December 31, 2016

What's Ahead in 2017 #RLFblog #Romance #Authors

The Romance Lives Forever blog moves from Blogspot to Wordpress May 17, 2017. If you hate moving as much as I do, you'll be happy to know all the heavy lifting will be done by professionals. Your part will be to grab a favorite drink, sit back, take it easy, and come read the posts in beautiful new surroundings.
Once the move completes, all posts currently on the Blogspot version of Romance Lives Forever will appear on the new site also. On the Blogspot site, a note at the top will redirect readers to the new Wordpress location. Links on original posts will remain active, and all posts will remain on the Blogspot old blog while also appearing on the Wordpress blog.
We'll still use the hashtag #RLFblog.
Want a sneak peek of the new blog?
The headline will say, "Discover authors and books with Kayelle Allen. Visit Romance Lives Forever for a great read in multiple genres every day."
I'll keep you posted about any changes coming in addition. I look forward to sharing with you in the New Year.

Kayelle Allen
Owner, Romance Lives Forever


  1. Honored to be here sharing with you. :)

  2. Hey Kayelle - big hugs! I love the blue hearts. Looking forward to the new site.


  3. Interested to hear why you made the change. I use blogger and have found any interaction with Wordpress to be non-user-friendly and complicated. The only disadvantage to blogger is that other pages are static, but otherwise it's been a dream to use and to comment on. What do you like about Wordpress? Meredith

  4. The main thing is that I own the domain. No one can shut down my website or decide to go out of business and leave me hanging. I can host on my own domain and have complete control. I've used both and once I learned the basics of Wordpress, found it much easier. It also interacts with Triberr much better than Blogspot. I bought the domain early last year, and have been working on ideas and ways to make it the best possible site. I think it will make readers and authors happy to have the new features.


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