October 15, 2016

Meet a survivor, champion, and fighter @pmnp #cancer #pinktober

Dee Owens from Personalized Marketing Inc is helping Romance Lives Forever Blog celebrate Cancer Awareness Week 2016. Dee handles the websites for Kayelle Allen, The Author'sSecret, Marketing for Romance Writers, and several others. Her new design for the new Romance Lives Forever Blog will encore in 2017.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Dee Owens, single mother, grandmother, cancer survivor and supporter
for Cancer Awareness. I have had several family members, friends, coworkers face different types of cancer. I myself have had my own dealings with breast cancer. Cancer does not care what color we are, where we grew up, how rich or poor we are. No one deserves to have to deal with cancer and no one ever asks for it. Over the decades we have become more aware of what cancer is, where it comes from and ways to detect it. Many do not realize that Cancer is GENETIC, this means that if someone in your family has had it your chances of getting it have increased. If we think about it, it makes sense that it can be passed genetically, allergies, eye color, hair color, body types, diabetes are all genetically passed from one generation to the next.
Cancer does not just affect the person who has it but also those that take care of them. Fighting cancer is more than going and getting treatments, eating differently, or trying to live heathier, it is also about the emotional and financial drain it can have on you and your loved ones. Cancer treatments are often covered by medical insurance but not always and never 100% cost. When you think about how much it cost to just drive to the store, then imagine having to drive that 2-3 times a week, every week for an extended period of time. Or think about the additional equipment that is added to homes or the missed ballgame because of treatment or just feeling bad. These are all tolls that hit a family hard. That's why I decided to help support those fighting cancer and their loved ones by donating my time, finances, effort and skills. My company provides free domain name, hosting and maintenance for an online Cancer Awareness Community, http://Keep-HOPE-Alive.com
We also do yearly donations to local charities or organizations that help others. Plus, we take time to show support of others by simply letting people know they aren't alone. Which in our opinion is probably one of the single most important things we can do in the Fight Against Cancer.
I am also the Owner/CEO/Founder of Personalized Marketing Inc, also known as Personalized Marketing and Promotions. Being a single mother and needing a way to support my family but also be a stay-at-home mother, meant I needed a change. I began my journey in 2005 when I published my first novel, got a basic website and wanted to learn more. Personalized Marketing Inc opened in August of 2008 when a friend needing videos wondered why I didn't offer them as a service. We have the same Mission Statement today as when we opened, "Personalized Services tailored to you". We continually strive for 110% effort to bring you the best services we can provide.
Personalized Marketing Inc now offers all your online web presence needs under one company. We offer Domain Names, Hosting, Emails, Network, Social Site Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SSL, Artwork, Website Development and Ghostwriting. At Personalized Marketing Inc the first thing we do is get to know you, we want to understand the efforts you have put in and what areas you want help with. There have been times that we also suggest additional items but never just "bloat" your services. If you would like to get to know more about Personalized Marketing Inc or myself, please visit any of the links provided below.

Thank You

As a special thank you, I am including two discounts for Romance Lives Forever Bloggers during the Month of Oct.

PM Inc Consultant Services

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Free 3 Months Hosting with Website Design Service (Contact Dee prior to placing order) http://personalizedmarketing.info/rlf-bloggers/

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  1. Good morning all, sitting here with my coffee and enjoying the quiet. I will be checking the blog throughout the day, please feel free to post any questions or comments you may have.

    Thank you,
    Dee Owens
    Personalized Marketing Inc

    1. Welcome, Dee! Thank you so much for the kind offer of a discount for our readers and authors.

  2. Hi Kayelle,

    Thank you for having me! I am more than happy to offer the discount and for those who need it, I can do payment plans as well.

    My biggest goal for today is to help spread the word that people are not alone in this.



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