December 30, 2015

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A Devilish Slumber 
Shereen Vedam shares details about the creation of Phillip in the book A Devilish Slumber.

About the Book

Title A Devilish Slumber (The Rue Alliance Book 1)
Genre Regency Fantasy Romance
Author Shereen Vedam
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
The last of her family, Rose is mired in grief at the recent death of her beloved sister and the abandonment by the man she loves. Wanting to avoid the cloying attention of friends, servants and well-wishers, she becomes a recluse. Then one day, she meets a woman who reminds Rose of her gentle mother . . . and then news comes of her new friend's brutal murder. Rose refuses to accept this latest blow lying down. So she resurrects an ancient, magical, family talent to re-shape her features in order to disguise herself as a young man, and goes hunting for her friend's killer through London's seedier lanes and dangerous dockyards.
Sir Phillip, the Regent's favored spy, returns from war determined to win back the woman he was forced to leave three years ago. But when he witnesses Rose covered in blood, racing from a brutal scene while gripping the murder weapon, he goes on a desperate mission to unravel what he hopes is a case of mistaken identity.
Will Rose ever get her happily-ever-after? Possibly. But first, she'll have to convince Phillip of her innocence-before the killer strikes again . . .

Introducing Phillip Jones

Name: Sir Phillip Crispin Jones
Age: 23 years old
Gender: Male
Birthplace: London, England
Profession: the Regent's favored intelligence officer
Describe Phillip's body build, skin tone, height and weight. Include any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars: 6', lean, agile, narrow face, strong, generous, courageous, passionate and thrives on fast-paced adventures
Who is the significant other in Phillip's life?
Lady Roselyn (Rose) Ravenstock
Tell us about this character, please.
Rose was inspired by the fairy tale character, Sleeping Beauty. She is the twenty-one year old daughter of an earl, who only wants peace and quiet to come to terms with an unquenchable sorrow and overwhelming remorse. Though none of it was her fault, she feels as if she might be jinxed to bring harm to anyone who cares for her. To avoid entanglements, Rose has become a recluse, even discharging all of her well-meaning but clinging servants. All but one, a loyal young maid fleeing her own troubled family who insists on staying to the point of harming herself with her incessant knocking at Rose's front door. Rose relents and allows her to come inside and care for a now secluded house and its lonely, heartbroken mistress.
On what special skills does Phillip rely?
Phillip is an Intelligence Office for the Regent in 1814, London, England. He is often sent to war-torn Europe to infiltrate enemy camps and unearth military secrets. He has a keen sense for noting details and a quick wit that has helped him stay alive in dangerous times. Possessing a naturally suspicious mind, he also has a particular knack for uncovering deception.
What kinds of things does Phillip always carry?
He never leaves home without two things: 1) a walking stick with a handy rapier, a long thin sword, hidden within, and, 2) a circular tinderbox and accompanying candle, for his late night prowls down dark alleyways in search of suspects.
Is Phillip close to family?
He loves his cousin Rufus like a brother, but they had a falling out after a childhood misunderstanding resulted in Rufus paying a steep price for something Phillip had done. Though Rufus seems to hold no grudges, Phillip has never forgiven himself for that mistake.
Can Phillip keep a secret (why or why not)?
Phillip keeps lots of secrets. Though recently, one of his best kept secrets was leaked to the press.
What is Phillip's biggest need at the beginning of the story?
Before she sent him away, Rose accused Phillip of being unable to trust anyone. So he wants to quiet his constantly probing mind in order to perceive the good in people as well as he does their darkness.
Who has the power to hurt Phillip the most and why?
Phillip's first attempt to practice his rusty trusting skills is to befriend a young stranger he meets while on a case. Ben Turner is searching for the same ruthless killer that Phillip hunts. Except Ben has a secret that could devastate Phillip, and shake his ability to trust in anyone ever again, especially Rose.
What is Phillip willing to give up to win Rose's heart?
He is willing to give up his lifelong goal to right wrongs.

About Your Writer

Shereen Vedam 

To honor the person who chose to share your story, please answer the following questions.

What do you wish your writer had not told others about you?
My role as the Regent's Intelligence Officer is a sensitive one that relies on absolute secrecy. Except, thanks to Shereen, I am now the talk of London. The events in her last book resulted in my greatest secret, my clandestine work for the Regent, being spilled to the press. As a result, the rags have even been printing cartoons about me! A cartoon. Can you believe it? My life's work is now a public joke.
Is there anything you'd like to say to Shereen?
Considering my answer above, it might surprise you to learn that I wish to thank Shereen. For NOT portraying me a deuced deluded dummy. Did you read her first draft? She made me out to be some sort of idiot who couldn't find a worm in an apple orchard. Thank heavens her final draft acknowledged my detecting skills as exemplary. And she also gave me a chance to win Rose back, not just her love but her invaluable friendship. For that latter accomplishment, I might even forgive Shereen for the cartoon catastrophe.

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Publisher ImaJinn Books, an imprint of Belle Books

Author Bio

Once upon a time, Shereen read fantasy and romance novels to entertain herself. Now she writes heartwarming tales braided with threads of magic and love, and mystery elements woven in for good measure. She's a fan of resourceful women, intriguing men, and happily ever after endings. If her stories whisk you away to a different realm for a few hours, then Shereen will have achieved one of her life goals.

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