February 3, 2016

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The Reluctant Hero
Blogs about Amazon abound... Amazon is an 800 lb. Gorilla. Amazon is a monopoly. One author reported in a Facebook page, he was only earning two cents per book in Amazon's new royalty structure on borrows (KENP). He is not a happy camper. As indie authors, we don't need to get caught up in the rhetoric on the Web. There is always a hidden agenda and facts not shared. Here is a F.A.C.T. Most indie authors have not explored Amazon. Some have never read Amazon Terms of Service. Here is one of the terms. If you put your books in Select, they may not be published on any other sales venues, i.e. iTunes, Google Play, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. One author ignored those terms and raised a ruckus because Amazon pulled all of the author's books and banned the author from publishing on Amazon for a year. The author did not mention in the rant that Amazon gives the author a five day notice to get books removed from other venues. The author ignored those notices. Oops.

What can an indie author do to master Amazon?

Amazon provides a raft of tools and guides for indie authors. When composing our bios inside Amazon Central, it offers ehow examples. Most don't tick that and compose a resume--as if looking for job...instead of creating a bio that will interest a reader. Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer, Julie Whiteley reminds authors that readers don't take an author ego out of her purse while waiting in dentist office. Readers take out their Kindles. Inside Author Central an author can add up to five RSS feeds...your blogs stream live across your Amazon Author page, as well as your Tweets.
On your author page you will see this beneath your photo:

That Follow button is powerful. Encourage your fans and readers to follow you on Amazon. When you have a new release, Amazon sends out a dedicated email announcing the new book to the follower. Every author can do this. We are told time and again to build a platform. I'm not certain what that is...but Amazon has given us a way to gather followers...yes it has...scroll down to the bottom of your print edition book page, below the first page of reviews and you will see this:

Wow! Amazon does all of the work. You can give away a single print book or five. Up to the author's budget. You can have entrants follow you on Amazon, follow you on Twitter or watch a video on YouTube. But by far, following you on Amazon is more useful. Amazon is where book buyers live and driving a reader to Amazon is smart.
Inside Your KDP Account you may also tick Promote and Advertise next to any of your ebook titles and this will come up:

Amazon is getting better at showing those sponsored ads on book pages where it often shows "Also Bought." These ads are great for exposure. I don't look for sales—yet.
Amazon has sites in thirteen countries. Have you checked your book on all thirteen sites? Bet not. Ten amazon venues offer Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. Go HERE for a list. Guess what you can do? Visit all ten Amazon venues, navigate to your book page...just put in your author name or the title to your book and the book page comes up...You can Tweet/Facebook and Pin your book on Pinterest. On the far right and down a bit you will see the icons below. Use them. See the little envelop. Click it. Up comes a nice short link to your book to copy & paste on Facebook. You can also edit the Tweet that comes up. I do. I add #KindleFic and perhaps another hashtag. If the book is FREE or 99c, I add that. For non-English language sites, I also use Google to translate Read FREE w/Kindle Unlimited or Special Sale or discounted. You will have to remove some text...I take out my name. Or if the book is the first in a series...take out the title of the series. Do the same with your print editions. German and India natives prefer print editions. Pump your book in those languages. Play with Amazon. You can't kill it. And how nice is it to have a readymade tweet from each country?

Every author can build an author page inside Author Central, revise bios, book descriptions, claim and add books and see the total number of reviews on your books on amazon.com. Amazon lists all of your reviews inside Author Central...so easy to grab quotes from reviews for blogs and Tweets. You can also check your author rank. You want to do that during and after a book promotion. During one book promotion my author rank was 37. That told me only 37 other authors were out selling my book in Literary Fiction--which is the category I placed one of my books.
All of the above is just a short list of what I have explored and used on Amazon. There is much more on the sidebar inside Amazon KDP. When you want to know how Amazon works, ASK AMAZON, not your colleagues who may give you misinformation picked up elsewhere. Want to talk to a live person? Say so in 'contact'. Amazon will call you within five minutes.
Finally. Yes, there are many indie authors unhappy with Amazon. I am NOT one of them. My best advice to authors is: Think for Yourself. Make the best decision you can for your book. We are not entitled to sales and we are not entitled to reviews. We must work for those. I never like to sign off a blog without telling you the easiest path to reviews. Put this gentle gem of a plea right after THE END in your book.
Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author's best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].
Does it work? Yes it does. In my two years as an indie author readers have posted above 1700 organic reviews on my titles. Good luck with your books in 2016.
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The Reluctant Hero
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He'd never have kids.
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Rebecca Hollis is about to change his mind.

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  1. Thank you for such an informative post...much appreciated!

    1. You are very welcome, Mary Anne Yarde. Wishing you grand success with your books.
      Jackie Weger
      Finding Home

  2. Kayelle: Thank you for sharing my blogs and webpages. I have just learned that when we advertise our ebooks via Amazon, the books are shown on Kindle readers. That is huge. This was not announced. I saw that note when I set up another ad from KDP. I'm having so much fun Tweeting & Facebooking my books from amazon.es, Mexico and Brazil. I just published a book in Spanish, Caras Ocultas. Haven't a clue how to market the thing. But tweeting in Spanish for those Amazon venues got eyes on and I see a few sales and borrows. Boo-ya! Again, thanks for hosting me.
    Best to you and yours in all of 2016 and beyond.

    Jackie Weger
    Caras Ocultas

  3. Great info, as always. Like a pep talk every time I read a post by you, Jackie!

  4. I agree - informative and a pep talk. Jackie Weger always inspires me.

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  6. All good stuff, here.
    I'm very glad Amazon exists, both for me as a customer and as an author.
    Indie authors would do well to read this article, make copious notes and follow through.
    Thanks, Jackie and Kayelle.

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    Mary Smith

  15. Great tips, as always...I've tried the Amazon Giveaway for the first time and it was easy to set up, and I've gained 317 followers...I'm really excited about that! Next week is when I want to play with the KU in other countries.

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