms, and with severe weather a part of life in Louisiana, it was only natural that it would play a big part in her world. Livia’s Storm Lake series encompasses paranormal on the West end of the lake in Destiny and military romance and contemporary to the East in Larue and Thunder Point. But there’s always magic because what would life be without a little magic?

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  2. Thanks for having me, Kayelle. There are so many great authors here, and I'm excited I was able to introduce my new book which has been ten years in the works.


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