October 10, 2016

Changing a Life @LloydAMeeker #Cancer #Pinktober

Author Lloyd Meeker is helping Romance Lives Forever Blog celebrate Cancer Awareness Week 2016.
I was twenty-three when cancer first changed my life. My childhood friend Michael died of testicular cancer, which metastasized to his lower back and spine. He had one of those warm, lyric tenor voices that conquered a room in the first measures of a song. He loved to sing country and western, and I couldn't stand it, but I listened, mesmerized, every time he sang. We'd been friends since we were seven.
For a long time cancer was a disease that visited others. Then in 2003, I was diagnosed -- stomach and bladder. I'm one of the lucky ones. I've been cancer-free since 2004. But in the twelve years since that time, I've lost family and friends to the disease. A friend of mine was diagnosed last month, and it's been a privilege to sit with him, help him stay focused on next steps, honoring his fear while reminding him that it's not an automatic death sentence, having him over for dinner or just to hang out if he doesn't want to be alone.
In writing terms, having cancer is a kind of hero's journey. Regardless of outcome, I'm convinced that being forced to face fear, pain and hopelessness, to find inner strength, to learn to rely on trustworthy allies, and to celebrate the triumph of finding the gold that lies in the darkness of our frailty makes us stronger, better people. Regardless of outcome.
The hero's journey is never a journey chosen by the hero. She or he is forced to undertake it by events and powers beyond her/his control. But as hellish as the journey may be, there are gifts. Hard won, perhaps, but powerful. I received two gifts, that have stayed with me since my first hospital stay.
Cancer made me get serious about writing, which I'd always planned to do "one day". I'm about to submit the manuscript for my sixth novel, my ninth or tenth title overall. I've learned so much about myself through writing, and I've embraced a craft I can pour myself into, working constantly to get better.
Cancer also taught me how beautiful my mortality is, how sacred it is to be fragile, and loving, and loved. It showed me what matters most in my life, and I'll be grateful forever for being led to that discovery.

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Title Blood and Dirt
Author Lloyd A Meeker
Genre Mystery, Suspense, Gay Romance
Family squabbles can be murder.
Psychic PI Russ Morgan investigates a vandalized marijuana grow in Mesa County Colorado, landing in the middle of a ferocious family feud that's escalating in a hurry. Five siblings fight over the family ranch as it staggers on the brink of bankruptcy, marijuana its only salvation. Not everyone agrees, but only one of them is willing to kill to make a point.
Russ also has a personal puzzle to solve as he questions his deepening relationship with Colin Stewart, a man half his age. His rational mind says being with Colin is the fast track to heartbreak, but it feels grounding, sane, and good.
Now, that's really dangerous...

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  1. What a moving testament to the power and path of the human spirit. Thank you for opening my day with meditation on mission and mortality.

    1. Thanks, Sandy -- I'm glad it was meaningful to you.

  2. Sandy, thank you for the sweet note. Both Lloyd and I appreciate it.
    And Lloyd - welcome back to RLF!

    1. Thanks, Kayelle -- a pleasure to take part in this with you!

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey and congratulations on following your dream!


    1. Yup -- when you're on bonus time the unimportant things seem to fall away in a hurry, LOL!


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