December 22, 2015

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Susan V. Vaughn author of Swept Away answers five easy questions to help readers get to know her better.

Author Bio

Romance author Susan V. Vaughn turned her passion for reading romances into writing her own unique love stories. Susan lives her life finding laughter in all situations, and delights in marrying sarcasm with romance to create realistic falling-in-love stories in the unlikeliest of scenarios. She lives on the shores of Lake Huron with her real life knight in shining armor and enjoys watching their three children learn the art of sarcasm and wit.

Who is your "book boyfriend" (that hottie you read about and drool over)?
Lothaire from Kresley Cole’s Immortals after dark series. Demented, sexy vampire anyone?
Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.
Any toy I didn’t have to share with my six siblings.
What are your hobbies?
Reading, writing, and raising my three beautiful children.
When you read for pleasure, what kind of books do you choose?
Romance, fantasy, and the occasional non friction.
If the hero of your latest book called you on the phone, what would be a perfect ringtone for him?
Justin Timberlake Sexy Back.

About the Book

Title Swept Away    
Genre Contemporary Romance
Author Susan V. Vaughn
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

Book Blurb
Captain Jack Reed puts his crab fishing career first, no matter what. Until a chance meeting with the woman of his dreams breaks his concentration. Megan Berry won’t be tied down. But when she finds herself stranded at sea with a wickedly handsome fisherman, can she resist her desire? Lust and laughter fill the pages of Susan V. Vaughn’s new romantic comedy, Swept Away.
Jack Reed, a young crab boat captain, has met the women of his dreams while standing up in his younger brother’s wedding. Too bad he is already in love with the open seas.
Carefree Megan Berry doesn't want to be tied down, but can’t forget the passionate night she spent in the arms of the wickedly handsome captain. A botched matchmaking attempt by some well-meaning friends not only forces the two conflicted lovers back together, it also leaves Megan stranded on Jack’s boat in the middle of the perilous Bering Sea.
The stormy adventure brings excitement and passion as Jack and Megan play out their emotional relationship in a dangerous high-stakes situation. But when it’s time to set anchor, can Jack find a way to keep his career and his fantasy girl?

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  1. Welcome, Susan! Happy to have you today. :)

    1. Happy to be here, Kayelle. Thanks for having me.

  2. Hi everyone. Thanks for checking out my novel Swept Away, available now. Here's a little sneak peek...
    “When are you going to talk to Megs?”
    “I’m not.”
    Jack distracted himself with yet another sip of his beer. Megan had begun to dance again. Her purple dress swirled around her knees, giving him glimpses of her shapely legs. There was a sexy smile on her full lips. Jack felt his body heat up with every seductive movement Megan made on the dance floor. He would definitely be talking to her tonight, but only when he had the right thing to say.
    “So you’re just going to continue to stare at her?” Shane looked at Jack as if he were insane.
    Jack was a patient man. It was what made him such a strong Captain. He knew there was a right timing for everything. That was why he forced himself to wait now, despite being ridiculously attracted to Megan. Jack had already fumbled his conversation with Megan before, in the chapel, when she tried to ask him about Alaska; Jack was reduced to a stumbling school boy with a crush--completely tongue-tied. All because he had underestimated how good Megan would smell--like sweet flowers and sunshine. It was a ridiculous moment. One he was not keen to repeat.
    “I think that’s a mistake, brother.” Shane put his arm back around Jack’s shoulders. “Let me give you some advice on women.”
    Jack looked at Shane, as if his hair were on fire. “No offence, Shane, but I don’t think I will be taking advice on women from my little brother.”
    “Even though, out of the two of us, I am the one about to be happily married?”
    Jack didn’t want to get married. His career was too demanding. But Shane’s comment stung anyways.
    Jack brushed off Shane’s arm, and his comment.
    “You mean, the one choosing to get married, Shane. There’s a difference.”
    “Is there?” Shane wagged his brows up and down, as if he were on to something.
    Jack watched Megan spin in a circle out of the corner of his eye. Her brown hair fell loosely down her back, all wild and free. He felt his finger’s itch to tangle within those waves. Just because he didn’t want to get married, didn’t mean he had sworn off women. He had an enticing desire for Megan that was too strong to deny.
    Jack finished his beer, and turned to Shane. “Shouldn’t you be singing, or dancing, or something equally as ridiculous?”
    Shane smiled. “Shouldn’t you?”
    Jack laughed, shaking his head. “This isn’t my rehearsal dinner.”
    “But you’re my best man.” Shane patted him hard on the back. “Isn’t that why you stayed after dinner finished, Jack? To sing a duet with your little brother.”
    “You’re dreaming, Shane.” Jack patted Shane equally as hard on his back, and turned to the bar to order another beer.

  3. I have to say, I always wondered what it would be like on one of those boats. This book brought me back to when I first read "The Flame and the Flower". Just like that first taste of passion on the high seas, your book was exciting and sexy in a completely fresh, modern way. I love your characters and their witty banter and especially their chemistry!!! Do you think the Deadliest Catch guys would enjoy reading it? I know I did!

    1. Flame and thr Flower, what a compliment. I think if any of those deadliest catch guys read Swept Away they would get a good laugh. And maybe even be flattered. I would love to meet them all and find out :)

  4. I loved this story! Read it all in one night. I have to confess, I had a small crush on the first mate. Any chance that you will tell Pete's story?

    1. ooo a Pete story. Love that idea. Your getting my romantic wheels turning.

      Thanks for your support :)

    2. Let me know when that ship sails. I want to be on board!

    3. I will. Check out my website for the latest news on my upcoming release.

    4. I would read a Pete story!

    5. Lol, Errin. I'm on it :) Thanks for your support

  5. I just finished Swept Away! It made me laugh. Especially when they get on the boat. Definitely a good Christmas buy.

    1. Thank you for reading Swept Away. I appreciate your support :)

  6. Great book! Do you have anymore books out?

    1. Thank you:)

      I have another contemporary romance coming in April, and a YA romance in June through Inkspell Publishing. Check out my website for details thank you for your support :)


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