November 16, 2015

Publisher Week Day 2: Wish List @LSB_lsbooks #RLFblog #holidayreads

We asked the authors of Liquid Silver Books to check in with their characters and find out what's on their Christmas wish list. Here are some Dear Santa letters; you might even get some ideas for your own Christmas list!

Finnley and Molly from Riverswept, Burns Class of Love Book 1

Dear Santa,
This Christmas I would like a one-year membership into the Sierra Club and a pair of red platform sandals with 4-inch heels and ankle straps for Molly to wear to bed.
Merry Christmas. Finnley
Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I'd like a gift certificate to the bookstore and for Finnley to grow his hair long again.
Happy Holidays from your friend. Molly

Aislinn and Brandt from Seduction in Sierra Leone, The Men of FTI Book 1

Dear Santa,
I'm a pretty simple soul. I don't have a lot of wants; however here is what I would like for Christmas. A new Nook, because my nook has seen much wear and tear and is probably also filled with sand. Picture frames to fill with pictures of me and my fiancé, Brandt Fairlane. And, most of all, I want Patrick Kane to recuperate fully from his recent, life threatening injuries.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Aislinn
Dear Santa,
I don't put much value on material things, so my list is incredibly simple, hope this makes it easier. Please get Aislinn everything her heart desires for Christmas. Also, please; I want Patrick Kane, the closest person I have to a brother, to survive!
Happy Christmas. Brandt

Knox and Juliette from Resplendent Ruin, Resplendence Book 1

Dear Santa,
Let's see… Juliette on the couch. Juliette on the kitchen counter. Juliette in the shower…Okay, okay, here's the real list—but I can promise you, the above is most definitely the top three. A Starwars: Battlefront PS4 game—because boys will be boys, whether they are hard-core millionaire bikers or corporate wearing suits. An EDC kit from Huckberry which features one Swedish designed 'freekey,' a screw key set, a tiny lighter and survival pod within which has 11 other potentially life-saving tools. –a man needs to be prepared for everything. A 'Men's charging station and valet' where I can toss all my manly stuff and avoid the curse fest I embark on every morning when I turns my apartment upside down searching for my sh —uh…stuff. A mini beer pong set—Oh come on, what guy doesn't want that! A new pair of Ray-Ban's—three pairs just aren't enough. And lastly… Juliette on top—just sayin'.
Thanks Santa. Knox
Dear Santa,
As you know I'm a woman used to expensive luxuries and high priced gifts. So I know you're asking…what do you buy a woman who has everything already? Well, here's my list…
A corkcicle classic wine chiller cork—for the woman loves her wine. A Louis Vuitton agenda—those little electronic agenda thingies just don't work for me. I'm an old fashioned gal. Shake n Make Ice Cream maker –because every girl has to own one! Beatles playing cards—because it's awesome. Foot Kandy odd socks—There's a little goofball in every girl. Knox covered in cream…on the kitchen counter—best present ever!
All my love at Christmas. Juliette

Paul "Flipper" and Tara from Shore to Please, Gulf Shore Book 3

Dear Santa,
As you know, Tara is a practical person, so it's no surprise that most of the stuff on her list is for the household. But I have a special surprise for her, a piece of jewelry I know she wants but wouldn't ask for because she thinks it's too expensive and impractical. As for me, I've been wanting a dog for a long time but never got one because I lived alone and wasn't home enough. But things have changed, so maybe it's time to get that fur baby after all. So for Christmas this year I'd like sexy lingerie for Tara, a Jack Russell terrier, Tampa Bay Lightning tickets and hat, and new water shoes.
Merry Christmas. Paul
Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I'd like sexy lingerie to wear for Flipper, new bed sheets and bedspread, some new bathroom and kitchen towels, and new throw rugs.
Thank you, Santa. Tara

Kate and Gabe from Updrift

Dear Santa,
You know, I was just talking with Kate about what she secretly hopes for from her siren amour this Christmas, and I got quite the education on sea-based luxuries. Of course she's waiting for the specially designed dagger Gabe's promised her during their first stay on Shaddox. And apparently, part of the female siren mystique is achieved using a hair treatment made from ground pearls and the petals of an ocean flower we land people know nothing about. She for sure wants some of that.
She says she doesn't lack for much, though. "If I could truly have anything at all, I'd take a pair of knee-high boots made from the skin of that bull shark. You remember the one who ate me in chapter twenty-five?" Kate is planning to get Gabe a rare fish for his aquarium and new swim trunks. "He goes through several pairs a year," she admitted.
Hope this gives you some ideas, Santa. Errin Stevens

Keith and Sabrina from Made For Me, Madison Falls Series Book 3

Dear Santa,
I have a pretty short list this year, a gift certificate for free dinner at the Pizza Palace, a book on how to develop a verbal filter, and a puppy dog--wanted one since I was a boy.
Merry Christmas. Keith
Dear Santa,
I hope everything is wonderful at the North Pole. I know you're busy so here is my wish list for this Christmas. A gift certificate for free massage from Keith, a book on anger management, and a gift certificate for a dozen cinnamon rolls from Sonny's Side Up Diner.
Happy Holidays. Sabrina

Armen and Ariella from Soul Tie Seduction, The Jettison Brotherhood Book 1

Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I would like, an arctic jacket just in case Curson sends me on another damn mission to Alaska, sexy negligee for my sweetness, because seeing my Soul Tie in satin and lace is the gift that's keeps giving. Also, a couple of black tank tops. I can never have enough of them. A set of Dragon's Breath daggers, Ray Ban sunglasses, duck tape, Curson knows why, a foot massage from my mate, don't worry I like to give as well as receive. And, most important of all, Ariella safe in my arms for eternity.
Thanks, Santa. Armen
Dear Santa,
Here is my wish list for Christmas. Most important, I want my baby girl to be okay. A new cell phone with a case able to withstand a demon, an organizer…you know planning a wedding is hectic. Also, lots of chocolate, a girl can never have enough. A sexy negligee, (Armen made me put this here), a pair of black stilettos, (Again, per Armen's request. He's so bad). I want a foot massage too. Wait, Armen just confirmed, it's a sure thing and centuries of happiness with my demon.
Happy holidays, Santa. Say hi to the elves for me. Ariella

Carter and Sabrina from Lovin' the Odds, Gambling on Love Series Book 2

Dear Santa,
We have been through so much, our wish list is short and easy: we want a home together some place safe, preferably on a planet where we can live in peace and maybe think about a future and a family.
Happy Holidays from Carter and Sabrina 

Did you get some ideas?

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It's your turn. Post a comment and tell us…

What's On Your Christmas Wish List!


  1. Such great ideas...going to update my list right now! I think I need one of these: A corkcicle classic wine chiller cork.

  2. Making me wish for Christmas. Excellent ideas!

  3. Great posts, everyone. This is certainly getting me in the mood? What about the authors? What are you all asking Santa for this year?

  4. For better or worse, the Tiffany & Co. catalog arrived the other day. I can ALWAYS find something from there for my Christmas list, whether Santa brings it to me or not.

  5. I'm really wanting slipper socks! (No kidding!) I like pajamas too! How about everyone else?

    Susan Behon

  6. Some book sales certainly would make me happy. How about you, Rosanna?

  7. Very enjoyable posts ladies! Puts me in the mood for the festive season!

  8. This was crazy fun to read!! ~ Tami


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