August 26, 2016

Meet Hermann Weiss from Viking Gold #romance Action Adventure @Lesannsartor #RLFblog

Meet Hermann Weiss from Viking.

Author Bio

L.A. Sartor is a bestselling, award-winning author. She  began telling stories around the age of 4 when her mother, at L.A.’s insistence, wrote them down and L.A. illustrated them. As an adult, she writes suspense and action-adventure novels with a dash of romance, and screenplays—she's had a contracted adaptation!  She lives in Colorado with her husband whom she met on a blind date.  L.A. loves to travel and thinks life is an adventure and we should embrace the journey. 
Titles published:
Dare to Believe (2012)
Stone of Heaven (May 2013) Carswell Adventure Series Book One
Be Mine This Christmas Night (Holiday 2013)  Star light ~ Star Bright Series Book One
Forever Yours This New Year's Night (Holiday 2014)  Star light ~ Star Bright Series Book Two
Viking Gold (July 2015) Carswell Adventure Series Book Two
Believe in Me This Christmas Morn  Star Light ~ Star Bright Series Book Three
The Prince of Granola (A romantic comedy coming 2017)

About the Book

Title  Viking Gold
Genre Romantic Adventure
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): PG13
Norway is the land of Vikings and myths, and deep in a fjord, a sunken Nazi plane filled with gold.
Which is exactly the kind of adventure Abby Carswell and Hermann Weiss relish undertaking. Enough so to make them push aside their misgivings over their enigmatic new business partner.
Abby, an adrenaline junkie, barely avoids death’s scythe on every quest she undertakes. Hermann knows he can’t continue to watch the woman he loves put herself deliberately in harm’s way. He wants her to choose the power of their love over her need to beat the odds.
But first they have to survive this hunt for Viking gold which has turned deadly after they discover the treasure has mythic qualities and is coveted for its power. Their quest becomes a battle against an evil whose tentacles may run deeper than this single expedition.
Live The Adventure ~ Love The Romance

Introducing Hermann Weiss

Welcome to Romance Lives Forever! We're happy to have you here today.

Name: Hermann Weiss     
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Germany
Profession: Engineer/Inventor, oh, and add treasure hunter, which I love, not for the money but for the adventure.
Ethnicity/Species (if not human):
Describe your body and build, skin tone, height and weight. Include any unique features such as dimples, freckles, or scars: Looking in a mirror is not something I do often, but describing myself would be tall, dark blond with blue eyes. Abby says I have a stubborn chin, I prefer the word strong. The other day a young woman wanted my autograph, Abby gently broke it to her that I wasn’t Chris Hemsworth. I’m not quite sure the lady believed my wife, though I can’t see the similarities.
Who is the significant other in your life?
Abigail Carswell, or Abby/Ab for short. She is truly my other half.
Please tell us a little about yourself.
Thank you for having me as your guest today. I’m the youngest of two boys. My father was the brilliant engineer and founder of Weiss Engineering in Germany. My elder brother and my father perished in a quest to find the famed diamond sword in Viet Nam’s Son Doong Cave. People blamed it on my father’s equipment, but I refuse to believe that. I rebuilt the business and far exceeded anyone’s expectations. Engineering is my life’s blood, but treasure hunting is my soul. My heart belongs to Abby Carswell.
What is your viewpoint on wealth?
Wealth gives one opportunities, but it doesn’t bring happiness or love or give one intelligence. It’s a tool.
What past event causes you the most fear?
Abby’s capture and near sacrifice in the Yucatan. Outwitting an immortal took every ounce of belief in myself along with Tori and Reid. I still shudder when I realize just how close to failing we were.
What is your biggest personal flaw?
Self-preservation. But only when there is nothing else I can do to solve the problem, and that has happened twice. I like, in fact often feel compelled to be in control. Self-preservation can take many forms, it doesn’t necessarily mean flight. Although it did with Abby.
How do you express disappointment?
With silence and withdrawal. I pull into myself. I don’t want to be around anyone. Even those whom I love.
How emotionally expressive are you to others?
You’re asking fairly uncomfortable questions here, at least for me. (Interviewers note: Hermann said this with a devastatingly wicked smile.)To those I trust and love, emotion comes easily. Germans can be of two disparate camps, either very emotional or not. There are four people in my life with whom I can be completely honest and open. My wife, Abby, her twin, Tori. Tori’s husband Reid and Alfred Choy. Each of these took time and tests to earn my trust, thus my ability to share emotions.
Who in your life has the power to hurt you the most and why?
Abby. I nearly walked away from her while we were on our quest in Norway because she was always looking for that next adventure, taking chances that were in my opinion, way too risk-laden. I thought leaving her would be the only way to hide my fear of losing her in some God awful way. I was wrong.
What would you like people who hear your story to know?
I was introduced in Stone of Heaven, Book 1 in the Carswell Adventure Series. Viking Gold continues with Victoria (Tori) who is now married to Reid Hunter. But Viking Gold is really it’s own book, about what love it, putting those you love above yourself and of course the treasure hunt. It’s really full of twists and turns. L.A. Sartor can pen our stories any time.

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  1. Always happy to have you here, my friend. :)

  2. Hi Kayelle, it's so good to be here and share Hermann Weiss with you and your readers. I wanted to tell them again, that Viking Gold is on sale! 99¢ And I hope we get to meet each other on social media.
    Hugs, L.A


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