January 21, 2016

Meet Bernadette Holt from Commanding the Billionaire #romance @Andrea_Dalling #RLFblog

Meet Bernadette Holt from Commanding the Billionaire.

Author Bio

Andrea Dalling lives in the sexy Southeast, where the summers are hot and the romance hotter. She loves to torture her characters but eventually rewards them with a happily-ever-after.
Married to her college sweetheart, she's an ally and an advocate for LGBT rights. When she's not writing, she enjoys gardening at her Raleigh home and scuba diving in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean.
For news about her upcoming releases, sign up at http://eepurl.com/00WxP or visit her website at http://andreadalling.com

About the Book

Title Commanding the Billionaire
Genre BDSM Romance
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R
It takes a strong man to surrender to a dominant woman.
Bernadette Holt isn't looking for love. A child of divorce, she knows it's just a lie. All she wants is a man who can handle a good spanking. At her five-year high school reunion, she meets up with Max—the geek who once followed her like a puppy—who's grown into a successful entrepreneur and a sculpted hunk of man muscle. As devoted as ever, he seems eager to obey her orders. Max's humble adoration slowly wears down the barriers around her heart, but she doesn't trust those feelings.
Tech whiz Max Martinov is CEO of a billion-dollar company, where he makes tough decisions all day. At home, he wants someone else in charge. Bernadette, with her steely exterior and soft heart, has been his dream girl since high school. The tall, beautiful redhead carries deep wounds from childhood that he longs to help heal. But when the ghosts from her past resurface, his love may not be enough to save her.
This novella is for a mature audience. It contains scenes of pain and gentleness, sweet kisses, sensation toys, a well-equipped dungeon, a bossy Domme, and a confident sub who sometimes gets too toppy.

Introducing Bernadette Holt

Welcome to Romance Lives Forever! We're happy to have you here today.
Name: Bernadette Holt
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Profession: MBA student
Ethnicity/Species (if not human): White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
Describe your body and build, skin tone, height and weight. Include any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars.
From the age of twelve, I've towered over other women. Almost six feet tall, I used to try to hide my height. Not anymore. I've embraced who I am, a bossy, voluptuous, wasp-waisted woman who dominates men for their pleasure and my own.
Who is the significant other in your life?
Most of my relationships were casual, until Max Martinov came back into my life. We went to high school together, and he had a huge crush on me. I didn't appreciate him then, the baby-faced geek who was barely shaving. But he's all man now, a self-made billionaire, broad-chested and sexy as hell. He makes me feel beautiful, and he's the only person who's ever really seen inside my heart.
Please tell us a little about yourself.
I had a pretty normal childhood until my mom left when I was nine. Like a lot of kids, I blamed myself for the divorce. My dad isn't the most affectionate person, so it's difficult for me to bond with other people. I don't trust love. It's let me down too many times.
How do you dress?
Outside of a professional environment, I tend to show some skin. I'm not a clothes horse, but I pay attention to my image. Dressy clothes, carefully applied makeup. My long, wavy hair tends to look a bit tousled. I suppose I generate a sort of sexual energy. Most people are intimidated by it, but it draws in the type of strong, self-assured men I'm interested in getting to know better.
If we could only hear your voice (but not see you) what characteristic would identify you?
I've got a raspy voice, and I'm not exactly shy. You can hear me coming. I tend to stand out in a crowd. I'm not looking to be the center of attention, but I tend to get noticed. Which isn't necessarily a good thing. Some people judge me harshly because I don't meet their stereotype of what a nice girl should be. I gave up trying to please those people a long time ago. I can't be someone I'm not. I spent a lot of years trying to, and it made me miserable. The kind of man I'm looking for likes me just fine the way I am.
Are you book-smart, self-taught, widely-experienced?
I don't consider myself book smart, even though I'm working on an MBA from an Ivy League school. I like hands-on experience more than theory—applying practical solutions to practical problems.
What is your viewpoint on wealth?
My mother was a pediatrician, and my father a corporate vice president, so I'd describe my upbringing as upper middle class. But I spent most of my childhood feeling isolated and unhappy, so I don't believe there's any real connection between wealth and happiness. As long as you've got enough to get by—a warm bed and a full belly—that's what matters. A loving family is the most important thing, and no amount of money can buy that. (Believe me, I know.)
What kinds of things do you always carry (in pockets or purse)?
I keep a black bag in the trunk of my car that contains my emergency Domme supplies: wrist cuffs, a short-handled crop, sensation toys. I'd never want to disappoint a man in need, especially if what he needs is stern discipline. ;)
Do you see morality as black-and-white, or with shades of gray?
My morality is based on the Golden Rule. I treat people with respect, and I expect the same in return.
If someone from your past showed up, who would you most want it to be, and why?
I'd want it to be my mom. I lost her to cancer when I was in college, and I miss her every day. I have so many questions about my childhood, things I never really understood. Like why she didn't sue for custody, when she knew my dad and I had a difficult relationship. I'm still haunted by that all these years later.
Can you keep a secret? Why or why not?
My whole life is a secret. No one knows I'm a Domme except others in the BDSM lifestyle. A lot of people misunderstand BDSM and especially dominant women. I'm not cold or cruel. Most of the men I've dated have powerful jobs. In their personal life, they want to let go of control and let someone else make decisions. I help them find balance.
What inner doubt causes you the most difficulty?
Ever since my mom left, I've felt unlovable. The fact that I don't meet that petite, demure feminine ideal reinforces that feeling. Having a man kissing my feet drives away those feelings of inadequacy. But those feelings always come back when I'm alone.
What are your biggest hopes and dreams?
My goal is to be a C-level executive for a Fortune 500 company. In my heart, I want marriage and children, too. But I don't see that happening to me, that fairy tale little girls dream of. I didn't experience a lot of love growing up. I've got no reason to think the future will be any different.

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