December 27, 2016

Amazed by You a new #contemporary by @pawf1067 #RLFblog

This quick interview includes info about the author, and introduces the story.
About the Author
Ever since she wrote a play in fourth grade about the Loch Ness Monster–from the monster’s point of view, Patricia's been fascinated with telling stories. This has proven helpful at family gatherings since she comes from a very long line of natural born story-tellers.
She's been to the top of the world and seen the lowest moments when she worked as a pediatric and adult trauma nurse. Before her medical experience, she worked as a bartender, waitress, and prep cook. Add in her jobs as a bill collector, secretary, video store clerk, and checker at a hardware store and the characters for her stories are endless. She's met movie celebrities, music legends, sports heroes, and fantastic writers. Been under the sea, floated in the sky, sang the National Anthem at major league sporting events, acted a bit, and played some good music on her drums and guitar. And during all that time, she tucked all those adventures and moments in her head to write about it all one day. 

Interview with Patricia Fischer

Why did you write this book? I wanted to give a voice to adoption, especially family adoptions and the chaos and joy that can come from it. That you can have a second chance at mistakes made as a teen, that the world doesn’t end.
And that sometimes the worst things that happen to you might be the beginnings of the most amazing things in your life.
What is your favorite genre to read? It truly depends on the day. I’m up to read just about anything, but for sure I love romance no matter what genre.
Who is your favorite character from fiction (not including your own)? I love Douglas Montgomery from A Knight In Shining Armor. That book helped me realize when I was in that ugly relationship, I could leave and be okay. One of the best moments of my life was to get to tell Jude Devereux, the author, that the book helped me when I really needed it. I had it all planned out, what to say and when I stood in front of her, I began crying so hard I’m not sure if she understood me at all, but she smiled and nodded and hugged me.
What are you working on at the moment, and will see from you in coming months?
In January, I’ll have book 5 from the Tuscany Series called To Heal a Wounded Heart.
In February, I’ve got my second book of my Weighting series with Soulmate Publishing. It’s the follow up to the book I wrote a couple of years ago. It answers a lot of questions that I’m so glad I can finally discuss.
In April, I’ll have a new book for Tule Publication about First Responders and a bit of calendar posing. So spicy!
Please tell us about your latest book.
Responsible Joseph Davis just got the altar. With his heart shattered, he decides the best way to heal is a one night stand and the cute brunette he just befriended will do just fine. Especially, when she offers him a deal he can’t refuse. 
One night. Just sex. No names.
Against his good-guy nature, he agrees except something about her makes him realize, they've met before. 
As a pregnant teen, Stephane Stratford stayed in the Pathways Foster Home and gave her daughter up for adoption. During her time there, she had a brief conversation with a young chestnut haired hunk with the cute dimples. He treated her with such kindness, she’s always compared every other suitor against him and all have failed miserably to measure up.
When she unexpectedly has to return to Tuscany to care for her now, teenage daughter, Stephanie wants one last fling before having to take on the permanent role of mother. This hot cowboy couldn’t be a better choice, but their rendez-vous ends too quickly and when they say their good-byes, Stephanie is confident she’ll never see him again...until she finds him standing in her sister’s kitchen. 
Joseph can't believe it. The beautiful brunette that's given him more erotic dreams than he cares to admit, is related to a long-time friend. 
As drawn as he is to her, does he take a chance in trying romance again?
With their attraction growing, Stephanie finally realizes that cute boy with dimples from long ago has grown to be one amazing looking man and the keeper of her biggest secret. Should she admit it all and face the fallout? Risk losing the only things she holds dear? Can Joseph work through his broken-heart and learn to trust again?
Things are about to get hotter in Tuscany.

About the Book

Title Amazed by You
Genre: Contemporary
Author : Patricia W. Fischer
Book heat level (based on movie ratings): R

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Publisher: Kindle

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