March 20, 2016

Fly a new #eroticromance by @RedLJameson #RLFblog

This quick interview includes info about the author, and introduces the story.

About the Author

Red L. Jameson is an award-winning and multi-published author. She writes in many genres. Her pen name, L. B. Joramo, includes the odd combination of historical and paranormal for the Immortal American Series. However, it is under her “Red” name, her nickname too, where all her stories are strongly laced with love, including contemporary, historical, time-travel, paranormal, and erotic romance. Red lives in the wilds of Montana with her family and a few too many animals, and is currently working on her next novel that she hopes will make her readers laugh, cry, think, and fall in love.

Interview with Red L. Jameson

Why did you write this book?
Fly is the second book in the Wild Love Series, which are all set in Wyoming and/or Montana, where things get a little wild. J But the main reason I wrote the book was for Dee, the protagonist of the story. She’d been talking to me long before I wrote the first book of the series. When I finally dove in and started to write her story, she was nearly screaming in my head. I’m glad she’s taking things easy on me now that her story’s out.
What is your favorite genre to read?
I really don’t know if I have a favorite genre. I like them all so much. If it’s a good story, I’ll read it. If it’s unique and good, I’ll be even more happy. However, I have been drawn to more contemporary erotic romance lately, as well as historical non-fiction of the 1920- 1930s. That was an amazing time.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)?
Hands down, Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird. There’s beautiful magic in that book. Scout is so real with so many flaws, but so brave, so special.  
What are you working on at the moment, and will see from you in coming months?
There’s another full-length novel in the Wild Love Series coming soon. After that a novella, also in the same series. And then back to a full-length contemporary erotic romance book.
Please tell us about your latest book.
**Book 2 of the Wild Love Series, an erotic romance**
And alone.
My worst nightmare becomes my greatest blessing.
Together, they rescued me, literally saved me from a snowy disaster. Both of them—with their tenderness and compassion. But it's their Navy SEAL, iron-tough, and tattooed bodies that have me wanting more—wanting them. They've transformed me, while I awakened them—showed them the beauty of what could be.
Two months ago, I would've chosen one, seduced him like only I know how. But that was two months ago, and so much has changed. I can't tell them about the baby. I couldn't bear it if they walked away—out of my life. 
I'll have to tell them. This can't continue. They both want me, and my resistance is waning.  I want what I want—and I want them. 
Both of them.

About the Book

Title Fly (Book 2 of the Wild Love Series)
Genre Erotic Romance
Author Red L. Jameson
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

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  1. Enjoyed your interview, Red. Those characters "screaming" at you to write their story win all the time (smile!)

  2. Hi, Angela and everyone at Romance Live Forever!!! So happy to be here! Thank you so much for featuring, FLY!!! And a special thank you to Kayelle and Nicole for putting up with me and my foggy brain!!! Hugs!

    1. We understand foggy brains. That's all I'm sayin'. :)

  3. Sounds like quite a book, Red. Congrats on the new release!

  4. Loved the first book in this series - can't wait to dive into this one!

    1. Hee-hee! Thank so much, Lana! You rock!


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